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  1. What game types require zero animation

    Assuming you have no problem using single frames of graphics and potentially moving it around: Scrolling shooters. Card games (collectable or traditional) Board games Trading/Entrepreneur games (buy low sell high) Strategy games. You could do Pac-Man or a (similar) without any animations but the graphics on that are pretty simple to draw yourself you might as well animate it. There are assorted empire builder or entrepreneur games where pretty much all you see is static graphics on a few screens and the player clicks buttons to engage in various actions.
  2. Rpg magic alternatives

    In 1880, it was discovered that certain crystals when put under pressure generate small amounts of electricity as well as under go a small size change when subjected to electricity. Add in that passing electricity through other chemical agents can result in predictable and measurable flows of electricity and build a mathematically based understanding of how that flow can be used to represent meaningful information and you have the (very simplified) basics of quite a bit of our modern technology. What if the effect wasn't so small? What if instead of electricity it was some other natural force?
  3. Any thoughts on judging, responsibilities, or generally what's expected from a person that posts a challenge? It should be obvious that the one submitting the challenge would reply back to anyone who makes a submission but life happens, time passes, and things get neglected when the novelty wears off. edit: Sorry, just noticed that Khawk already answered that.
  4. I'm not at all clear on what a "challenge" is supposed to be. Is it supposed to be like "Make a clone," or "Create something using theme X", or "implement this particular element of a game using X", or all of the above, or something else?
  5. Starting A Game Development Blog

    What is it in particular that you're hoping to learn? I don't have any professional writing experience myself. I pretty much just write whatever in my developer journal that I feel like sharing about the projects I'm working on. The only thing that I might recommend would be to have a general plan about what you intend to posting and how frequently. It seems to me that if you keep a consistent format and schedule then preparing your content should be easier for each post. If the blog is indeed only for you to motivate yourself then write whatever you need to do just that. However attracting and keeping an audience's interest in your project would be another matter, particularly if you're hoping that one day it's going to translate into sales.
  6. What exactly is your dungeon supposed to be? A crypt, a prison, a castle, a cave? Since the floor is tiled and so clean it kinda makes me think it's some kind of temple or maybe a lab facility. Depending on what type of dungeons you'll be providing, maybe add some small items or details that either make the place look like it's being lived in or hasn't been lived in for some time. I'm also wondering how the third image might look if the floor looked more like the dirt from your second image.
  7. I rather liked the Experimental Gameplay Project site. I imagine the explanation on the about page is something like what you're figuring, " The project started in Spring 2005 with the goal of discovering and rapidly prototyping as many new forms of gameplay as possible." http://experimentalgameplay.com/ http://experimentalgameplay.com/blog/about/ Also, if you're looking to get more comfortable with game jams why not take a stab at past jam themes that were originally intended for fast turn around time? http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludumdare/ I would expect that there's random theme generators out there as well, although personally I would rather have other projects to do self comparison with.
  8. When combat in RPGs where is not dependent on the motor skills of the player, I believe the combat comes down to resource management. Your main resource that you're trying to maintain is your Life Points. The various means that you have at your disposal to reduce your opponents life or support your own may have some limited number of uses or require consideration for the time it takes to implement their use (for example, you get one attack per turn). A "To Hit" chance would then in effect become a rate of depletion, particularly on the Life Points. In balancing a game, a designer's job is to determine expected rates of depletion for life points and other resources as the player moves his character from one location to another where presumably an opportunity will be provided to replenish resources and plan for the next leg of the journey. Character progression in some ways increases the resources and options available to the player and thus opens the player to a number of ways to resolve combat, making it more interesting as the player progresses. However the balancing of the battles between two points is still about achieving the same effect which is finding a good rate of depletion of player resources as he progresses from one point to another.
  9. random selection of array elements

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong or if this is a terrible idea. It seemed to work in excel. Largest number gets 50% chance and each following number gets half the chance of the previous. The actual numbers in the array are not important. You would reach a limit to how many potential numbers can be selected quite quickly though. Count the number of items in your list. MaxRandValue = 2^arrayElementCount ra = rand()%MaxRandValue index = log10(ra)/log10(2) return array[index]
  10. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Congratulations to Dmatter and thanks again to Slicer4Ever, the judges, and everyone that made this event possible. Also thanks to Riuthamus for the video reviews. It was really cool to get your thoughts and reactions from an initial play through. I didn't watch the entire video but seeing the total time coming to about 4.5 hours helps put into perspective how much time is involved looking at all these entries. It's interesting the way that revelation of the theme and pressures of time can throw any preconceived notions of how things are going to go right out the window. I think I had more difficulty with both those this year and yet it seems that my score this year is quite similar to last year's so I'm wondering what to take away from that.
  11. Dare to be... unoriginal?

    I also talked with a consultant friend, several years back, looking for advice how to proceed with a project I was starting on. She asked a simple question, "What are you actually trying to do?". I've heard the question around here a few times as well. Your approach to projects should be different depending on your primary goal. Are you trying to: start a business, get rich on just one product, become famous, create something innovative, create something artistic, have fun making something. What is it that you really want?
  12. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Final thoughts on my entry. I hope that I'm not pointing out the flaws that I see in it too early. Also, I realized that I forgot to include license information with my submission zip file. The music credit is on the splash as I understand was required by the artist but libraries, fonts, tools used and stuff aren't anywhere. I do have that information with my source code though. Do I need to be concerned about getting it in some way at this point?
  13. So WOA V has come and gone. My submission was supplied just barely under the wire, flaws and all. Over all, I'm fairly happy with my submission and I don't really want to point out all the assorted negative things to the judges that I see when I look at it but those are the things that I had hoped to find and learn from by entering. Thanks to everyone for making this jam possible. To our hosts at GD.net for providing the venue, to Slicer for setting up and running the show, to the judges, and to the participants. This all is a very different experience than just coding whatever I want at my own pace with no worries about bringing assorted features together to serve a purpose. Things that went well: I was able to submit something. I'm generally happy with my submission. I had fun. While there was a need to quickly hack together some bits of code to make stuff work, the majority of the code changes needed to the base engine felt much less like a hack and more like a natural extension of the code than last year's attempt. I consider this a really nice personal success. Avoided energy drinks on the late night development sessions and thus no post project migraines. Level editing stuff that I did put together worked ok. You can actually still add in some stuff if you right click (should've turned that off for release, I suppose). Things that just sort of went: I spent more time this year on a main menu and on having a few levels to play. And with having a few levels to play I figured it'd be a good idea to allow for which one the player would like to start from and to put a small break in between levels. This all took up one of the late night dev sessions I had available to me. I wonder a little how things might've turned out if I had left these details and instead focused on other things. Things to learn from or think about: I struggled with figuring out what to do with the theme more than I had hoped. I ended up just with starting to work on small bits and hoped that an idea would come together, which it actually did in the end. Level creation/editing is something that I found to be like smacking into a brick wall. This is likely to be my focus for the next several months, particularly since I'm at the stage of needing to look in this area for another personal project. I had hoped to write more about my progress each day but I just didn't end up leaving enough time at the end of each dev session and was way too tired. Could've planned time better. (hiding some flaws from judges) I tell myself that I'd like to do some finishing work on this when I have time to sort of bring it all closer to the point that I had envisioned. But I do have another personal project that I'd like to get back to. I'm not sure yet on what would be the best way to take things forward from this project into the other one. But eventually, forward it will go.
  14. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    The community reviews are pretty cool. However would it be possible to have it ignore null score values when calculating the average? It appears at the moment that if a score is left blank it's bringing down the average.
  15. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Here's a link to my submission. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Q81-JW_FJJTTVhMmFoQU9KOVk/view?usp=sharing Lots of very very last minute level editing and little bug catches. Gonna have to write the blog update tomorrow. Congratulations to all the teams.