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  1. You don't need to worry about string hash collisions screwing up equality unless you explicitly tell the Dictionary class to use an IEqualityComparer that cares only about hash value. The default Comparer will behave sanely with string keys.
  2. It depends on the type of i. If i is an integer, your compiler will likely generate the exact same code either way. If i is a complex type like an iterator with range checking, then ++i may be faster. Basically, ++i just increments i. i++ requires a copy to be made of i and then the object is incremented before returning the old copy. For integers, its very easy for the compiler to realize that the copy doesn't matter. For complex type it may or may not be able to decide that. 
  3. For games, it's pretty safe. For embedded devices, micro-controllers, digital signal processors, network hardware, etc. it's not safe.
  4. I see one expired warning point on your profile.
  5. SiCrane

    IDEs for python?

    We mostly use PyCharm at work. I don't know about best, but it's good enough and free for the community edition.
  6. SocketAddress is an abstract class that you generally instantiate as an InetSocketAddress. An InetSocketAddress contains both address and port, though for binding you can generally just use the constructor that takes a single port number. 
  7. SiCrane

    Multiple Python Files Structure

    The work around is to put the imports that you're having trouble resolving into the function rather than at module level.   def foo(): from room1 import bar bar() That said, it sounds like you're implementing state in a really weird way and you may be inviting stack overflow if you try representing the current room by what function is currently executing.
  8. The banner ads also doesn't seem to like the new layout when the browser window shrinks, at least on Windows/Chrome. I have my browser fullscreen on a 1080 wide monitor and the GDC banner is telling me I should register by February 2, instead of the February 25 I see when I move the browser over to the 1920 wide monitor and the RobotSound banner crops out the name of the website completely.
  9. SiCrane

    That old dos game

    Do you remember what kind of graphics it had? CGA, EGA, VGA?
  10. It doesn't need to know the size until toList() is actually called. So the declaration is legal, but using the function without the full class definition will give an undefined error.
  11. Public key authentication doesn't involve the transmission of the keys. Instead some challenge response system is used. Ex: in Kerberos, A encrypts and integer N and sends that integer to B. B then decrypts that integer and then encrypts the integer N + 1 and sends it back to A. If when A decrypts it and sees N +1 then it's reasonable certain that B has the corresponding key. 
  12. SiCrane

    C++ class variables

    Those are two separate board objects. If you want a variable that has the same value for all objects uses a static member variable. If you want to anotherFunction() to see the original object pass the original object as a pointer or reference to anotherFunction().
  13. SiCrane

    Developing from a usb flash drive

    I'd actually be more worried about the accidentally getting stepped on problem. Backup regularly. 
  14. CComPtr has been around since at least MSVC 2003.
  15. Also, try doing a full rebuild. Helps in a depressingly large number of cases of completely messed up behavior.
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