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  1. ambershee

    Excited about Unreal Engine 4!

    I've been using it for around two years. I'm a big fan of the blueprint scripting system, which I find is fantastic for rapid iteration of game mechanics :)
  2.   They're already doing it; which is why the storefront has now been inundated with a vast quantity of sub-par games; mostly games that got review scores of 5/10 (or less) and flopped 10+ years ago, and particularly poor home made entries that could have been made in GameMaker in a weekend are now finding their way into the store thanks to opening up the system to a number of small scale publishers.   Greenlight's user-based curation actually worked better in that regard. I find the Steam storefront a frustrating mess at present.
  3. ambershee

    Does UBISoft have their own game engine?

    Each of their major studios has it's own engine. Personally I find this a bit wasteful, since their engines need to share a lot of features (consider the technical requirements for the Division compared to Watch Dogs), bu hey, it keeps a lot of people employed.
  4.     The 'rough areas' include both iOS and Android support.
  5. Where I am, two beers can cost $19, so I'm hardly worried, haha.
  6.   $1200 is the tip of the iceberg when licensing software. Let's face it, the cost of Max / Maya is astronomical in comparison. Creative Cloud will also cost you.   Just with everything there are cheaper or free alternatives, but they are not the same.
  7. I've played games of Civ without going to war, and games of Civ 5 where noone went to war. It's entirely feasible and not strictly necessary.   If you're getting attacked, your military is too weak or you are actively pursuing an aggressive policy with your neighbours.
  8. ambershee

    Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

      Whilst I'm mostly inclined to agree, and my explanation is stupidly far-fetched - it's incredibly rare for a modern passenger jet like a 777 to just break up in mid-air, and if it did, residual debris would be spread across a fairly wide area, making it a lot easier to locate. An aircraft that size could plummet into the ocean - but it would take minutes to reach sea level from a cruising altitude of around 35,000 feet, during which an automated signal would be sent. The last aircraft of this type to disappear was a C-54 in 1965, and even then there was radio communication indicating an emergency, and whilst the aircraft itself wasn't located, considerable debris such as wreckage and personal belongings were.   In this instance there is neither wreckage, direct communication or a transponder signal - there are also questions of why it was not appearing on military radar. That's weird.   One answer to all of those questions, would be that it was shot down by something with at least rudimentary jamming capability. Several navies operate destroyers / cruisers with that kind of role in that part of the world, not limited to the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and the US. Another could be that the aircraft was deliberately ditched into the ocean - but I don't know that the automated signals carried on passenger aircraft like these can be manually disabled. For  me it would be common sense to assume that they cannot.
  9. ambershee

    Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

    Personally, I suspect someone shot it down (someone like China, probably by accident), then cleaned up the mess before providing false information.   It's a bit of a stretch, but it's fucking hard to lose a plane in 2014.
  10. ambershee

    Why is Candy Crush so Successful?

    ^ This.   A combination of marketing, consumer ignorance (since mobile games like this are targeting a demographic less familiar with consumer friendly monetisation models), luck, and a certain amount of critical mass.   ...but mostly marketing.
  11. ambershee

    35Gb for audio, are you kidding me?

      Quoted for truth. Some ports I've played have been incredibly sloppy about basic things. I recently picked up Lego LOTR, only to discover it doesn't support the fucking mouse. You have to use a gamepad for it to be playable...
  12. ambershee

    The Universe - I don't get it

    Sure, but the maximum range of a quad-precision float is around 1.1897 × 104932 whereas the size of the universe is estimated to be 4.35184307 × 1026 metres across.   You wouldn't even need a local set of coordinate systems within that :)
  13. ambershee

    The Universe - I don't get it

      It'll start to become possible as soon as we're capable of easily working with 128-bit coordinate systems (I'm not kidding by the way).
  14. ambershee

    DirectX 12 Announced

    Not massively, but I am curious. With current console hardware pegged to Dx11, Dx12 is likely to go the same way as Dx10 - largely ignored.
  15. ambershee

    Plasticness in Today's Graphics

    Looks like it doesn't take attenuation of that light source into account - which strikes me as a really weird thing to do?
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