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  1. BitmapFont - looking for atlas-packing-function

    Thanks, folks, that will help along the way! :-)
  2. Greetings, I'm trying to achieve some good uv map packing for an user-created bitmap font. Can you point me to the name of the file and the name of your packing function?
  3. BitmapFont with right-to-left direction (Arabian)

    Google Translator helps a lot too. Too bad that the translated sentences have poor grammar and many errors.   Problem is to make the Right-To-Left and Left-To-Right flags visible. At runtime, I can make them visible (of course), but editing text with these flags is quite difficult.   And the next problem is to build a good editor for those not technically skilled and writing the text content for my game. I have support for flags like "<arabic></arabic>" and "<hebrew></hebrew>", but that's quite useless for these people. I thought about a parser that can parse OpenOffice Writer documents (.odt files). Or maybe spreadsheets via OpenOffice Calc - I need that capability anyhow. Maybe .csv export/import...   Still a long way until the text workflow is defined and up and running.
  4. BitmapFont with right-to-left direction (Arabian)

    In the meantime I found out, that there is a c'tor parameter for right-to-left like so: new BitmapText(rightToLeft)   Also I've been busy and created several support functions that fix numbers and company names in Arabian text. Usually your text with numbers will look like that:   "I didn't want my Robotto for 2000 dollars, i wanted it for 1000 dollars."   " ? ? ??? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ???? 2000? ???? ???? ?? ??1000?  ????.Robotto ???? "   So I utilized the Regex capabilities of the Java standard library and replaced the reversed things.   I'm also now capable of rendering bi-directional text, which is arabian embedded in latin language. This is still a little cumbersome to handle, but it works in principle.  
  5. Hello,   it's been a while now that I've created my own .fnt parser and merge-tool that combines two fonts together.   Now I want to make my own .fnt files for custom bitmaps (with my smileys). And I also want to merge the content of two .png files containing some glyphs.   But to achieve my goal, I must fully understand the content of the two header-lines in .fnt files. Is there a short (ore detailed, I prefer detailed) overview of what all those parameters mean? Here's my header: info face="Batang" size=-24 bold=0 italic=0 charset="" unicode=1 stretchH=100 smooth=1 aa=1 padding=0,0,0,0 spacing=1,0 outline=3 common lineHeight=24 base=21 scaleW=4096 scaleH=4096 pages=1 packed=0 alphaChnl=1 redChnl=0 greenChnl=0 blueChnl=0 Thanks for sharing any easy-access-information (I know, there is a source code around somewhere now too).  :-)  
  6. Strange "size" of generated BitmapFont

    Hello,   somehow my cool subtitle font has a strange value for the "size" parameter:  size=-24 and indeed, when I set the size at runtime to values like "32", it looks inverted (top-down). I must use negative values like "-32" when I want to resize the font.   Any ideas where this comes from?
  7. BitmapFont with right-to-left direction (Arabian)

    I don't know Arabian either - here is how I work with it: I open a Wikipedia-article, for example the one about "Morocco". There are some arabian texts - copy,paste them into a modern Code-IDE like NetBeans. Render the text - compare it to the Wiki article and to the IDE text. Funny thing: NetBeans inserts new space characters to the left and editing the string becomes a strange thing.
  8. BMFont Demo (exe and source) don't work

    I already informed Andreas Jonsson about this. :) Here is what he said yesterday:   "Thanks for letting me know about the problem with 'bitmapfonts.exe'. It's been ages since I updated that sample. I'll need to revisit it to update it to support the current file format."
  9. Font with outline not rendered correctly

    FYI: I made a Font-Merge-Thing for jMonkeyEngine. It works, I tested this idea. :)
  10. Hello,   I just made a font that also supports Arabian symbols. As most people know, they read from right-to-left, not left-to-right. The NetBeans-IDE for example supports this, but my fnt. renderer (jMonkeyEngine) doesn'nt do it somehow. Even when I ead the unicode marks (0x200F, 0x200E), there doesn't seem to change anything. The two unicode symbols are in the font (id=8207, id=8206) descriptor file.   Since I have no other possibility to test .fnt files, I just wanted to ask, if someone could test my font with right-to-left Arabian language. I want to confirm, that this occurs on other render engines too.   I plan to modify the engine I use, to support right-to-left / left-to-right switching, when I have time. Another workaround is, to invert the char array counting order in the string before sending it to the renderer. As before, the workaround seems to be the better solution.
  11. Font with outline not rendered correctly

    Well, first: This is great news! Basic technologies should be open and I do also write open source software. My current game will be open for example.   I'm now almost done with my Java implementation of the .fnt merge tool, but I don't know if this can be ported to C++ quickly and easily.   I don't know anything about AngelScript. I know Lua and a little bit of Groovy and Python. Is there a Java-port of AngelScript?
  12. Font with outline not rendered correctly

    Okay, I will write a forum post there tomorrow, which will link to this forum post here.   Honestly, I don't know if the original author for .fnt integration is still active in the community. I would fix this myself, if I had the time to work my way through his code.   There are still some visual artifacts when resizing the font, because for whitespace characters his renderer creates a zero-sized quad which then has an outline. Looks very odd when I scale the font up and down, but looks okay for 100% scaling. It might even be, that this particular error is on the .fnt side this time.   I have, however, created my own AngelCodeBMFont class which represents a copy of a .fnt file and can be (de)serialized. This class will be able to merge a current font with another font. For example, my current font doesn't support Arabic, but Chinese+Japanese - so I must mix it with another font. You may remember, that I suggested this once. :)
  13. Font with outline not rendered correctly

    Understood what you wrote and made a workaround for my game:   I created two .fnt fonts - one with outline (font1) and one without outline (font2). Then, I created two text objects, first text with font1 and second text with font2. The color of the first text set to black, attach it to the gui graphics of the game. The color of the second text set to yellow, attach it to the gui graphics of the game.   So, I simulated the "two passes" with overwrites of two different fonts.   Here is an image (see the yellow subtitles):
  14. Hello,   I use a .fnt font created with 1.13 and 1.14 beta versions of BMFont and rendered in jMonkeyEngine. With both versions I get a visual error when I use outlines and I don't know if this problem is on the Font side or on the jEngine side. Here you can see the erroneous spacings (see yellow subtitle text and also the h=105.0 text in the upper white text):   The font that I used is the one you can find here:   So I tried using the old "bitmapfonts.exe" from this site: I ran the programm on my old Direct-X-9-Machine and it crashed even before starting. The log.txt holds this information: acgfx_graphics.|  273|Adapter description: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series            acgfx_graphics.|  274|Driver: ati2dvag.dll acgfx_graphics.|  275|Version: acgfx_graphics.|  287|Checking graphics capabilities... acgfx_graphics.|  290|Blending with source alpha              : Yes acgfx_graphics.|  291|Blending with inverse source alpha      : Yes acgfx_graphics.|  292|Textures with alpha channel             : Yes acgfx_graphics.|  295|Max texture width                       : 8192 acgfx_graphics.|  296|Max texture height                      : 8192 acgfx_graphics.|  303|Dynamic textures                        : Yes acgfx_graphics.|  306|Vertex shader version                   : 300 acgfx_graphics.|  307|Pixel shader version                    : 300 acgfx_graphics.|  310|Number of simultaneous RTs              : 4 acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: A16B16G16R16 acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: A2R10G10B10 acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: A2B10G10R10 acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: A8R8G8B8 acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: X8R8G8B8 acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: X8B8G8R8 acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: G16R16 acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: R32F acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: G32R32F acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: A32B32G32R32F acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: R16F acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: G16R16F acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: A16B16G16R16F acgfx_graphics.|  341|Available render target format: L16 acgfx_font.cpp |  933|Unrecognized format for 'data/comic24.fnt' application.cpp|   42|Failed to initialize font 'data/comic24.fnt' (-1) acframe_applica|  160|Application specific init failed (-1) So I removed the comic24.fnt font that comes with the test-programm and then it crashed every time after the line with "format: L16".   Can anyone please help? My next try would be to edit the .fnt text file and add a +6 to each glyph's width (3 pixels of outline) in the hope that this will fix the problem. If anyone could confirm that the problem is not on my game engine's side but in the created .fnt files, this would help alot - maybe even other users of the angelcode bitmap font generator.
  15. Bitmap Font Creator issue with multi channel glyphing

    No, this is all about multi channel glyphing. :-)   I expected 'random' colors and alpha channel = 1. But all the channels seem to have = 1.     Btw, thanks for your swift replies.