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  1. Thanks guys I'll check the SDL thing out later.
  2. Hey, I am using OpenGL and C++ I have a 256 by 256 image and some magenta areas and I want this character to only go where there is no magenta color. Is there a function or program that can calculate where the colors are and be able to base collision detection from that?
  3. I'm doing a project on creating a scenery filled with characters. The Catch? : It's over Romeo and Juliet. For those who have not heard of the story Romeo and Juliet please ignore this and read on. I need two animated human models: Juliet- Human model (female) Yellow long hair white dress --Animation consists of her waving her arms like she's talking Romeo- Human model (male) brown short hair tan outfit --Animation consists of him sticking his arms into the air It would be great if someone could also put it into .MD2 format Thank you so much.
  4. Okay. I am working on a megaman battle network fan game and I'm stuck with a little problem: the overworld. I've created arrays to place tiles wherethe X and Y coordinances are which works fine. My character also moves fine, but he won't stay in the given coordinances of the tiles. Heres the coordinances: /*Tryout area.*/ MapData1.type = 2; //bottom layer MapData1.X[0] = -4; MapData1.X[1] = -4; MapData1.Y[0] = -2; MapData1.Y[1] = -1; //middle layer MapData1.X[2] = -4; MapData1.X[3] = -3; MapData1.Y[2] = 0; MapData1.Y[3] = 0; MapData1.X[4] = -2; MapData1.X[5] = -1; MapData1.Y[4] = 0; MapData1.Y[5] = 0; //top layer MapData1.X[6] = -1; MapData1.X[7] = -1; MapData1.Y[6] = 1; MapData1.Y[7] = 2; The tiles are then place perfectly, but I want my character to only wlak across these tiles. I've used this function to make sure this happens. It works, but not well at all: void Move(bool x, bool y, bool neg) { static int ix=0; static int iy=0; if(x && neg) { ix +=1; if(MapData1.X[ix] < MapData1.X[ix+1] && walkx >= MapData1.X[ix]) { b_walkx1 = true; } else { b_walkx1 = false; } } else if(x && !neg) { ix-=1; if(MapData1.X[ix] > MapData1.X[ix-1] && walkx <= MapData1.X[ix]) { b_walkx2 = true; } else { b_walkx2 = false; } } if (y && neg) { iy +=1; //The iy stage, or the index of y IofY if(MapData1.Y[iy] < MapData1.Y[iy+1] && walky >= MapData1.Y[iy]) { b_walky1 = true; } else { b_walky1 = false; } } else if(y && !neg) { iy-=1; if(MapData1.Y[iy] > MapData1.Y[iy-1] && walky <= MapData1.Y[iy]) { b_walky2 = true; } else { b_walky2 = false; } } if(ix<=0){ix=0;}if(ix>=7){ix=7;} if(iy<=0){iy=0;}if(iy>=7){iy=7;} } By looking at this, I'm trying to check to see if the next space the character will move in will be a tile or not. If so, it moves ahead by setting the b_walk*(x,y|1,2) to true or false. My results are the haracter moves, but sometimes won't go back to the last spot or the character moves too far and keeps going. I really need help with this since I've been working on this for a month now and i'm sure one of you esquisite programmers who are far more better than me would kindly help. If you do help solve this problem, I will add you to the credits. ~Thank you ~Axesor (website url for project: www.atfreeforum.com/pcn)
  5. Me and my friend are trying to make a game, but we need models. Can someone make the following .md2 models: Legs - animated (walking) upperbody arms - animated (sword swinging and other) A head (Not a circle please, use something creative) If someone could do that, this would be awesome, if you don't have time cn someone tell me where to get a program to make .md2 models? Thank you.
  6. Axesor

    Place and drop paths. Need help.

    It also needs to see if a tile is next to that tile so the tile you are currently standing on will allow you to move ahead. Like: [0][1][2] ------[3] Tile0 is -4x and 0y and tile1 is -3x and 0y. So the test needs to see if that tile is next to somehting else so that the 0.5x0.5 player can move across the 1x1 tile without being stopeed until it reaches an end.
  7. I'm trying to program a path in which my program reads this data and places squares into the path where the charqcter moves in. Here's the path: /*Tryout area.*/ MapData1.type = 2; //bottom layer MapData1.X[0] = -4; MapData1.X[1] = -4; MapData1.Y[0] = -2; MapData1.Y[1] = -1; //middle layer MapData1.X[2] = -4; MapData1.X[3] = -3; MapData1.Y[2] = 0; MapData1.Y[3] = 0; MapData1.X[4] = -2; MapData1.X[5] = -1; MapData1.Y[4] = 0; MapData1.Y[5] = 0; //top layer MapData1.X[6] = -1; MapData1.X[7] = -1; MapData1.Y[6] = 1; MapData1.Y[7] = 2; Then in the program it places 1x1 squares down in posistion (x * 0.6f and y * 0.5f gives the squares exact position I needed). When my character moves, I need it to chack those- currently- 7 areas and see if my charatcer moves on them. They are not the walls to avoid, they are the path to walk on and only them. The character moves by walky and walkx (-0.01f and +0.01f) and is also 1x1 scaled down to about 0.5 x 0.6? Thank you for answering this hard problem and if you help, I will put you into the game credits. For more information (As I did not give much) go to www.atfreeforum.com/pcn to see the project in making. ~Axesor
  8. I'm not sure weather this is in the right topic or not, so if you know where it belongs, please change this. I am making a game and something struct me. As simple and small the level was, my game reached 4.51 MB. Should I be worried or is this small compared to other games? How large do your games get?
  9. Axesor

    File reading

    Unfortunately, this is the result: 1 1 "lgrenade.bmp" 90 "lgrenade.bmp" 2 "lgrenade.bmp" 2 "hbuster.bmp" 20 "hbuster.bmp" Press any key to continue Not what I expected :)
  10. Axesor

    File reading

    I'm using C++ and OpenGL. The file will change alot, so I need it to be like that.
  11. Axesor

    File reading

    Thank you so much. I hope it works. I'll try it out later.
  12. I know reading files is simple. My file I want my game to read is a bit more complicated. Here's what the file looks like: type = 1! file = "gun.bmp"! effect = 30! type = 2! file = "ammo.bmp"! effect = 20* I need a program that will read the first line and search for "type = %d" and it will copy the number after the '='. The ! means that is all for the first line and it needs to skip down and search for the word "file = " and the program will copy don the file location. It will once again skip down to "effect = " and do the same thing. I need the program to keep looping until it hits the symbol '*', then it exits the app. Does anyone know how to do this or has a better way of doing so? Help is very much appreciated. Axesor
  13. I think both ideas would be useful and come out with the same (or better) results. Here's the question: Which one uses up more bytes? The one with the less bytes is the one I would go for.
  14. Axesor

    Hello, and whaddya think? lol

    It is. If I'm correct, you could use something like this to make a fadein/fadeout technique. It's just that it is probrably something people have already thought of or done. But don't let that get you down! Find different things to do neat stuff with. You'll learn new tricks and get better!
  15. Axesor

    Masking and dept problems

    The program makes the masked object first to last and last shall be first. So if you make the masked object the first thing in your Rendering code, it will be on the very bottom, yet if it is the last thing drawn; it shall be on top.
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