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  1. Random mind dump

    I have had fun floating point issues too: [url="http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10303762/0-0-0-0-0"]http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10303762/0-0-0-0-0[/url]
  2. Diablo 3

    Ha those were two separate comments. Yes, Act 4 Inferno is THAT bad. It is impossible! Normal, Nightmare, and Hell were all easy mode but then Inferno came along...
  3. Diablo 3

    It gave me CTS Pretty fun game but after I hit Act 4 Inferno, I quit.
  4. I am well aware of how Kickstarter works, I have had both a failed project and a successful project on it. I don't back projects without an in-depth break down of how the money will be used, as suggested in Kickstarter's own FAQ for starting a campaign. Which is why I asked, why that amount?
  5. Wow, why are you guys asking for so much??
  6. Advanced Mathematics for Computer Science

    On top of what everyone said, without a doubt take a graduate course in Neural Networks.
  7. Lemma Release 1!

    I will pay you to use your engine. Yes, please.
  8. LLVM... it LIVES!

    I was going to use it for a BASIC dialect I made a while back but I couldn't figure it out and the documentation wasn't of much help. :/ I might have to relook at it since you claim that it is so easy to use!
  9. 3D Platformer

    Let us try the demo! Source would be cool too, I have been itching to make the jump from 2d to 3d ;)
  10. Gentlemen... BEHOLD!

    Magic within this, there is. Confused, I am.
  11. Quick Epoch stuffs

    I like the look of the declarations without parentheses but I dont like how you are differentiating variable definitions and function calls. Not much of a comment but I figured I would give my opinion on the [i]look.[/i] Im looking forward to R12!
  12. Epoch Update of the Week

  13. The Making of Epoch, Part 3 - Prototyping

    I check gamedev like 5 times a day waiting for your next journal entry... EDIT: That came off a bit stalkerish. Hmmm. Anyways, recently I have fell in love with Python generators and C# lambda expressions, what is your opinion on such features in a language? Would Epoch ever support something like that or is just syntactic sugar that doesn't provide anything new?
  14. Epoch - quick status update

    On a side note, could you elaborate on how the VM works and give more information on the instruction set? It would come in handy for a personal project of mine that im working on at the moment. I cant even tell how a conditional statement works by looking at the assembly, POOL_STR if?
  15. Epoch - quick status update

    By the way, I just grabbed Release 11 and couldnt find a way to compile/run the code through Era. So instead I fired up EpochTools in the command line with the command, "/compile blah.epoch out.easm" and it said "Output: out.easm" but the file was no where to be found. I looked around and finally did a search and the only file that popped up was in my user\appdata\local\virtualstore... Is that functionality just broken?
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