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  1. SyncViews - I want it to be server-less because I'm not interested in hosting anything. Then people can claim that I am controlling cards on my server. I guess I could just do normal tcp/ip but still how to protect the deck?
  2. I would like to make a black jack game. I want it to run a a local web server (asp.net, c#, iis express) for the game client (instead of a window with D3d). I also want to be able to let players play for real money but that would come later on in the design, but keeping that in mind. Regardless of the above platform, how would the design be? I was thinking I could use Gmail and send moves to the other players gmail account and the client would pick it up (so no need for firewall, server port routing, etc) But how would it work so that the Player hosting the game can't just read his DB/RAM/whatever and see what the Deck of Cards looks like? There should be a "dealer" that hosts the deck so the 2 players can't see it, but how would that work? I was thinking some kind of encryption but still the player hosting the game would see the whole deck.
  3. This is not really about game development, but I have created a tool, which I personally use all the time. I think it would be useful to others as well. It does not require Administrative privileges to install, but you might get prompted in Install Microsoft IIS Express (which is the web server that hosts the timerapp files on your computer) Timerapp is a website (web app) which runs on your computer locally, at the address “http://localhost:8080”. It is useful to have a bookmark to timerapp in your browser to help you stay productive at the office. Download here: https://andreizilla.github.io/timerapp/
  4. I am looking for a poker game to learn poker.   Requirements: - Can be paid (up to $5) OR free but with no ads - Can work offline   Something that should work on Android 4.4   All the programs I've tried are 1) Online only (play with other people), 2) have ads, or 3) crash right away.
  5. andreib

    WebGL image transition

    how do i delete thread?
  6. I have a page that uses this WebGL shader to make a transisiton from one image to another: https://glsl.io/transition/ee15128c2b87d0e74dee   All of my files, the JS and HTML and images, etc... I ziped here:https://app.box.com/s/ao03nu1lujly17ws74v1     I can't get the transision to transision from the size of the first image to the size of the next image. Right now it just stretches both images to the size of the canvas, no matter what the size of the image is.   I want it to  transition from one image size to the next smoothly using the progress counter as an aid to calculate the size.   If that can't be done, then I want to keep the aspect raitio of the images unchanged.     Can anyone give me any tips?   I am using this library for transisioning: https://github.com/glslio/glsl-transition   I used this as the starting point: github.com/glslio/glsl-transition-examples  (example1)
  7. Hello! I have just made a major update to my project website. This new update gives new features: - Visitors are auto-created a guest account which they can turn into a real account by setting a username/password - Ability to "Explorer Images" - look at all images uploaded with thumbnails - Ability to "tag" images. Every use can create their own tags for an image. - Users can browse different images based on tags. This lets you view images just of one tag.   The idea is that I want users to be able to upload Wallpapers, Funny Wallpapers, and Funny images... and if an image falls into 2 of those categories, then users can tags them and they will be displayed when browsing different tags. I have uploaded a few images to get it started / for an example of what tagging can do.   I am still working on making the site/project better and adding more features.   Again, the address is http://imagecollective.sf.net   Thanks
  8. Busy at work and working (out) at home after work
  9. Greetings! I have started a new project called "Image Collective". It is an open-source image sharing platform written in PHP.   The address is: http://imagecollective.sf.net   It is currently in an open-beta. This means I am trying to get as much traffic as possible to it and kind of to spread the word.   I just started the project. It is a project on Source Forge. I plan to develop it more this weekend. Even registering is not working right now but one can login with user admin password admin.       Thanks for looking!
  10. Yeah I considered Bidule, but their shareware trial is not available at this time. I think for my project, I have to create an AUGraph object inside my plugin and put my 3rd party UA in there. I think but not sure how to do it exact.
  11. I am using Mac and Xcode and the Core Audio framework to make an AU. I am a really newbie to Core Audio and I was wondering if someone can help me out with this project. I posted this question in another Mac programming forum, so I don't want to double post here. Here is my thread: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=15411003#post15411003 Thanks
  12. Yeah basically I am looking for a multiplayer networking engine that works in Silverlight, or something that is simular to the Unreal Tournament documents I linked above... some source code of that implementation would be helpful so I can port it to SL/F# please advice..
  13. andreib

    Entanglar: Multiplayer framework for .Net

    Hey is this project still active? I am interested in porting it to F# and Silverlight.
  14. http://forum.gpwiki.org/viewtopic.php?t=8163 http://devmaster.net/forums/topic/10063-entanglar-multiplayer-framework-for-net/ http://www.gamedev.net/topic/501551-entanglar-multiplayer-framework-for-net/ http://forums.indiegamer.com/showthread.php?15445-Entanglar-Transparant-multiplayer-now-with-added-renderer! I am looking for THAT project!!!!! But it is now dead for some reason. Is there a similar project? Thanks
  15. I am trying to make a real-time multiplayer game using Microsoft Silverlight as the client platform and the F# as the primary language. The server will be a windows service. I want to use the same networking techniques used in the Unreal engine. It is described here http://udn.epicgames...ngOverview.html and more here http://udn.epicgames...cationHome.html I don't want to implement all this stuff from the ground up... so I want examples of this already working... with full source code so that I can make it work in Silverlight (.net compact profile). Are there any libraries that do this in Silverlight, or source code that I can port to Silverlight? Thanks.
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