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  1. Hey Im an artists that is currently looking for a simple enough engine to learn either for moding or to build from near scratch thats right I want to learn some of the code monkey way. So was just looking for some Suggestions on where to start looking without having to dive right into the deep end of programing. Thanks for your time.
  2. Pelegrin

    Legal IP Laws

    i would love to send my resume to other companys in Perth but we are kind of the back water of games dev in australia this company is pretty much the only one here :(
  3. Pelegrin

    Legal IP Laws

    I am new to actually working in games dev and would just like to clarify some things I am currently doing "Work experience" for a company as a texture artist/ uvw mapper / level designer there is no contract between myself and the company regarding the work i am doing for them i have been here for 7 weeks already with the boos constantly saying he will hire me and then making excuses that remind me of the old "the dog ate my homework" talking about the lawyer the accountant etc what I want to know is if this all just turns out to be a scam to get free work from the work experience crew does the work I have done so far remain my intellectual property and am i free to tell him that hey may not use it for the Sony build or any other purpose.
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