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  1. Agreed. I have an engine written in C++ that uses a virtual file system that I created. I created a packing program in C# that generates a custom binary format which packs images, audio, XML, and shaders (really the packing program can pack any file type). The generated file contains blocks of data identifying the name of the file and source contents. This file can then either be embedded in the EXE, IPA, APK, etc. or it can be included alongside the deliverable and loaded at runtime (I believe in my current implementation, it is loaded at runtime.
  2. Jamison

    Loadout System Design?

    @Plotnus I think it's important that you take a step back from thinking about the structure of your data and the layout of your user interface. Break it up into logical pieces that you can then design and build independently of each other. You're trying to design a lot here and putting it all under what you are calling the "loadout system." Realistically, this could be designed and built as multiple systems. The weapons, the attachments, the projectiles (ammo, as you say), cards, and loadout can all be different systems. A weapon can have multiple slots where attachments can be placed. A weapon holds an attachment. A weapon fires a projectile. The weapon itself does not have damage but the projectile it fires does (but of course, the same projectile could be fired by different weapons which could affect speed which could affect the damage). Do you see where I'm going here? The idea here is to break it down into manageable chunks and design for a single chunk at a time. Of course, one design will affect another but it's important to get a core established for what each system is supposed to handle and accomplish. Only then can you start to think about how your data structure should be. Once your core systems are designed, you can then think about to represent this visually with your user interface.
  3. Jamison

    Loadout System Design?

    I feel your question is a little too general and the requirements are quite broad. A proper design requires a proper definition of what encompasses a load out. Does it include clothing items as well as weapons, items such as potions, etc? You need to define what can go where. Are you thinking of things more like "classes" in Call of Duty or more like a set of gear as in Diablo 3? Additionally, what help specifically are you looking for? Designing the system or implementing/developing the system?
  4. Decouple the data from the implementation details so that you don't need a massive switch statement. Imagine you had 500 different types of potions. Do you really want to make a switch statement with 500 case-statements? I certainly wouldn't. Here is an example: class Potion { public int mana; public int health; public int energy; public int experience; } Creating a potion is simple: Potion superAwesomePotion = new Potion(); superAwesomePotion.mana = 10; // Indicates that the potion should add 10 mana superAwesomePotion.health = 6; // Indicates that the potion should add 6 health superAwesomePotion.energy = 2; // Indicates that the potion should add 2 energy superAwesomePotion.experience = 25; // Indicates that the potion should add 25 XP You can store this data in XML files, JSON, or binary data that can be loaded at runtime or stored in the game in some way. You could create an array of potions that could be indexed or named (dictionary). To apply the potion to a character (or anything really), you could have a UsePotion method: private void UsePotion(Potion potion) { this.mana += potion.mana; this.health += potion.health; this.energy += potion.energy; this.experience += potion.experience; } [Edit] Fixed potion creation sample as mana was duplicated
  5. Jamison

    Power Up Table Tennis Contest

    Is it too late to enter this contest? I would like to participate.
  6. Jamison


    Hey everybody, I thought I would showcase my new puzzle game I'm working on for the Xbox LIVE Indie Games. It's a puzzle game called Chains. The idea is that you must clear the board of blocks by building chains of colors. You have to stay ahead of the Timer blocks otherwise they will drop new lines of colors onto the board preventing you from reaching your next level. There a few other special blocks. Multipliers (score multiplier) Locked Blocks (cannot be moved or rotated) Add Time (adds 30 seconds to all Timer blocks) Bomb (destroys all non-special blocks of a specific color) Shuffle (reshuffles the board with the same colors for a better chance of making matches) Flash (covers the board with a flash occasionally slowing the player down) Poison (drains the time away from all Timer blocks on the board) (click for fullsize) Take a look at our blog: http://chains.onestopgamers.com We are also on Facebook: http://www.facebook....277481962265876 There is a gameplay video on the second blog post for those that would like to take a look at the core gameplay. The game is set to be released in April of 2012. However, we are going to be doing an open-alpha testing in about two weeks. So if you would like to try a free (limited) copy of the game, like our Facebook page and join the "Chains Alpha Test" group and you will be notified when the alpha is available for download on Windows. Feedback is appreciated!! Thanks all!
  7. Jamison


    Hmm, wow yeah. We'll see what happens ;)
  8. Jamison

    [4E6] Space Galaxy

    The title is subject to change. The story so far: The game centers around a wanna-be space-pilot, Jones, in the galaxy of Alkatroy. Light-years away from Earth, this galaxy is an abis of nothingness. Space stations were built in the early 1900's to over take the galaxy, which proved to be sucessful to the "rulers", but the galaxy had a great conflict between the "rulers" and it's people. The "rulers" control the people. The year is now 2250, Jones' dream of becoming a space-pilot is soon to come true. Little does he know the conflict between the three "ruler" space stations will soon be for him to judge the fate of. These "ruler" space stations control the Alkatroy galaxy. They control all other stations in this galaxy. In the year 2178, the Prophet of this galaxy had for-seen the future of the galaxy - brought back to peace and love; who is the "one" to bring peace back to the galaxy... Jones? Jones must acquire a pilot's license in order for him to fulfill his dream. But he does not have enough money for a ship. He must find work on the ship he lives on in order for him to buy his own ship. Once he has his ship, he can finally travel to other stations, acquiring more work and money. To progress, he must buy weapons, engines, shields, supplys, and food in order to get through the missions. Some require fighting in a dog-fight against other pilots. He must progress his skill advanced enough to eventually head up against the "rulers" and defeat all three. Each "ruler" has a distinct ability - Power, Magic, and Evil. The game is intended to be non-linear after Jones gets a ship - he can travel to any station he wishes, even the "ruler" stations. However, if he or his ship is not advanced enough to overtake the enemy forces that guard the "ruler" stations, he shall fail miserably. Other than the three "ruler" stations, all others are neutral, and thus can be traveled to without question. Only thing is, the stations must be found by flying through space - once found, it will be available on the radar to easily know where it is for the next time you want to travel to it. Here's a few screenshots of what I have as far as programming goes. The shots are obviously not exactly spacey, but there shots of what will be one of the space stations (the station you will start on). The game is actually two kinds: FPS-style (with no shooting) while on a space station and third-person space shooter (while in-space, fighting, etc). Anyway, here's the screenshots (Note: there a bit big): I realize the walls are all textured with the same texture - but it's just temporary. Comments/suggestions are welcome!
  9. Jamison


    Hello to all, I haven't posted on GD.net in... a year. But I've been browsing the articles and such what not. I'm going to make an attempt at entering the 4E6 contest this year. Just wanted to say hi to everybody, and I wish everybody else luck with their 4E6 entry. :)
  10. Jamison

    Java: Network Game Lag

    I've been working with Sockets for about three weeks, and I haven't come across a single connection problem with them. Only lag and out-of-sync problems (in games). Anyway, back on topic... it can't be latency. I had my friend ping me (through my router) and the time it took was between 100-105ms (milliseconds). And he lives in New York, so it's not like he's next door ;). I tried using Datagram Sockets but those are much more confusing than TCP Sockets. I couldn't figure out how to use them to make an RTS. I know there has gotta be some way to fix this...
  11. Jamison

    Java: Network Game Lag

    Okay, I've changed my code and I've completely rewrote my run() method. I changed the FPS to 10 and I'm now using non-blocking sockets. The lag is completely gone now, however, now the game is completely out of sync (synchronization). When I test it on my localhost (with myself), it seems to work without lag and it's almost perfectly in-sync. But when I upload it and test it (with myself), it's completely out of sync. What can I do? Take a look at my changed source-code: http://www.jamisongames.info/MultiPong/MultiPong.java Oh and I couldn't find anything even about Java on gaffer.org. Maybe I should try and rewrite my code to use Packets?
  12. Jamison

    Java: Network Game Lag

    DaBookshah, I agree with the anonymous poster. I've worked with sockets only for a short time, and before I got into trying to make a multiplayer RTS with them, they've worked flawless. And even making a multiplayer RTS they should work flawless (I've seen it done), I just know I'm doing something wrong. Anonymous poster, thanks for all of that great information. I saw something about using the Socket.setTcpNoDelay(true) when using sockets for a multiplayer RTS, and I tried it but it had no effect on blocking sockets. Maybe it should be used with non-blocking sockets? I'll take a look at the DataOutputStream class. Oh, and wouldn't Datagram Packets be a bad idea for a multiplayer RTS? Would the positions tend to jump around since the packets aren't guaranteed to arrive in the same order they were sent out? For example: Frame 0 - Server - ballX = 0; ballY = 0; Frame 0 - Client - ballX = 0; ballY = 0; Frame 1 - Server - ballX = 5; ballY = 5; Frame 1 - Client - ballX = 0; ballY = 0; Frame 2 - Server - ballX = 10; ballY = 10; Frame 2 - Client - ballX = 5; ballY = 5; Frame 3 - Server - ballX = 15; ballY = 15; Frame 3 - Client - ballX = 15; ballY = 15; Frame 4 - Server - ballX = 20; ballY = 20; Frame 4 - Client - ballX = 20; ballY = 20; Notice how the ball would skip a position in Frame 0 and Frame 1 and then in Frame 2 it would appear to jump from Position 0 to 10. I'm going to rewrite my run() method, and change my sockets back to non-blocking again. And I'll also try and repaint the screen whenever possible (I'll see if I can find that tutorial on how to do that).
  13. Hello all, I have created a multiplayer pong game and so far so good. However, I've come across a small problem... lag. The game is perfectly in-sync, however, the game lags way too much. I've tried using non-blocking sockets but that doesn't work either (same results). The game is set at 30 FPS (Frames Per Second), which is set using the tradional Thread.sleep(1000/fps); Here is my source-code if you need to take a look: http://www.jamisongames.info/MultiPong/MultiPong.java I would appreciate any help that you guys can give me. Thanks and regards, Jamison
  14. Jamison

    I'm Back!

    Lol Thanks for the warm welcome back everybody! :)
  15. Jamison

    I'm Back!

    To OpenGL_Guru: Hmm, I didn't see a Lounge forum. Must've missed it. I would have posted this there if I saw it. To evelyn: Lol I guess you could say that hehe.
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