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  1. I have been trying to add joystick support, now I have everything working but my lack of having an up function similar to glutKeyboardUpFunc is hindering me for the joypad buttons. Is there a quick solution for this?
  2. I have been trying to add joystick support, now I have everything working but my lack of having an up function similar to glutKeyboardUpFunc is hindering me for the button presses. Is there a quick solution for this?
  3. I have had no luck in working out how to use any of those libaries so I am back to using playsound. Now this would be perfect for me if there was anyway to play more than one sound at once. PlaySound("ugh.wav",0,SND_FILENAME|SND_ASYNC|SND_NODEFAULT); I am currently using that line. Is there any way to get this to do what I want or is it hopeless?
  4. I was just checking out both of them, but it is hard to find out quickly how much code it takes to simply load and play one simple sound. Could you guys let me know?
  5. Hi, I am currently at a stage where I am ready to add audio to the game I am creating. I am currently using mmsystem and playsound to play my sound, however as you will know this is limited. Whats another way to add sound that I can have more controll over? Also I am looking for a way to change the icon of the exe I create, how would I do that?
  6. Groberts

    white outline around certain tgas.

    I am using GIMP to add transparency. By selecting add alpha layer to my pre drawn bmps. Then by hand I erase the background by hand using the eraser. As setting colour to alpha causes different problems.
  7. Groberts

    white outline around certain tgas.

    yeah I ment to say that is the obvious solution but its not :( there is no outline after the black line in the files and I can make that white border any colour by changing the quad colour.
  8. I am currently using a tga loader to load up some tgas I have created with transparency. I have a problem that random tgas that I will create from bmps will have a white outline to them and I can't figure out why it is doing it. I am sure its a silly problem with the way I make the tgas and not the code but I am not sure. Can anyone fill me in? Here is an example
  9. I was looking at the tutorial for loading the milkshape models but the new version of milkshape doesnt seem to open the included model and the code won't load the new models I can make. So does anyone either have a old version of milkshape that I can use with this tutorial or a new model loader source code?
  10. Groberts

    Simple RotateF problem [now with program link]

    yeh mate new tutorials are allways good. If anyone is interested in my actual program. Here it is. All started from nehe lesson 5 and using no fancy vector maths. Which is why I am keen to avoid using them now for something so simple. Click here to download my little prog!
  11. Groberts

    Simple RotateF problem [now with program link]

    Nice one for the reply its a nice way of looking at it, but does anyone know of a easier way?
  12. I am trying to use this code: glPushMatrix(); glEnable(GL_LIGHTING); glTranslatef(sphere_x,sphere_y,sphere_z); glRotatef(xspin,1.0f,0.0f,0.0); glRotatef(zspin,0.0f,0.0f,1.0); glEnable(GL_TEXTURE_2D); glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D,TextureArray[1]); glColor3f(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f); gluSphere(q, 0.35f, 32, 16); glPopMatrix(); the problem is that I am trying to rotate the ball when it moves in a certain direction. For example when it moves along the X the ball will rotate on its X axis to make it look like the ball was rolling. Now this is all fine for when the ball rolls along the X axis but when I move along the Z axis it rotates on the balls modified z. Not the Z of the scene. (Believe me its as hard to explain as it is to understand) Its like I need to load identity or something between the rotatefs but obviously this does not work. I am pretty much out of ideas at this point, can anyone help? [Edited by - Groberts on November 30, 2005 5:55:58 AM]
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