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  1. Oh deer, SANTA IS DEAD!! Join hundreds of other live players at the North Pole, you must slay everyone else to become the Last-Santa-Standing. Available now, free-to-play, during our exclusive holiday Battle-Royale event: Long Live Santa! Download the game today : http://store.steampowered.com/app/763410/Long_Live_Santa/ ==================================================================== Hello My name is Matt Olick, and I am the Technical Artist behind Doborog Games. This holiday we decided to create a multiplayer prototype, called "Long Live Santa!", to test online functionality for our main IP, 'Clone Drone in the Danger Zone'. I would love your feedback on the game Performance on your low-end machine is awful? Run into any bugs or situations that spoiled the moment? Did you become roadkill to Santa riding a reindeer? I need to know! ~
  2. Jon and his team have created a very fast, true voxel engine with ray-tracing from the ground up.   Full Article:   http://www.mmorpg.com/showFeature.cfm/feature/8959/Garrett-Fuller-Whats-Next-for-Mark-Kern.html   Their website, you can subscribe to get on a weekly mailing list: http://www.mek-entertainment.com/   ~~ Another raytraced voxel engine is called 'Staxel', from a couple employees who left Chucklefish Games / Starbound. You can see more here : http://playstaxel.com/ ~~      What is occuring? It appears a new rendering format, Raytracing, is becoming plausible for hardware in the near future. Voxels and Octrees appear to be the key to making things work - I imagine a movement coming in gaming akin to the pixel 2D graphics of 80's and 90's gaming. Eventually, Octrees will no longer be the fundamental key, and as such perhaps triangles will resume their importance in a raytraced format.   This seems exciting!
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