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  1. Muhammad Haggag

    MVP Summit time!

    I'd love to see you when you come to Redmond for the MVP summit. I'm not much of a pub/restaurant/whatever guy, but we'll manage something. I'll mail or PM you my phone number when the time draws closer.
  2. Muhammad Haggag

    So far so good

    Windows Server 2008 seems to beat the pants off Vista in terms of responsiveness. A coworker installed it recently and we watched in shock as he right clicked the desktop and the menu appeared right away! [grin] Seriously, Control Panel doesn't take time to load (as it does on the retarded Vista). He can have a build running, and actually be able to use Outlook (not possible under either Vista or XP with our Quad core machines at MS). And so on.
  3. Muhammad Haggag


    I'm still reading. You're one of 11 developer blogs on my RSS feed. I'm always stunned by the incredibly exciting jobs you land these days. I mean, to land a job at..Barclays watchamacallit. You're on a streak there, man [grin] Good luck with the job, the commute, and your side projects. In other news, my commute is 12 minutes by bike, 5 by car. Hah, I'm made of pure win
  4. Muhammad Haggag

    Need more power

    This is a rant. You have been warned. Your problem sounds extreme. However, I consider Vista to be a bloated failure, and actually recommend people interested in efficient operation to use XP. Or Ubuntu Linux, if they're not gamers or Windows developers. Yesterday, I re-installed XP on both of my work machines, and I'll be doing the same to my laptop as well. The fact is, Vista's slow. The GUI, the programs, everything. Opening the control panel on my quad-core 2.4 GHz per-core, 2 GB RAM machine, I can still see it fill the items in front of me. Navigating my HD suffers from the same problem. Opening new windows/applications takes time. Installations are slow; Visual Studio 2008 took 3+ hours to install on Vista. I have a test machine, and it's old. It's 3 GHz P4 with 512 MB of RAM. Vista was killing it. Not enough memory. Ironic, really, that a whopping five freaking hundred and twelve megabytes aren't enough for an OS, which is supposed to be as invisible as possible. So I installed XP on it, and I was shocked. It flew compared to the main workhorse machine. Everything opened instantly. Visual Studio 2008 installed in less than an hour. It took 35 minutes to build the project, compared to 25 on the Vista one. So I installed XP on my main work machine, and dear God, it's a world of difference. It's like, when you're switching from XP to Vista, you notice the speed difference but subconsiously diss it as something you're going to get used to, and indeed you do. You forget how things used to run. Smoothly. I can build the project in 13 minutes now, compared to 25. Build time halved. Visual Studio 2008 installed in about 30 minutes. Memory usage--with several applications and VS instances--rarely crosses the 1 GB boundary. Back on Vista, I constantly thrashed when I had multiple applications open. Even internet explorer tabs open faster. That's what I call an OS upgrade. And it wouldn't be as bad as it were if some essential Vista features actually worked. I won't talk much about UAC, since I had that turned off already. It sucks, basically, and I wish Microsoft would take a look at sudo. Search was touted as a great Vista feature. It's great, except it's broken. If you're searching an indexed location, and the index isn't up to date, you don't get your results. You're not told that the index isn't up to date. So how do we do an exhaustive search? By clicking on Advanced Search, getting the Search Pane, re-entering search information, and checking a checkbox. Not cool. And finally, compatibility. Games are slower. Hardware drivers sometimes don't exist. I had a hard time buying a scanner that worked with Vista, and wouldn't burn a hole in my wallet. SP1 doesn't solve anything. I tried it. I'll wait for Windows 7, thank you very much.
  5. Muhammad Haggag

    MVP Summit

    Ah, so I'll finally get to see Mr. DirectX Robot face to face.
  6. Muhammad Haggag

    Coming Together

    I absolutely adore the mockup by Gaheris. It addresses most of the issues I see with the current GUI--I think the improved world-view is very refreshing now that the GUI rectangle isn't taking up one third of the screen. The transparency is a nice touch, and gives the whole UI a clean and professional look.
  7. Muhammad Haggag

    An example of debugging from '3D Pipes in Direct3D 10'

    Man, that must've taken the whole day to write. Thanks for sharing, though [smile]. You need more consistency in naming variables, by the way. "InVec" and "OutVec" start with upper-case, contrary to all other variables. And "segment_id" uses lower_case_separated_by_underscore while the rest of your code uses firstCamelCase.
  8. Muhammad Haggag

    Gooey Mess

    Good thing you've started working on improving the UI. IMO, it still reeks too much of 'textiness' and provides a lot of unnecessary information. For example: it says 'Left hand' and 'right hand' when you could've, say, displayed 2 transparent boxes to the top-left and top-right (or bottom-left/bottom-right) corners of the screen indicating the items held by each hand. Or even place the two boxes anywhere without any text, and simply have a help screen/manual say what the boxes indicate. I like your ideas regarding the health/shield redesign. However, I'd have placed them docked at one of the screen edges, and possibly in a corner as well. Also, I'd consider making the health bar a gradient (e.g. red in the low parts, towards green) or making it a solid color indicative of its overall state (e.g. red if < X%, yellow if > X% but < Y%, and green if > Y%) Weapon stats shouldn't be on display all the time--they consume too much screen space, and they're typically rarely used/consulted. You can display the stats on hovering, or have a stat toggle key, or in an inventory screen (a la Deus Ex)--either way, the default should be: no stats when the player's playing. Weapon slots are too big, and they're displayed even when they're empty. If weapon slots are going to be on all the time (a la Deus Ex), make them small, docked at an edge, and possibly in a corner as well. If the game offers little in the way of inventory management, you might want to hide empty weapon slots altogether. I dislike the 'UI rectangle' at the bottom--such a permanent, opaque UI component is useful when you're using it all the time--like in an RTS (e.g. Starcraft). But for an action/RPG/adventure hybrid, most of the time will be spent exploring levels and blasting enemies. Thus the rectangle gets in the way most of the time. Hope this helps.
  9. Muhammad Haggag

    Curse of the programmer?

    Your problem is that, as a veteran n00b, you only pick up easy to solve games. Go play Go or something [smile]
  10. Muhammad Haggag

    Lots of work...

    I also find his chest abnormally large--At first glance, I thought it was a woman, but then I saw the goatee and the chest hair.
  11. Muhammad Haggag

    Book editing

    Don't add them. Indirect lighting is much more involved than direct lighting-- techniques like radiosity or PRT+SH require deep coverage. Definitely can't be added as an after-thought.
  12. Muhammad Haggag

    GLSL, Gas giants, Atmospheric scattering

    Regarding GLSL uniforms: The solution I used was to simply cache uniform name<->location pairs in real-time per-program. Whenever a program is re-linked, the cache would be emptied. This has the bonus of allowing me to lookup uniforms by name rather than by location, which makes the code much clearer.
  13. Muhammad Haggag


    Quote:Original post by Ravuya What is it with the video card boxes always having poorly-rendered raytraced women on them? I mean, sure, sex sells (and I have no problem with it), but how often do you actually see videocards on store shelves? All the videocards I see on shelves are the Best Buy plastic box variety. All the other videocards I buy are in the back of the store and the guy at the desk runs to fetch them for me, or I order them online. Seems like a waste of an art budget to make a pretty (and mis-representative) box that nobody is going to see. Well, here in Egypt, store shelves are shock-full of video cards and video card boxes. Empty video card boxes, even. That said, I find it retarded that they think I'm going to buy a card because some scantly-clad CGI rendered bizatch is on the cover. Because, you know, people usually don't buy video cards for their dicks...[grin]
  14. Muhammad Haggag


    Tsk Tsk! English Police In Patrol: Quote:due to it's its obvious religeous religious connection
  15. Muhammad Haggag

    Playing With Template Meta-Programming Part 1

    I tried to post this comment over there, but I got a runtime error (i.e. an ASP.NET exception, although of course no details were exposed): Great post! I never knew that sizeof could be used like that. Hopefully the next installment comes in the duration of this lifetime? You have a bad habit of suddenly disappearing :) By the way, any specific reason you prefer the "typedef struct {...} name" syntax over the "struct name { ... }" one? (in reference to: typedef struct { char t[2]; } two; )
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