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  1. Hi, is there anybody know how to convert from UTF7 to UTF8 in SDL, please teach me, Thanks
  2. How to rotate text or image using SDL??

    Yes, I rendering text on the screen by using SDL_ttf, I thinks that's good.
  3. How to rotate text or image using SDL??

    Hi all, Thanks so much for your answers. I have downed load SDL_gfx, but I think it is so complex for me to understand. By the way, is rotating an image different to rotating a string on screen. I realized that SDL_gfx just support for rotating an image. Is there another way???? Thanks
  4. I have written a simple program to display text and image on the SDL Screen. Now I want to rotate them in many orientation. So, Is there any simple method to do it?? Thank a lot. If someone know anymethod, can you contact me via my I am looking forward to hearing from you!!