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  1. You could still have some kind of tactics where crew starts with plan A and then during the battle you order the switch to plan B after seeing that the enemy is using tactics C. Maybe these are related to what weapons you're using or have available or what kind of crew you're up against. Use whatever UI you have available that might allow the player to select from maybe 4 possible options in real time. In general, anything that you could do that feels more like the player as captain is involved with the battle. Personally, I'd just as soon embrace the tension of watching the crew counts decrease and be pondering over whether it was a wise decision to engage at all than to feel like I might be loosing because I'm not timing my button clicks quite right.
  2. kseh

    Frogger Challenge

    Help the frog cross the street and avoid obstacles to get to the lily pad.
  3. kseh

    Frogger Challenge - Post Mortem

    Some positive stuff: I had a lot of fun working on my game and I'm quite happy with what I ended up submitting. The bits of polish like the main menu, points gained indicators, and level transitions are things I haven't tried to add before. Each is just a small feature but together they really enhance the over all experience. There was only a little bit of fighting with my code base / engine. For once it seemed like I had everything I needed and it was all pretty reasonably organized. However, this is mostly because I completely avoided dealing with the issues I know my engine has with collision. Specifically, that my actors are currently limited in their size which was part of the reason I didn't have any alligators or logs appearing in my game. Somehow I was able to track down the website I stumbled upon before for free music as well as the artist that I had in mind. I came across freemusicarchive.org back when working on WOA V but forgot to write down the name of the site. I'm sure I had bookmarked the site at one point but cleaned up old bookmarks since then. One of the biggest boosts to my motivation was when my kids asked if they could play the game. Early on, I was showing off to them what I was working on and then about a week later they remembered and excitedly asked to play. Unfortunately, the build was in a terrible state right then so I told them they'd have to wait. As much as I wanted to get my submission in, the chance to impress the kids is just awesome. I have to let them know, it's ready to play. I was generally happy with my programmer art. The turtle just came together looking really well. Though time was an issue, I will say it was nice not feeling like I had to pull continuous all-nighters to get anywhere with this thing. Stuff that didn't go quite as well / considerations for next time: Like everyone else, time. I had figured on having more time to work on the game but life just throws things your way sometimes like priorities at the office, a broken sink, or just helping battle the colds that kids seem to bring home from school. I could easily have spent another 2 weeks or more sorting out issues that I knew about and making levels. I wanted to have a fourth level that was an import of an island height map I did some time ago for an RPG project. It was going to be 128*128 tiles while the levels I did include were 24*24 or 32*32. One reason it didn't make it in was that I found that, when the level began, the scrolling had some issues going from its current position to centering onto the player. There just wasn't time to figure out how to deal with that. Found a bug at the start of the last week where if one actor is carrying another there's a potential for a crash (invalid pointer) when one of the actors is destroyed. I thought I managed a quick work around for that before submission but I think this is the issue that Znippy mentioned, and I have to imagine that others have experienced. I will be needing to track this down as it'll be something that manifests in other projects that use those bits of code. As I mentioned earlier, when I started this project I had visions of taking a look at the actor size restriction I'm currently dealing with. Didn't look at that at all so ended up with fewer actors to add to levels. Though I'm happy with my programmer art and had fun making it, it's still programmer art. Couldn't hurt to find an artist to work with one day. I'm not as happy with the splash animation as my other graphics. It's just too small. It kinda works when the animation isn't obscured by other actors but I'd rather the splash did more of the obscuring. The size of the frog vs size of the turtles makes it tough to see when turtles are going to submerge. The cars move too fast in some places. This is just a bit of a tweaking / balancing issue more than anything. Actually, I think it's fair to say that in most of the entries this was also the case. I probably should be interacting with everybody more. What's next for me? First, I'm going to track down the crash when the turtles submerge with the frog. The code involved is used in other projects so it'd be good to understand what's going on there. It'll also be cool to see what my kids think of the game and maybe let them take a crack at putting together their own levels. I wouldn't mind finishing up that 128*128 tile level myself, though I suspect the size would actually end up making the level less interesting than I'd hope for. I would very much like to work on a few more of these Challenges but the plan for the next while is to get back to project One Day. I'll have a few improvements from the Frogger Challenge to bring over to that and then, I think it becomes mostly about setting levels with sufficient props and writing dialogue for characters. Basically, it's a project I'm working on for my wife and kids so I was hoping to be done for end of January but at this point I suspect I would be lucky to even meet my next target of April. One last link to the project page:
  4. kseh

    Frogger Challenge Entry

    If anyone cares to fight with my messy in-game editor, press F12. There's a level text file in the Resources\1-Level folder where you should be able to re-order the entries to choose the level order. Just don't change level 0 which is for the menu screen. If there's interest, I'll post some info about how to use the editor. @Znippy, Sorry about the crash. I started finding more of them in the last week and figured there'd be something that comes up. I'm thankful that there aren't more. I ran low on time Friday and kinda skipped out on writing much for the entry itself and last blog entry. I'll be writing a postmortem sometime in the next week, I think. Congratulations again to everyone on their entries.
  5. Here is my entry. Project page has a better more link to the download. I'll have to fix up the blog entry and write more when I can. (edit) Maybe a link to the project page is better.
  6. Just a quick blog entry to go with my submission.
  7. kseh

    Frogger Challenge - Update #5

    Just a short post today. Watching more entries come in, I'm concerned about getting everything done this week. I've just recently got the game over condition sorted out and still need to work on level transitions and try to put together a few more levels. The concern there is that I"ve hard coded the traffic controls as well as the stuff generating cars. I think dealing with the generators shouldn't be difficult to deal with but I don't think I have the time to experiment with traffic controls. Also, while I've picked out some music that I think is available for to use, there's still actually getting it and some kind of sound effects in.
  8. kseh

    Frogger Challenge - Update #4

    A bit late with this week's update. Last week was spent looking at trying to do some kind of scoring and also working on some changes to the way I have scrolling. For scoring, I went with using a data field in the tiles to set how many points you get for landing on any given tile. Currently, road tiles are 25 points, tiles close to water are 1 point, and everything else is 0. This week, I think I need to work out some kind of high-score thing as well as level progression, lives, and a game over screen. Maybe some kind of improvement to the main menu I have. A few more levels would be a good idea too. I did want to add in another enemy and maybe some logs but I'm a bit concerned about time at this point. I've had complaints in other projects about the way I had scrolling so I've been spending time looking at that. I had it such that you had to approach closer to the edge of the screen before you could see what's on ahead. Which may be fine for the project that it originated in but is rather annoying in anything with an arcade kind of feel to it. I've got a much nicer smoother scroll now. While looking at this improvement, I found that the code doesn't quite do what I was expecting in general so this is an area that I'll be needing to revisit at some point in other projects. It's good to see the submissions that are coming in from everybody so far. I know there's still quite a few days left but I have to admit I'm starting to wonder if I'm further behind than I realize.
  9. kseh

    Frogger Challeng - Update #3

    This week I looked at having cars properly generated on one end of the level and destroyed on the other. And some adjustments so that I'll be able to tweak frequency and travel speed a little later on. It's hard coded at the moment still and I'm pretty sure it's not all tuned quite how I want it but it's ok while other development is going on. On Wednesday I threw together a turtle sprite with diving and surfacing animations (not shown in video) and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. The turtle almost feels as though it doesn't quite fit with the style of other graphics but I'm going to keep what I have. I started with a copy of the Car class for the turtle so I was able to get the turtle following tracks similar to what the cars do. But I realised that I don't have to set a track of data on all tiles, I just have to set it on corners where I want turns to occur which allows for paths to cross each other. Also, when I was distracted at one point, a turtle collided with the frog and killed it, following the car logic. I figured it might be a good feature to keep in the game. Even if the frog can jump onto the turtle's back, standing in the path of a turtle will kill the frog. The video shows a frog starting off and crossing the street. Cars wait their turn at an invisible traffic light and proceed accordingly. I have one turtle walking on the ground in a clockwise square path and another in the water on a path that crosses over itself in a number of places and is near the shore in a few spots. Near the middle of the video, the frog gets in the way of the turtle on the ground. After that I quickly show a little tile debugging information that drive the directions actors are traveling.
  10. kseh

    How to get feedback for your games?

    Not sure if it's the competitiveness or the all-in-it-together factor or both but people tend to look more at each other's projects when they have the bonds of these challenges or contests. Participating in them might be a way to make your work known in general and otherwise catch attention when your name is attached to some other project. However the risk is that it's just going to be attention more from the developers you've participated with and it's likely they'll be just as focused on their own projects as ever. I've seen pretty consistently that responses in the Announcements forums is almost non-existent but there does appear to be some activity in the Hobby Project Classifieds. Maybe instead of asking for feedback you tell people you are looking for QA / Play testers and that you can credit them in game. Outline for them what you want them to focus on and what questions you want them to answer.
  11. kseh

    Frogger Challenge

    Album for Frogger Challenge
  12. kseh

    Frogger Challenge - Update #2

    This week, I've been able to get together a splash animation that you see when the frog jumps into water. I've also tried using it but modulated red for when a frog hits a car but it's difficult to notice. It's fine for a placeholder for the time being though and the animations do the job of taking place when the frog hits a hazard. I also have a basic car sprite to use (the scale of things in this game just isn't a concern, is it?) and I've gotten them traveling across the screen in their intended respective directions on the roads. In the course of debugging I had a couple cars go wildly off track. I think it'd be interesting if a car occasionally went careening off the road, possibly crashing into a tree or water somewhere. It'd be an interesting hazard to watch out for. What I'm particularly happy with this week is a bit of traffic control logic that so far seems to be making for an effective stop light. (Sorry no video). There is the potential at the moment for cars to get stuck on each other when one stops just a bit too far into the intersection. With the test I've been running it clears itself up but I don't think I can count on that so I'll be clearing that up next chance I get. So far, the cars have just been starting from a default point that I set on level load. What I really need to sort out soon is something that will spawn the cars. I am wondering also about frequency of the cars and how closely they follow each other and how this relates to when they're stopped. As cool as I think my traffic control stuff is and also having this free range approach to the level, I see the potential to end up with something where it's either way too easy to cross the street or it's completely impossible.
  13. It might help to first have a plan for the progression of enemies. General idea being you first plan the challenge that the player will face and then you work out what tools you'll make available to complete those challenges.
  14. kseh

    Frogger Challenge - Update #1

    I'm taking a shot at this Frogger challenge using the custom engine I've been using for way too long now. I'm hoping to find that it stands up to the task reasonably without the need for extensive diversions from what I've established. The "engine" I use is just C++ code that I've developed over the years. Libraries I make use of are SFML, TGUI, and a timer library by Mattias Jansson (2011). I'm going to try for something such that the map is just a little more complex and you're not just going from top to bottom of the screen. At this point, I have 1 small level map with a few decorations on it, a frog jumping around, and a lily pad that's supposed to be the destination. I'm thinking next I want to do a splash animation when the frog jumps onto water, just because I think it'll be fun and relatively quick. Probably also a good idea to get some kind of vehicles traveling on the road as well and a simple death animation if you get hit. Then comes some kind of congratulations when you reach the lily pad. I don't know what I'm going to do exact ly for stuff stuff in the water. Turtles that sink should be pretty simple but aligators or logs rushing down some kind of river might be more than I planned for. Not sure about intersecting roads and rivers either as streets and water is just simple tile map sort of stuff and having water going under a bridge might require more time than I'm inclined to spend for this challenge.
  15. kseh

    Project One Day - Update #3

    Yeah, all walls below the player's position stay transparent until the player is back on the other side of them. So walls on the southern most part of the house will always remain transparent since you won't be able to get to the other side (I probably don't need those walls there at all). It's a quick fix to the problem of seeing behind the walls that does the basic job of what I need. But I would not recommend setting up walls like this for a 2d game. For all the trouble they've given me, a more traditional tile based approach seems like a simpler option.
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