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    [C++] DOS Splash Screen

    Since you're using or's in the loop condition, it will only exit when all three of those booleans have been set to true. I'm guessing that wasn't your intention, perhaps you meant to use while (GameStarted == false && LoadGame == false && OptionsMenu == false) In which case it will break from the loop as soon as one of them is set to true. The code for Splash_UserInput == 4 doesn't affect the loop condition at all, so not sure why you were expecting it to break out from there. You could also make that long sequence of if statements an if else block or a switch statement, eg. if (Splash_UserInput == 1) { // do something here } else if (Splash_UserInput == 2) { // do something here } Then if the value is found to be 1 for example, the following if statements will be skipped as they are irrelevant (we already know it's not 2, 3, etc, so don't need to keep checking).
  2. knowyourrole

    Career choices

    While I agree it's probably not the easiest of industries to get a first job in, it's not impossible. It all boils down to dedication really, and if you're talented and enthusiastic you WILL get interviews, regardless of what companies say they are looking for. I think the fact that a lot of companies fail to advertise junior positions is just another way of ensuring that any applications they do get for these positions are from people that are truly interested. Just my thoughts anyways, take from it what you will.
  3. knowyourrole


    UnrealEd is a great level editor, is definitely relevant to the industry right now, and is reasonably easy to learn (access to the UDN helps). If you were a designer on a project using Unreal tech you'd undoubtedly spend a good chunk of your time using UnrealEd, be it for tweaking the levels, cutscenes, scripting, whatever. In most cases I don't think you're going to be able to avoid level design completely, maybe not initially anyways.
  4. knowyourrole

    Chronic Heartburn and Caffeine

    I stopped drinking tea, coffee, and all fizzy drinks about two years ago and I don't regret it one bit. My problem is that caffiene now just gives me really bad heart palpitations without fail, like a single cup of coffee will give me a few hours of it. It was also completely screwing up my sleep patterns. It never really used to do anything to me, but I think over the course of my degree my body must have become more sensitive to caffiene or something. I pretty much just drink water, milk and beer now, and it suits me fine. Funny thing is, I also suffer from acid reflux (or something similar), which only seemed to start after I cut out all of that crap. I'm on constant medication which works fine, but it doesn't seem to be going away. Maybe my caffiene abuse throughout uni caused it somehow, who knows.
  5. knowyourrole

    Weird boot-delay

    I have the exact same motherboard, and the same problem, really annoying. I've updated my BIOS quite a lot and that seems to have reduced the time, but I still usually have a wait a few minutes. From reading the ASUS forums apparently it has something to do with USB devices. The suggested fix on there was to unplug all USB devices at startup, which is a pretty stupid solution to be honest. I'd just keep your BIOS updated and hopefully it will be fixed at some point. I usually just hit the reset button if it's taking too long, most of the time it starts up almost instantly afterwards.
  6. knowyourrole

    Your Favorite TV Shows

    Prison Break - Series one was excellent, two ok-ish, and the third one seems to be pretty good so far. Always manages to keep you guessing anyways, plus you just know at least a few main characters are likely to bite the dust before it's through. Scrubs - Always good for a laugh, great comedy, though it's on so much I'm beginning to get a little tired of it. Father Ted - I know it's pretty old, but the humour is just spot on, really great show. Blackadder - Again, kind of similar to Father Ted, just good old British comedy. They're all good, but I think Blackadder the third has to be my favourite. Hugh Laurie as the stupid prince and Tony Robinson as Baldric are just awesome. Other than those I really don't watch too much TV to be honest, adverts are just too irritating.
  7. knowyourrole

    This is the best radio ever

    That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing. I've been listening to some video game music remixes on last.fm quite a lot recently actually. Just happened to stumble upon them a day or two ago, some of them are pretty good. Takes me way back to the good old days =)
  8. knowyourrole

    RIP Robin 'uavfun' Stanton

    Wow, I never really knew Uavfun via IRC, although I do recall his presence on these forums. It really is a shame that this kind of thing happens, and even worse that he never reached out to anyone about it. I've helped a few people in the past get though stuff like this, and it's had quite a big impact on me truth to tell. My condolences to his family and friends.
  9. knowyourrole

    Help me find a phone

    I rather like my Nokia 6300, it's pretty simple, nice interface, very nice screen, and it's rather durable. Price wise it was a pretty big step down from my Nokia N70, but the interface is a lot more streamlined in my opinion (N70 symbian OS is very, very slow). Interface wise I can't think of anything that I dislike, my only problem with the actual phone is that the camera lacks a flash, other than that it's great.
  10. knowyourrole

    Sleep Paralysis Question

    Quote:Original post by phantom Quote:Original post by Zahlman but I do quite often get this strange convulsion as I'm trying to fall asleep. It's always a single, full-body spasm (well, actually, more like full-torso, accompanied by involuntary limb-flailing to maintain some strange kind of "balance") which brings me immediately to full consciousness. oooo I get that from time to time, it's almost always a 'wtf?' moment when it happens, then I realise what it is and dismiss it. Based on an episode of House I believe it's something todo with oxygen levels and your brain basically thinking your body is dying so it kinda shocks it back into life. I experience this practially every night when trying to get to sleep, it's called a hypnagogic jerk if you're interested. I'm also pretty surprised at all the strange sleep related experiences in this thread, I can't say I recall ever having any of this other stuff happen to me. Then again, I rarely achieve lucidity, so my sleep is pretty uninteresting on the whole :)
  11. knowyourrole

    Man shelf

    A vice, perhaps just a small one a good padlock a jar of assorted nails and screws paint roller wire brush large wrench I could probably think of some more after a short trip to my garage.
  12. knowyourrole

    XBox controller PC conversion, does this work? [SOLVED]

    I did this a while ago too and it's pretty neat. I don't use the xbox controller for any serious pc games though, but it's real good for emulators and such. You can also use the discarded half of the xbox wire and a female usb plug to do the opposite, allowing you to plug a usb drive into the xbox. You can then use any old usb drive as an xbox memory card if you wanted too. Also you can plug your two modded wires together (controller->usb + usb->xbox) and you once again have a fully functioning breakaway cable.
  13. knowyourrole

    How to host a LAN Party

    Make sure that all of your network cables and hubs and stuff work as expected. I went to a Halo lan party once, excited at the prospect of some 16 player capture the flag. Turned out that we had two crossover cables and two normal ethernet cables in total, so we couldn't use the four-way hub afterall. We had to resort to two concurrent 8 player games instead :( And definitely make sure you have enough chairs, sucks having to play sitting on the floor.
  14. knowyourrole

    It's my birthday...

  15. knowyourrole

    Shows you grew up with

    Quote:Original post by ExcessNeo Quite few i can remember watching as a kid. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Biker Mice From Mars He-Man Transformers Rugrats Are you afraid of the Dark Aaahh!!! Real Monsters The Angry Beavers Rocko's Modern Life Tom and Jerry The Jetsons The Flintstones Looney Toons Ren and Stimpy Dexters Laboratory Cow and Chicken Top Cat Wacky Racers Cartoon Network was awesome when i was little :D I was going to post a large list, but it would have been almost identical to yours =] few more: Morph Trapdoor reboot pinky and the brain hair bear bunch
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