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  1. Bezben

    Organ donation

    I'm all in favour of organ donating when I die, to what extent I think I'll leave up to my family at the time. The thing that bugs me most about the whole organ donor thing isn't the actual donating, more the recipient of the organs. I'd be willing to bet that the majority of people that wouldn't donate organs would be more than willing to accept them from others if they had the need. I'd quite like to attach a EULA to my organs: by accepting this organ you must agree to become a donor yourself.
  2. Bezben

    The Weight of Music

    I quite like the way Half-life and System Shock 2 handled music, none for most of the game for a creepy atmosphere, but occasional bursts, and when you heard it you knew something interesting was about to happen. For example, meeting your first garg.
  3. Bezben

    hypothetical: lonely city - Day 3

    I'd look for side quests to bulk up my stats before figuring things out. That and blaming Shodan.
  4. I'm fine with denial, I invented it and it's never been seen before.
  5. Bezben

    The decline of scientific thought continues

    Quote:psychic abilities and a deep-blue aura. Quote:exceptional healing powers and the ability to communicate telepathically. Sounds like someone has been watching too much Stargate and Atlantis, a feat I never thought was possible...
  6. I would like to lay claim as the first to use this word: she was a damn fine hacktres. Come on people, lets all spread that word around. And remember, you saw it here first ;)
  7. Bezben

    Line counting in a project.

    My largest is 55,000 lines, but my style is very well spaced.
  8. Bezben

    Jack Thompson - What a tool.

    What a surprise, doing something too much isn't good for you. Same is true of food, oxygen, caffine, alcohol, work, watching tv, etc etc etc. The reasons people (read, lawyers) go for the game industry is simple: money. The industry makes a nice target because it has lots of dough and isn't yet the social norm like say the music or film industry.
  9. Bezben

    Non-epic fantasy games?

    Quote:Original post by BradDaBug Would players get bored with something simple like one where a corrupt local official has taken over your family's farm and you've got to get it back? Are the epic stories, by definition, part of the fantasy game genre? Gaining experience and leveling up is a major part of the design of all modern rpgs really. If the baddie only lives on the other side of town and has only a handful of henchmen, it's not going to make for the most entertaining of quests. (100xp for crossing the road, 100xp per henchman you punch etc) That said, I've always thought that it would be interesting to make a spoof rpg that did have silly quests, like going to the shops for beer or something.
  10. Bezben

    Promotion/Medal Systems

    The only game I regularly play that features that kind of system is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. I think that bases the promotions how much experience you have in certain areas, and medals on who has the greatest amount for a map when it finishes. I like the system in the Fallout series myself. I think it's because they aren't known at the start, it's more like the game/npcs are noticing you are playing a particular role.
  11. The incredible adventures of sexy Ben. With a name like that, you could sell mil- hund- maybe one copy...
  12. Bezben


    I have a keyframe model loaded into memory. I'm trying to lerp the vertices on two frames on the gpu in a vertex shader, this all works fine. My question is, what is the best way to push the vertices through? Currently I load each frame into on VBO and then use glVertexPointer/glTexCoordPointer w/ extensions for multiple texture coordinates to upload the next frame as a float3 texture coordinate. Thing is, I have 1000s of fairly small VBOs and I think this is probably not good. But I can't think of a nice way to put the whole lot into one big VBO and then reference two frames, I think that would need two sets of index buffers? Maybe VBOs are not the way to go. I'd appriciate any advice on the matter.
  13. I currently have a keyframed mesh with each frame located in a different vertex buffer. What I'm trying to do is put the current frame in one stream using SetVertexStream( 0, ... and the next frame in another stream stream using SetVertexStream( 1, ... and then lerp between them using a cg vertex shader. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to access the second frames components in a shader. POSITION1 etc doesn't seem to work. My suspicion is that this is because I am using FVF codes rather than using a D3DVERTEXELEMENT9 array. Any ideas?
  14. Sound is generally atmospheric. In games it gives you hints about things, playing without sound on an fps when you are used to hearing footsteps makes it much harder to play. I personally think its best used it games like System Shock 2, the sound adds a lot to make a really creepy atmosphere there. Especially when you turn off the lights. I suppose the real question is how could sound be used to interface with the user more like you ask? When you do have games that talk to the player verbally how much more interfacing could you do?
  15. Bezben

    Your favorite game

    Deus Ex. The only thing wrong with that game is that it ends.
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