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  1. Hi, Kada2k6... If you want, I'll love to help you to implement yor A* path finding, A* is most an abstract definition, you must apply it, to your problem, it works with a graph... nodes, could be anything, exactly like the paths between them. Then the data structure must be selected according to your needs... for a simple game, you can use just a matrix... and then you must run your A* algorithm with a simple heuristic, like Manhattan distance... I hope this help... with Smoke... SmokingMan
  2. SmokingMan

    Perceiving sensor system

    Well, I prefer B Option, i think, maybe depending on the game, the Bot don't need to know, always, what he is seeing... you must have a list of interest objects, a using listener them you must send a signal to the bot, when any (a least one) of this objects get in, or out of its line of sight. With that method I think the Bot may look more intelligent... always depending on the game... I Hope this help. With Smoke SmokingMan
  3. Well, we recommend too, "Programming Game AI by Example", there is anothe call "Game AI engine programming"... I can't remember the author... I the other hand... xEricx have right, in Game AI everything has their own application... however, pathfinding is a theme that we could try to develop something generic. with smoke... SmokingMan
  4. SmokingMan

    Fighting Games AI

    I need to find some good articles, about Fighting Games AI, ... I have thew book "AI for game developers", it have some things... but I want to read a bit more... or if any one could make and introduction to the theme... Regards... and thanx in advance... SmokingMan
  5. Hello: I'm trying to develop an AAS based Pathfinding Engine... Well, surely, you know about PathEngine, i want to make something like this, but using an 3D Areas World representation, something like de Quake III. Now, everything was ok, but now i have e problem, in Quake III are defined some Reachabilities (this reachabilities are predefined), and I need any help, any point of view on how can i define this reachabilities, with the posibilities that the user can define it's own reachabilities, accord with it's own game needs. For example, in a game with planes, you will need a Fly reachability (how you can define it), but if you are making a simple Shut'em Game, maybe you need Jump, Walk, Crouch rechabilities, but not Fly reachability. Thanx in advantage... "The best way to predict the future, is to invent it"
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