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  1. kseh

    Worst time of your life as an indie

    I think "worst" isn't really the right word for what you're going for. Work is work and sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn't. Probably a significant instance of a project not going well for me was having spent several months working solo on a game that was meant to be played online to find that I was not able to work out a solution for a lobby to connect players. Money ran out so development stopped and since then I just haven't gone back to it.
  2. kseh

    where did you start to make a game?

    Step 1, Learn to program. If you think you've learned things sufficiently take a stab at the below suggestions. If you're finding you don't know how to work out what's needed to complete them then continue to build on your programming knowledge. Get a sprite up on the screen. Learn to move it around with the keyboard or mouse (ideally learn both). Get more than one sprite on the screen. Move each sprite independently from the other somehow. Figure out how to test for collisions and do something when they occur. Figure out how to animate your sprites. Hopefully by the time you've worked out how to do the above you'll have an idea of what you need and how to go about perusing your project further. Be prepared for a very long process. Like, lifelong. Working with assets and IP that you have already created at this point may help inspire you to push on but understand that what you want to do, what you think you should be able to do, and what you can do are all different things.
  3. kseh

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    I don't think it's hard to understand how simply reading some kind of headline about Trump has the potential to evoke strong emotions in someone, either for or against him. I've heard that when something touches on a person's core values it can evoke a fight or flight response. And I can understand how someone might get tired or trying to avoid the fights going on between people. When a place you figure you can escape to becomes touched by this conflict, and it's like there's no other places to go to, it sits with you gnawing on your mind... and so you choose "fight" and write something to defend your sanctuary. Makes sense to me. The thing is, all this disruptive stuff that's going on is important. It touches so many people that it makes sense that the conversations are everywhere. The conversations need to happen if there's any chance of making things better. Hopefully some of those conversations include people with opposing viewpoints that are willing to understand the other's so that a better solution can be found. I've seen political discussions here with very different opinions that have been quite mature and I've seen ones that have devolved into flame wars from the start. Sometimes you just have to take the risk that you'll get to the mature conversations.
  4. kseh

    Project One Day - Update #2

    It's a custom home-brew engine that I've been working on for way too long. I think some of the original code (animation related) goes back to 2001. Although I haven't really thought of it as an "engine" until maybe 2 years ago when I started trying to turn the bits of code I had into something easier to reuse for new projects.
  5. kseh

    Project One Day - Update #2

    At this point I'm finding the in game editor that I've put together to be fairly functional. I have save and load functionality that works as would be expected for the player and a save function that I can use to setup a level's initial state. I didn't want to go with using tiles for walls so there were a couple additional challenges to getting the wall corners to match up together properly while making sure that player can slide along them without getting snagged or trapped. I'm setup to be able to add whatever I need to create conversations and have the characters move as the result of player interactions. But the one thing I think that's bugging me is the complete lack of any furniture or interior items. So the plan for the next while is to do some graphics work to try and furnish this house somewhat before going forward with creating any dialogue or story. Perhaps with some items in the house it'll provide inspiration for how to build the story. I also need to do some work on the characters, particularly what would look right for a pregnant character (you wouldn't know that babies are on the way from the current sprites). With the graphics all being programmer art, I'll be happy if I can just maintain a consistent style.
  6. kseh

    One Day

    Hobby project that is an RPG style story on rails following a married couple on the day their twin children are about to be born as told from the husband's perspective. The general "gameplay" is simply moving the main character through the scenes to talk to people to progress through the story. The progression itself isn't expected to involve puzzles or challenges to resolve other than just finding the next person to talk to or location to, causing go the story to progress. The focus of this project is on building components for storytelling and progression as well as some creating components for world and level building for where the story will take place.
  7. I'm wondering if there's a miscommunication about what you're trying to do. Are you trying to put together a school that focuses entirely on game development or just one class in a school that already runs other classes? In any case, use this site's search feature and search for "Gameteacher". He was another user on this site that was trying to put together a class and perhaps some of the old conversations may be useful for you.
  8. kseh

    Project One Day - Update #1

    I created the project page for "One Day" about 3 months ago so I thought it's about time to write something more. In general the project is to create a story on rails kind of RPG project. Fairly simple functionality with just the player moving characters around and having them give their lines when appropriate. After all the lines have been done for one particular scene, progress on to the next scene. This is the first project I've worked on in quite some time where the level wasn't relying on procedural generation. I had found last year that I had minimal facilities for building levels other than loading in a basic tile map. I had managed to throw together some in game level editing capabilities fairly quickly but when I started including some old classes from another project there was a lot of work to bring everything up to date. Recent work has been sorting out serialization related stuff for actors within a level. I've never had to handle things before where you have a level at an initial state and then it's possible the player has saved the game and you want to reload from there. Other assorted things I've looked at the past few months: * I haven't dealt with tile collisions in years and some work was needed to handle collisions with multiple tiles. * Have an actor follow a set of tile waypoints. * Trigger an actor to follow a set of waypoints after completing a conversation * Attaching clothing to actors, paper doll style. * Defining a character using a text file and loading that file.
  9. Ah, I see it now. It's weird because I was looking to find something on the page to click on but I did not notice the button at all. I think maybe I figured it was for an ad so I discounted it as a way to get to the article.
  10. The collection of links to articles in the Beginner Resources section is nice. But it seems that the submitted URLs aren't conveniently linkified for my laziness. Actually, if I'm accessing the page from my phone, it's pretty inconvenient to use the URL. If it's not easy to do stuff with the URL field, is there any way to suggest somewhere on the submit page to manually add the hyperlink in the description body? Or at least maybe edit the current description bodies to include a hyperlink in the hopes that others end up following the convention? Also, with the URL text being gray it kinda blends in.
  11. kseh

    Eagles vs Wizards

    Inspired by the works of a duo of concept artists (W & J) for two separate games, Eagles vs Wizards (or Monsters vs Wizards) is a basic platform action game where the player takes the roll of a wizard, armed with powerful magic missiles, on a quest to collect treasure in a dangerous land populated with three eyed monster sentries and eagles that will never relent in their attack. The project has been built using a trial version of Game Maker 2. A key factor in deciding to go with GM2 was the ability for the concept artists to be able to later go into the project and conveniently build additional levels. They are very excited to see their vision come to life and are looking forward to designing additional elements to the game. However, as team lead and sole programmer, I may need to put this project on the back burner depending on other projects and whether the team needs to be repeatedly reminded it's a school night and they need to sleep.
  12. kseh

    Kids Coloring Book Mobile Games

    If I feel like I have to supervise my kids while they play a game, well that doesn't mean I won't do it but it's a sure thing the kids will be playing the game less. I just don't always have time to watch them carefully. I am of course just one parent and I make decisions I think are best for my kids. I'm aware what I do doesn't work for everybody. Proper demographic research will serve you better than just one or two opinions. Maybe some research is needed on how these ads are presented and what you can do. Like, are the ads that you're seeing because it's your device? Can you tune what type of ads are shown? Personally, I cant think of a particular way off the top of my head that I would approach monetization of a coloring book app.
  13. kseh

    Kids Coloring Book Mobile Games

    In general my kids haven't played too much with the one coloring book app (on my phone) that happens to be part of a package of other games I have. The few times I've seen them play it I tend to hear complaints about it being too difficult to select the colors that they want. So I recommend focusing on keeping the UI easy to use rather than making it cute. They know that there's assorted pictures that they can color but they don't seem too interested. Some of that may be the UI again. The game package happens to include a "find it" game where the image starts out uncolored and colorizes the objects that you find. They've have on occasion played this game a few times in succession. The game package has a few games that have no music at all but sound effects are still used. Personally, I'm highly cautious about my kids playing games with ads. Think carefully if you plan on adding them in. Banners take up valuable space you could be using for your UI and although I am concerned about my kids accidentally buying or just wanting things, I worry more about a video commercial's content being appropriate for them. I seem to remember playing coloring games when I was a kid. If I remember right, the amount of time I had available to play anything was a factor. I enjoyed seeing the picture evolve as I filled in spaces but it would take quite awhile to work on the pictures. Too quick and it wasn't worth it. Too long and I'd run out of time. And if I knew I'd run out of time, I'd rather play something else rather than start. It was also highly frustrating when a floodfill would find some little space to get out of and fill an area I didn't want it to. I myself tried some kind of fractal coloring app maybe a year ago or so. I didn't play it long I think partly due to UI frustrations and that floodfill problem again.
  14. I will say organizational skills. While what we write very closely resembles algebra, if it's not organized very well it will be difficult for you or other programmers to come back to what you've written (assuming they can find the relevant piece), understand it, and reuse it.
  15. So... a game with a fighting mechanic at it's center and the player goes up or down rank depending on wins and losses. Seems to me the player's primary goal will be simply to become number 1. Somewhere in there you'll probably be trying to make the various battles interesting through the introduction of characters with different skills or abilities. Maybe there's back story to those characters that takes your plot somewhere. Maybe the environment you fight in comes into play somehow and can be expanded upon in some way.
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