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    Thank you! Now I think I start build better design document -_-' And bout theme night ideas you told, I was thinking to make it possible to do it so you can choose from few main theme when you start your "club" like "Old skool disco" "Metal hell" "Hippy happy bubble pop (-_-')" And ofcourse my favorite "Rave paradise!"
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    Hehee, thank you. Havn't even thought that one! And it is quite important! More ideas are more than welcome.
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    Ok I got pretty neat idea (yet again one!). Main idea is (surprisingly?) get your nightclub (in this particular case) running and make money. Problem is what BG managements I need to do, any ideas? I got something like, customers happyness, how drunken they are what kind of drinks they like to drink what snacks they want. Then maybe how much booze/snacks you have how much each bottle costs, how much per drink costs and how much you need to ask from it. How much you have to pay to your employees per night? Do you hire bands or every boys favority cage strippers! Any ideas? p.s. Please don't mind typos/grammar mistakes I hate em my self and what I hate more is ppl who tells me bout em :)
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