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    vector graphics library

    Cairo+Pango Cairo is a SVG library that supports drawing to all kinds of surfaces. Pango is a text rendering library that adds on to Cairo.
  2. Quote:Original post by Kylotan If PHP is the only access to the game, do lazy updates. At the top of each page call a function that makes the game 'catch up' to the present time by issuing as many 'hourly' updates as necessary. It doesn't matter if hours or days go by with nobody logging in, because as soon as someone hits a PHP page, the function gets called and every thing gets updated. This is probably the easiest way to do it.
  3. DantarionX

    How many characters is too many?

    Depending on the type of game, I would advise not forcing the story of each character into the players face. You could provide some mechanism so that players learn more about characters they are interested in, etc.
  4. DantarionX

    How many characters is too many?

    Persona 3 for the PS2 is a really good example of how do do characters correctly in my opinion. The main character is silent, but you are often given chances to reply to other characters. The choices aren't always "positive, negative, random", either. Sometimes it isn't even clear what response you will get. My favorite example of this is when you are on a date an the girl asks "Would you rather have a boy or a girl?" The response choices are "A boy, A girl, and I don't care.". There is a different response for each choice, but NONE are wrong. The other characters in P3 fall into 3 catagories, characters that are involved in the story, characters that have social links, and generic characters. For the characters inolved in the story, you slowly learn about them over the course of the game. You are often given chances to talk to them, which increases your knowledge about the character, but most of them are optional. Most character development happens with him in the story. Social Links in P3 are a interesting gameplay mechanic. You power up your characters abilities by making friends at school. For these specific characters, you can choose to delve more into their story by choosing to hang out with them after school, which triggers cutscenes that delve into the story, and give you conversation options that let you get closer to that character. There are serveral unnamed characters that exist, but they just say different things throughout the course of the game, and aren't fleshed out. The one I can remember the most is a girl who stalks the guy she likes. Throughout the she will talk to you about liking the guy, and you can find him and he tells you he knows about the girl. Throughout the course of the game you can find them around school and talk to them and eventually they are together :P /rant P3 is too good.
  5. DantarionX

    I've been lucky (mmo idea)

    Many, if not ALL of your ideas, have been tried before. A lot of your ideas that have to do with skill repicking and respec-ing your characters have been done in Guild Wars.
  6. DantarionX

    The ten game design tags you should never use!

    I think the OP's point he was trying to make is "Try to stay away from directly following one of these stereotypes" A lot of his points really don't make sense, like the elves/gnomes one, but with the "hero with amensia" and "apocalyptic save the world" plots, they are a crutch that provides an easy way to fill in story details. Why is <insert plot hole here>? The hero couldn't remember what happened/who that guy was! What isn't <insert plot hole here>? Because the <thing> that killed everything caused it! On one hand, its possible to create a story that uses it in a different way. Ex. FF7 where Cloud believes that he did things that another character did. Ex. Fallout, where it is a unique engrossing setting as opposed to a wasteland. On the other hand, you can use them in a way that makes your story seem boring.
  7. DantarionX

    Key Bindings!

    Are you asking about key binding, or are you asking how to do the 3D transforms for the camera movements?
  8. DantarionX

    OpenGL SVG in games!

    I am in the process of developing a little 2D engine, and I am just getting around to having things appear on screen, and I got a little idea in my head. I use vector graphics for a lot of my art, but I always end up exporting PNG's at whatever resolution I need. Why not generate textures from my svg files based on the monitor resolution at runtime? This idea then exploded into using cairo to do svg-based animation, gui elements, etc. So heres my plan. In my TextureManager, I have 3 types of textures. FILE, CAIRO_STATIC, and CAIRO_DYNAMIC. FILE are just textures loaded from file, right now im using DevIL. CAIRO_STATIC are textures that are generated once by cairo, and then used as normal. CAIRO_DYNAMIC are textures that are svg-based, but must be updated each frame, or more. Now, in terms of implementation, FILE and CAIRO_STATIC are easy as pie. Heres how I want my SVG dynamic textures to work. 1) I expose some svg drawing methods to a scripting language 2) I give the scripting language variables that influnce the animation. 3) Each frame the svg script is run, updating a cairo texture, which is then copied to a OpenGL texture. EACH FRAME. The problem I see with this is if my animations get complex, or if I have multiple of the same svg animation onscreen, I end up wasting CPU time each frame regen-ing textures. Is it a better idea to render each frame of animation into a large texture? I haven't implemented a sprite sheet animation class yet, but I was thinking I would just use the svg file to generate a sprite sheet of the animation frames, and then have higher level code deal with the actual animation.
  9. DantarionX

    ai hitman

    I diagree. I think the best way to do this would be to have each disguise have a table of boolean values for what they are allowed to hold, and actions they are allowed to do. Some actions in hitman ALWAYS cause suspiscion, like having a weapon out, or moving a body, or being in an area you shouldn't. Some are tied to costumes, like its ok for you to have a police gun when you are in police uniform, but it is NOT okay to have a machinegun/shotgun as a police. Also maps need to have defined spaces where only certain costumes can be, and scripts to define exceptions. I just remembered that in one Hitman Level, you are led with a group of people around a mansion. If you stray too far away from the group and are seen by the guards, they get suspicious. If you manage to change costumes to someone who is supposed to be all over the mansion, then you are okay, but even then, certain costumes only worked certain places. The delievery boy could go in the back door with groceries, bypassing the mansion tour, but if you were seen outside of the kitchen area, they got you. The guard disguise worked all over, except for the the targets bedroom, and if you got too close to another guard. If I remember right, the best way to do that level waas to bring the host champayne, which prompts him to meet with you in private, and you can grab a golf club and knock him off this balcony. The game even responds as if he fell off by himself if you arent there when they check the balcony, its pretty cool.
  10. Sounds like a driver issue to me too
  11. DantarionX

    c++ ide for Ubuntu

    Also, if you install eclipse, you are better of downloading it from the eclipse website and installing it instead of just apt-get-ing it. The version in the ubuntu respository is really old.
  12. DantarionX

    Lua+XML = Easy Scriptable GUI?

    Thanks visage! I was actually talking to one of my friends who is a major WoW freak, and as soon as I mentioned Lua he said "isn't that the thing that WoW addons use?" While I don't think my GUI elements will actually be that complicated, as I have no need for many text based components, I will take a look at how WoW's XML+Lua solution works. I guess the people at blizzard were thinking the same way I am thinking now!
  13. DantarionX

    Lua+XML = Easy Scriptable GUI?

    The more I look at lua the more I like it! The syntax really does let you do a lot of nifty things that would take hundreds of lines in c++. In fact, I think I will probably be able to support using xml+embedded lua to define layouts, and also allowing pure lua. I still feel like for the purpose of nested widgets, xml gets the job done a bit clearer than defining parent/child relationships with code. <Window name="nameWindow" x="400" y="300" color="GREY"> <TextBox length="15" defait=""/> <Button text="OK" onclick="game.start()"> </Window> Perhaps I will use a combination of the two forms, allowing constants and functions to be defined in lua code, and xml for the general creation of widgets
  14. DantarionX

    Pass of Fail

    The problem with many "games without true goals" like Spore, GTA, etc, is that sometimes its hard to understand what to do. I was one of the many people who played spore, got to space, and then.....stopped playing. Before that point, the game was fairly linear, giving choices leading you on a path to creature, tribe, city, and then civilization. But...after space...there was no "Conquer the universe" goal, only "Explore the universe". I didn't see a purpose in flying around doing whatever I wanted. In the GTA games, there are story missions and stuff, but often most of the fun I have with them is by just running around trying random stuff that seems fun. But eventually, I find myself wanting to accomplish something, and I head to the provided missions. Many people I know who play the Sims make up stories and goals for themselves. They create sims of people they know, etc, and have fun playing around in a world that exists as much in their own minds as it does in the game. However, unless there is room for exploration, and reasons to want to explore, games without goals tend to become boring if you can't find anything to do.
  15. DantarionX

    Terrible enemies

    One thing that I also don't like is how sometimes extremely stupid enemies are sometimes hard if you fight them the way the the game intended. In Scarface, enemies either: 1) Stand still and shoot 2) Rush you with guns blazing. In a hallway situation, they fail because they get into each others line of sight and fire. However, they don't fail because the game lets them shoot through each other, meaning some hallways in the game = instant death. So, the strategy I have used for the second half of the game is...Wait around the corner and shoot them each in the head once as soon as they come around. They won't come around the corner while shooting, so you never get shot. They come one at a time because they don't walk through each other. No matter how many enemies are in the next room, you can just let 1 see you, walk back to the doorway, and execute them one on one. If I saw 10 of my buddies die after going around the corner, I wouldn't walk around the same corner.
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