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    ...I start lectures tomorrow. First on the list is C Programming, yes just C - I believe we will be using a unix os although I'm not sure about what complier or editor we'll be using yet. After that its Computer systems, closely followed by Game Architecture, Design and Development. So a pretty packed day starting from 9 and ending at 5. I hope it wont be to boring.
  2. diablo_tk


    I have moved it forward though, this being my second xbox, I have yet to have one which overheats. The first one I got still works, just about, though the DVD drive is craped up.
  3. diablo_tk


    Well, I have been spending money on behalf of some one else to get a new rig setup. New 9800 GT, which is faster than my older super over clocked egva 8800. Quad Core 2.4gz processor > Duel Core 2.3gz. New dell monitor with four usb ports + vga and hdmi ports, so now I have duwl screens. Xbox plug in via vga, pc via hdmi and a handy button to switch between them. New XBOX + Controller. Anyway pictures are mor fun.
  4. diablo_tk

    Turtle speed!!

    Looks fab! I whish I had the motivation to keep to a project :< btw, shouldn't "lighted" be "lit"? :P
  5. diablo_tk

    giff (t)

    Well at the end of the week I'll be moving out of this rented accommodation and moving into my brothers house which is in Leicester. Its about 3 hours from where I am at the moment (Horam), fortuanlly I have my psp and a new Tales Of.. game to help speed up the joruney (I wont be driving). There is of course a reason behind this move, and that is I'll be starting my Game Programming course at De Montfort University which is about 3-5 minutes from his house. Just resigned from work, last day was sunday, and apperntly I have to come back in two weeks to sign for my final pay slip - well forget that :/ I'll have to see the manager sometime before I move and get something sorted out. Well whatever... In other news, I'll be joining the warhammer online beta next weekend, I brought the collectors edition from HMV back in may so I am somewhat looking forward to this. Toolmaker - I got your message when I finished playing gh3, to late to reply :/
  6. diablo_tk


    Wannnnt, please give me money so I can buy this, thankyouuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. diablo_tk


  8. This UV code looks wrong to me... verts[0] = new CustomVertex.PositionTextured(+0.50f, +0.00f, +0.50f, +0.50f, -0.00f); verts[1] = new CustomVertex.PositionTextured(+1.00f, -0.50f, +0.50f, +1.00f, +0.50f); verts[2] = new CustomVertex.PositionTextured(+0.50f, -1.00f, +0.50f, +1.00f, +0.50f); verts[3] = new CustomVertex.PositionTextured(+0.00f, -0.50f, +0.50f, +0.50f, +0.00f); The result at the moment is spreading the first pixel column (on the right diagonally - I would draw a picture but it takes time that I dont have) along the entire primative thats why it'll look wired. The UV parts should be: 0.5f, 0.0f 1.0f, 0.5f 0.5f, 1.0f 0.0f, 0.5f But would it not be easier to just use a normal texture instead of this crazy shape one, ie just create a square grass texture and have UVs for the diamond quad be (0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0). Thats what I did last time I tried isometric. - Never mind, I read to the top part of the post :)) [Edited by - diablo_tk on August 23, 2008 3:01:40 AM]
  9. diablo_tk

    Browser games

    This also applies to most scripting... Make sure, if you're going server side, that you are constantly thinking about how users could exploit your code. Never trust any string input because people may use html/mysql injections at anytime. I would suggest making any database queries centralised in your code i.e. build functions to add, select and use them instead of strait mysql queries.
  10. diablo_tk


    Thankyou for pointing out twhirl, I now have no life. http://twitter.com/diablo_tk
  11. diablo_tk

    Is this thing on?

    Its been a while but here I am again. The reason for the long wait for this update is a simple one, it's because I was working on something and wanted something to show before posting about it. Well that was going to the be the original reason anyway. What actually happened was I spent so long working on this dead-end thing to get something "respectable" that I have decided not to take it any further (lying through my dirty, dirty teeth). At least I did do something. Anyway enough excesses, what I've been up to is much more interesting. Read the rest at fallenmoon.net (there is a video)
  12. diablo_tk

    Rewrite Done

    Yes thats right, the rewrite is done (- scripting). So what does this mean? well its means I have created a new google code page for the project where you can download a better version of the engine using svn or just downloading the rar files (featured download). The rewrite has taken so long because I have been spending a lot of time adding in xml comments so you can get help while you type and because I have added in a new feature which lets you load shaders and use them instead of fixed function pipeline. Read the rest at fallenmoon.net
  13. diablo_tk


    Blitz? as in Blitz 3D?? Well just in case your worried about losing OOP stylee' you should look into the new BlitzMax which is getting there in terms of OOP and if you need 3D stuff you can find wrappers for ogre and irr on the site. Oh and if you need a GUI framework for it take a look at HighGUI3.com ;) ;:D))
  14. diablo_tk


    Refactoring is the process by which you spend a lot of time looking at your code and saying, "well this is rather badly put together maybe I should just change this... uh... crap no nothing works :@". It is also the current process I am going through with the game engine (formally called SharpNabla) FallenGE. Read the rest at www.fallenmoon.net
  15. diablo_tk

    Mork Calling Drilian, Come in, Drilian

    Wehay, another silo user :D. I got it as a budget buy but after having tried 3dsmax, if I would have had the money I would still have brought silo as I found max so overwhelming.
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