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  1. zubair_khan

    Starting a game need tips

    Hi, I would also start with creating a team. (Unless it's a solo project) -Zubair-
  2. zubair_khan

    Making a game

    Even though some people say that you need to make 2D games before moving in to 3D, it is not really vital. because I started with 3D first, and Im almost finished with an engine with Half Life 2 style graphics. Cheers, -Zubair-
  3. zubair_khan

    Help with text based game

    Hey, If you need any help... mail me. Cheers, -Zubair-
  4. zubair_khan

    What should i learn ?

    Well, I learned Finite State Machines and THEN moved on to pathfinding. I don't use an algorithm for pathfinding, but I got my own "waypoint" system. (Maybe it is similar to a pathfinding algorithm that I don't know about.) If you need more info, feel free to mail me at: zubair@armyants-studio.com Cheers, -Zubair-
  5. zubair_khan

    AI used in the original black and white

    I heard that B&W has the most advanced AI to date... is it true?
  6. zubair_khan

    how do i get started

    Learn C and do some basic DOS programming.
  7. zubair_khan

    First person shooter AI

    Pathfinding has always been the toughest one for me. Try OpenSteer: http://opensteer.sourceforge.net Cheers, -Zubair-
  8. zubair_khan

    contracting for art and sound

    Well, our game development studio is based in Bangladesh, so it will probably be less than countries like UK and USA. It took us $3500 to get everything done. Cheers, -Zubair-
  9. zubair_khan

    Hope this source will help someone

    Wow. This is cool stuff!
  10. zubair_khan


    I think that you need to keep at least 10% of your in the non-tech side otherwise you will lose the creativity. But aside from that I think you should go into AI and Physics because they are the most technical and mathematical side of games. Cheers, -Zubair-
  11. zubair_khan

    AAS based Pathfinding Engine

    Could you please post some more information about PathEngine? Thanks, -Zubair-
  12. zubair_khan

    COmputer programmer: Career questions

    Hi, Where do you, specifically, work? what kind of programming is it? I work in Bangladesh in a company called Army Ants Studio. I am technical director and AI programmer. I mainly do administering job and ai programming. What kind of tools do you use? MS Visual C++ 6.0 are the people where you work "weird"? (strange or wacky, in a good way) one of them owns snakes... lol Are you allowed to be creative in what you do? I am the person who decides what the other programmers are allowed to do... so... i guess i am able to be creative... hehehe Finally, do you enjoy working where you do? i LOVE it! Cheers, -Zubair-
  13. zubair_khan

    2D Game Engine

    Why don't you try http://www.planet-source-code.com I tried some of them and they have some pretty good 2D Game Engines. Well, I don't know which language you are talking about because the ones there are mostly for Visual Basic. Cheers, -Zubair-
  14. I think you forgot to link some some library files (d3dx.lib, d3d9.lib, winmm.lib) -Zubair-
  15. zubair_khan

    what is?

    DirectX and OpenGL are both software with which you can do primitive drawing on your computer screen. Basically, they interact with the hardware, so that you can achieve great results with little bit of code (in comparison to the amount of code it would take you when interacting directly with the hardware.) -Zubair-
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