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  1. rouncer

    some stuff about robots

    i just got a new idea!   What if you nanotube radioed your digital brain cells together, gets over the wiring problem, youd need enough units to run multiple tests at once.
  2. rouncer

    some stuff about robots

    heres an explanation of a self programming robot  
  3. rouncer

    some stuff about robots

    everything I said is a fact, your not ready to accept.
  4. Ive put a lot of thought into this area, and ive got this beginning self programming system going, but when it comes to making the sensors, you realize once youve got those, you dont really need to make them self program, you just code the animation yourself manually.   a) stereo cameras make the most awesome sensors for hardwired automonous death bots, and you can make them now if you are really that bloody crazy.  but then its a program in control.   b) telepathic control of robots.  this makes decent full body virtual reality possible (in a chair), and alot of other things.   its still in its infancy alot of places, maybe not everywhere, and is a big part of the future. will be big for movies, lots of things.  any invasive method i am completely against. I always wondered how well you could spacially match a kinect up to an eeg, with a net.   Imagine the "robo bank robber" and thats what he used to do. hehehe     c) self programming robots have to most potential (only in the end) for all terrain, and carrying out an actual possibly somewhat interesting conversation, that other robots would be too predictable,  they are slightly more unpredictable. they are the smartest ones, out of them all.  and thats the one i want to make.  but the only interactivity it has is just treating you like a foe at this stage, no real communication happening, and it goes really slow.
  5. rouncer

    State Machine

    forgive me if everyone already knows this :), I typed this out before I read enough of the posts, but I like it so im going to leave it.   I think really generally about things, and state machine, behaviour tree, scoring program,  they all do the same thing, they are a commander, you do them all slightly different ways I guess.   Even an adaptive self programming robot has a state machine or something like it, controlling his global will, so they are cool, just they handle the actual way to achieve the broader goal, and the low level implementation is left variable for it to work out the exact way to win given the circumstance.  Thats what im into at the moment.   The state machine you have to write has to include every minute detail of implementation,  but a cool way to do it, is to leave the actual low level code to a call from the main supervisor,  like so:        MAIN SUPERVISOR  ->  if(happy) walk to blue light,  if(sad) walk to green light                                       SECONDARY LEVEL -> find position of thing walking to, send to movement code.   MOVEMENT CODE -> deal with obstacles, move legs over tough terrain, and get to the position.     Breaking it up into modules makes a really hard job easier, especially if you worked for NASA, making some automonous planet rover. A self programming bot isnt really necessary, a manually coded one works fine, and uses a much smaller processor, but as im into ai hardcore, its a more worthwhile goal to me.
  6. rouncer


    how many programmers even know how ac current works, from the magnet to the transformer to the diodes.   and quantum physics, i know nothing about, if I thought anything about Einstien's theory id be completely without any standard of knowledge to contest anything.  You forgot how important it was to be a plumber, not all this high level c code that depends on the entire development of technology I know nothing about.
  7. rouncer

    Gamedev video log (youtube)

    keep going, looks pretty cool. these things take SO MUCH WORK!! arrrrr
  8. rouncer

    What gets you motivated to code?

    Part of your creative repertoire, is being able to come up with programs that are fun, interesting, with a small code base... like flappy bird I guess, but obviously something new and novel that hasn't been done or failing that it comes to making modules that are interesting in themselves, that could be a part of a whole, if you get that far.   AI fits that category, I think, Simple neural nets don't have to be that big, especially if they just based upon random development, and that is what I'm doing that the moment, even though mines looking like 20 functions, once all the local minima/maxima is detecting it may be pretty big, but I don't mind, because I've been planning it for so long (I can remember thinking about it 4 years ago), and desperation is going to lead me to finally finish it.   When Ectara said despair, I'm afraid sometimes that's the truth.  No pain, no gain.
  9. rouncer


    I feel like I cant think properly, I have an ill mind and it doesn't help it. I can manage small things at a time quite successfully though, and that's how I have to live, understanding one thing and the rest a complete mystery I have to rely upon others to understand for me.     Which I know is not good enough, i'm left possibly a victim of a charlatan,  Sometimes I wonder, if even god takes advantage of my ignorance, for example what if my computer could actually go 10000000 times faster than what I think it goes like, because its been dampened in power, for no reason.   Because god is taken advantage of things I dont know.  You have to rely apon others, like the visiting plumber, the doctor, here and there, they know things you dont know.     The small things I handle is my software programming knowledge, which I know other people must trust me for, my conscience would never let me knowingly take advantage but my fears are other people will do it to me.  I don't trust anyone.   how smart does that sound, not very, but its honest. I think there is a word for this idea, like specialistism, or something. its disturbing.     There is a solution though, put some effort into learning how things work yourself, no matter how disgusted or disinterested you are in the subject, what makes it interesting, is the fact that its important to your existence, or you wouldn't be worried about it, then you can battle against your own ignorance.   This idea was present in "cube" that interesting and clever low budget(ish) sci fi movie. where one of the members in the movie built the outside of the giant trap they were in, but didnt know what it was even for.
  10. i (as in myself) wouldnt use neat, i dont believe in genetic algorythms.   What I would do, is put some "sight" into a set of inputs, like your doing now, with those hairs,  its best it always knew where the opponent was, maybe even what part of the screen he was.  the difficult thing would hes only aware of some of the lines there.   If youd like to do it like this yet still speculation of mine ->   now youve got that,  just randomize a function that leads to left and right directions.   ok, if you do that, youll have to wait ten million years for him to learn a single step,  cause you cant justify any of its learning yet.   its based apon success of wins, so youd have to wait for a whole game to finish to even judge a single randomization.   what you have to do is form a rule for your play, in the form of a function watching your outputs, but giving you the sight that he has,  cause he pretends you play like him, except you cheat and see the whole thing in detail.   ok, to actually justify the mutation, you have to play games in high speed of him, and the function that is "dummying" you,  the more you speed it up the quicker hell be able to justify its behaviour as successful or a failure.  the length of time it takes for him to lose or win (on a pole) would be how you would score it.
  11. ive just drawn up my maths parts, and im just about to go detect a function.  ill come back with my preliminary results.  im not sure about anything.     heres my 12 parts, am i missing anything?   //conditional #define PART_CLAMP      0    //this is my deactivation switch, required for multistate in a single numerical pipe.   //exponents and bases #define PART_POWER      1    //2 inputs  #define PART_EXP        2    //2 inputs   - this is discovering the exponent of a given base. #define PART_BASE       3    //2 inputs  - this is discovering the base of a given exponent.   //4 preschool arithmetic #define PART_SCALE      4    #define PART_BIAS       5   #define PART_POLARITY   6    //swap pole. #define PART_INVERT     7    //swap division bar.   //4 specialist vector scalars   (direct x  opengl stuff) #define PART_DOT        8    #define PART_CROSS      9 #define PART_NORMALIZE  10 #define PART_MAGNITUDE  11 
  12. rouncer

    Human-like Chess AI

    i think evolving chess is more interesting for me, than trying to be human, which i think that everyone wouldn't succeed at, for the time being, but may be wrong.
  13. rouncer

    Alan Turing

    watson is more amazing already, it just answers single word questions thats all,  but you could make it talk i bet.  (maybe it goes through a simple resigme of behaviour tho)
  14. ok, if you manage to pull objects apart of your 3d depth eye. (which cant be that hard alot of the time)   any identified object, can have a backpropagation of its relative values of its sorrounding environment, to its movement.   that way you can now 'pretend' your other things.   then you can randomize a calculus transform of relative variables to the environment again to the motor outputs of the creature...  and if you can pretend what the other things do, you can simulate as fast as you want and develop a real physical solution to the problem its having with other moving objects.   you can supply more and more power, to the randomizer, i dont know how good random can develop successful behaviour... depends on how you score it definitely.
  15. rouncer


    Jbaddams, all 3 posts are the same idea, im just slowly developing the implementation,  they are non contradictory, just said at different levels of realization, maybe im wrong for telling fibs before ive prooven it works, like its no use to anyone, no matter how much i think it works.     Its just I love ai the most, if I could make my game play itself with symbolic concepts, and even generate athletic liquid motor at the same time, I could play his brain like a video game at the end and be happy with my life achievement.   im sure harder things have been done.       I thought some more about it... but anyone can think about this if they want. (i have no genius complex, i feel a little foolish actually)   And, just say youve compressed analyzed a stream into packets of common repetitions, and these in a hierarchy.   just say you set up a further grouping system, which can group all up the hierarchy in a single group if it wants, and these groups connect with inclusive and disclusive and even xor connections, which then fire if its recorded that if that logic group comes up - its definitely going to bring up a motivator or demotivator.   then you just get relations of those relations, and relations of those relations. a cat in a hat in cat in a hat in a cat a hat, persay.   then hopefully, your robot sees another robot get run over by a car, and it triggers a demotivator, because it connected logic gate pointer to logic gate pointer, to some bad moment it experienced,  thats the idea, after all the correlations between all sprites, has been discovered, then it knows if its to be done or avoided, without all the time having to fail at it first, exactly, if it develops a relation pointer instead.   and its these correlations which supervise the motor,  judge it good, to be an accepted change, that means appropriate correlations came up, or judge it shit, a terrible motor example... because either no good correlations were there, or a bad correlation was there.   do you think it has potential?  the robots brain is just on record.
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