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  1. I want to implement a complete hand motion when a gun is attached to the hand or picked up by the hand... Does this bog down to a lot of animated details? say when I pull the gun, with different fingers "sticking and moving" with different parts of the weapon? Are there any well-established open-source engines that do this? For another instance, when a worker is holding a carton in his chest (L-shaped holding), both arms are attached to it. How do I implement this animation? Thanks
  2. Thanks Very urgent Jack
  3. Hi, I am having trouble to implement a weapon/hand attachment algorithm. In my understanding, the attachment needs to be dealt with in local transformation (object level) and that it can be transformed to world space. But I don't know how to implement it in Direct3D Could anyone lend me a hand? I have this void CObject::AttachToObject(CObject *pObject, char *pName) { FRAME *pFrame = (FRAME*)D3DXFrameFind(pObject->GetFrameRoot(), pName); m_pCombineFrameMatrix = &pFrame->matCombined; } and void CObject::Update(float dt) { if(m_vRot.x != 0.0f || m_vRot.y != 0.0f || m_vRot.z != 0.0f) { D3DXQuaternionRotationYawPitchRoll(&m_quatRot, m_vRot.x, m_vRot.y, m_vRot.z); D3DXMatrixTransformation(&m_matWorld, &m_vScaleCenter, NULL, &m_vScale, &m_vRotCenter, &m_quatRot, &m_vPos); } else D3DXMatrixTransformation(&m_matWorld, &m_vScaleCenter, NULL, &m_vScale, NULL, NULL, &m_vPos); // check if current object is attach to other object if(m_pCombineFrameMatrix != NULL) m_matWorld *= *m_pCombineFrameMatrix; But sometimes the weapon seems to be on the xy plane and sometimes on xz plane etc and appears flat, just shuffling between these 2 planes. This source code was downloaded from the web Thanks
  4. Hi all, I forgot how to do this. In 3ds max, you can freeze an object while showing its textures. How do I achieve this? Thanks for refreshing my memory cos I put this aside for a couple of weeks Jack
  5. lucky6969

    Techniques of dodging/path planning

    Dear, Seems good. But I am worrying about the load of the GPU. Because I have a fair bit of objects to implmement at the same time Can your approach apply to multi-objects scenrio? Thanks Jack
  6. lucky6969

    downloadable examples section

    Dear, I'm looking for 3d pathfinding source code. Thanks in advance Jack
  7. lucky6969

    Techniques of dodging/path planning

    Thanks to everyone for the inputs. For now, I just searching google for 3d pathfinding I only got pathengine from the results which is commercial It doesn't seem to be a corresponding source found in the open source community Thanks Jack
  8. Dear all, I am looking for a downloadable section on this web site I am basically looking for sample code... Thanks a lot Jack
  9. Hi, If I have an infrastructure in the scene, there are poles and racking systems and many others, how do I ensure that say the worker won't walk into the poles and stuff like that? Thanks a lot Jack
  10. lucky6969

    MaxScript question

    I want to write a small script that will extract positions of all geometries started with name "Palletxx" where xx is the no. please help f=fopen "C:\\test2.dat" "wb"; --string $s; float m; for obj in $pallet* do m = getproperty obj obj.pos.x writefloat f m; fclose f; ============== The above code doesn't work, wanna be able to store object's locations Any better chance that I can make it? Thx Jack Thanks Jack [Edited by - lucky6969 on September 3, 2006 4:02:41 AM]
  11. lucky6969

    Deleting Animation keys

    Hi, I want to leave the mesh intact. But clearing the keyframes in the animation sequence. What can I do to achieve this? I tried "RESET", but the whole file was closed... So Thanks (MAX 8) -- Jacky
  12. lucky6969


    Hi, I have a 3dsmax 7 model that I want to convert to .x Before I did so, I converted it to a editable mesh which was fine and animation was okay as well. But one nasty thin' I got was a spike poking out from the hand which attached to the mesh, when being moved, the spike travelled along with my mesh which was pretty prominent to be ignored. I put on a STL Check, there were about 48 "open" errors, but I did not know how to deal with them. The model was taken from a text book. The model was a spline cage models with a surface and skin modifier. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks Jack
  13. Hi, When I tried to export a model with bones in 3dsmax 7 using quest 3D. It always reports that there was no bones at all. Why? Also in the DXExtension plugin that I obtained from DX9 Sample Pool, After Exported, the objects was "messed up". It did not deform but looked like the transformations were all wrong. Bones was placed pendicular to the mesh. Why? Thanks Jack
  14. D3DXFrameCalculateBoundingSphere(m_pFrameRoot, &m_vSphereCenter, &m_fSphereRadius); Given that m_pFrameRoot is a valid, and also that the model has no bones, just animation data, how come this would fail. Where can I find out the solutions because this API cannot be stepped into. Thanks Jack
  15. lucky6969

    Loading Mesh

    Hi, Thanks for your kind reply. It seemed that D3DXLoadHierarchyFromX without alloc would fail I animated the flying wheels in MAX and the mesh + animation can be displayed properly in MAX and deep exploration,even mesh viewer. But failed at D3DXLoadHierarchyFromX, the returned animation controller and frame root were both NULL. Thanks once again Jack
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