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  1. BloodshedDude

    How old is too old?

    That's an interesting point. If I'm interested in specializing in game physics, how much programming would I need? Do I do the actual coding or do the physics developers hand off their formulas to the programmers?
  2. BloodshedDude

    Thinking in vs Accelerated

    I've been learning C++ through Eckel's Thinking in C++ for the last two weeks and I'm just starting on Chapter 4. After reading all the positive reviews of Accelerated C++ and leafing through it at the bookstore I'm wondering if I should stop TICPP and start Accelerated C++. What do you guys think?
  3. BloodshedDude

    Working conditions

    Quote:Original post by acraig Since there has been a lot of stuff around EA lately about this might as well start here: EA: The Human Story Wow. That was an eye-opener. Kind of takes the wind out of your sails.
  4. BloodshedDude

    Working conditions

    Someone posted a comment that the game industry is notorious for bad working conditions. Is this true? What are some bad experiences.
  5. BloodshedDude

    Help with C++ cast exercise

    Thanks. reinterpret_cast worked.
  6. BloodshedDude

    Help with C++ cast exercise

    Working on chapter 3 in Thinking in C++ Vol1 and problem 25 starts off with: "Define a float variable. Take it's address, cast that address to an unsigned char, and assign it to an unsigned char pointer." I've tried the following unsuccessfuly: // Declare float float num = 1.1; // Cast address to unsigned char and assign to unsigned char pointer unsigned char* pch = (unsigned char)#
  7. BloodshedDude

    Question a grizzled and not yet bitter veteran

    Jeff, Thanks for supplying your presentation on your website. That was a great introduction to game development at a level that I could understand. It gave me a better idea of what everyone's responsibilities are and how they work together on a project. I wish someone had given a talk like that at my high school. I would have paid better attention to my physics class. I'll be sure to sign up for the mailing list.
  8. BloodshedDude

    Bitwise and Shift operators

  9. BloodshedDude

    Bitwise and Shift operators

    Just curious. How often are they used in game development? Could I have a simple example where it would be useful? Thanks.
  10. BloodshedDude

    Question a grizzled and not yet bitter veteran

    I have been working in technology for the last six years and I've been disappointed with the number of people in the industry that have no clue what they are doing. Mainly because the people that do the hiring, and sometimes even the managers, don't know anything about technology themselves. These people are allowed to squeak by, and many times flourish, through a combination of dumping work on those that know how to do it and kissing up. A "who you know" vs "what you know". My question is, do you still run into these types in the industry, or are they usually weeded out somewhere in the process?
  11. BloodshedDude

    Question a grizzled and not yet bitter veteran

    Wow. Terrific stuff. Thanks for your time Jeff. Your insights are a goldmine for a beginner like me.
  12. BloodshedDude


    So far, as a beginner I am perfectly happy with DevC++ (if you couldn't tell from my name ;) ). It took me less than 30 minutes to install and compile my first program. The warning codes are a little cryptic and the help that came with my version isn't that great, but for what I use it for, learning C++, it's fast, portable, and efficient.
  13. Just curious, but what did you change your objective from and to Oluseyi?
  14. BloodshedDude

    Starting out: Requesting opinions

    Thanks for the feedback. Do you recommend that I just concentrate on TICPP Telastyn? Thanks.
  15. Hi, I'm fairly new to game development and I wanted to get some feedback on the course I've chosen so far. I am currently doing two things to get started: 1. Going through "Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition" by Bruce Eckel 2. Reading "Beginning Game Programming" by Michael Morrison I have taken a class in C++ for my degree in Info Systems but it stopped short of classes (to make sure people pass the course I guess). I'm going through TICPP to continue my training in OOP. I hope Beginning Game Programming will give me a brief overall idea of what goes into game development. So far I just got through Chapter 2 in the BGP book. Since I don't have experience with windows programming I had to go through the appendices and I reread Ch1 and 2 until I understood what the game engine was doing and how it tied in with the actual game. Is this training regimen a good idea, or is there a better way to go about learning game programming? Thanks.
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