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  1. Java book

    Although it's an oldie (2005), I still like: Killer game programming in Java It will take you by the hand to create different kind of games.
  2. NullPointerException Problem

    I always write a loop like that as:         String line = reader.readLine();         while (null != line) {             // Do you thing here             line = reader.readLine();         } So preventing extra checks
  3. Hi, When I Google for: embed resource in executable I get all kinds of examples for different IDE's Can you elaborate which IDE you use (if anything at all), language, tools etc.
  4. Input/Output between Java and C++

    Hi, Are the bytes in the right order. Are you sending bytes (8-bit) or 16-bit things?
  5. What was the first platform you started gaming on?

    TRS-80 Color computer (Tennis) MSX-1 (blagger, nemesis) MSX-2 (Vampire killer) 80486 (Ultima 7) Pentium 1, 3, 4 (Ultima 8, 9 some kings quest)
  6. Cheaper to buy from Amazon US than UK...

    If you order in the USA (from The Netherlands), some books are still shipped through amazon.de. Currently I order with other sellers through amazon.com. The secondhand books are well in shape and cheap. Besides that, other sellers are cheaper. Only you sometimes have the maximum shipping date.
  7. Game completed, free to download

    Hi, Quote:I tried to start it up, but it crashes mine computer. It seems this is my own fault, the drivers of my ATI X700 Pro were a year old [embarrass]. Now it's working like a charm. Sorry for all the hassle. I didn't thought they updated anything on such an "old" card. I like the game, looks great! Regard, EmmetjeGee
  8. Hi, You mean JAXB? Regards, EmmetjeGee
  9. Game completed, free to download

    Hi, I tried to start it up, but it crashes my computer. It crashes when I move the mouse in the main(?) screen (the one after loading with the green buttons). Should it work in XP? Regards, EmmetjeGee
  10. Game completed, free to download

    Hi, Do you know that the download link on your site points to the wrong directory? Regards, EmmetjeGee
  11. Shows you grew up with

    hi, You are all too young. I grew up with Swiebertje Get smart (I've seen cheers a thousand times, why can't they repeat Get smart) A-Team Cheers Knight Rider Inspector Gadget All in the family The dukes of Hazzard (drool, Daisy Duke The older the better ... I can't believe I said that, but better than Baywatch) Columbo Married with Children Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Home Improvement Star Trek The Flinstones Dexters Laboratory Ren & Stimpy Doctor Who Blakes 7 I still watch these: Simpsons Rocko's Modern Life pinky and the brain The nanny Dharma & Greg I'm feeling old, when do you stop growing up...? Regards, EmmetjeGee
  12. [java] timer in j2me

    Hi, You mean this? Regards, EmmetjeGee
  13. Hi, Threads don't know anything about classes. For the CPU everything in you code is just a function call. I think most people put some functionality in a thread. This means that multiple methods from multiple classes live are called in a thread. Obviously if you have multiple threads they can hurt each other by using the same variable a the same time. You have to synchronize your threads, so that only one thread can enter the same piece of code at one time. For your framework you can use a thread for sound, a thread for graphics, a thread for communication (sockets) etc. And remember, [google] is your friend. Some tutorials, but I don't know how good they are. Regards, EmmetjeGee
  14. Why don't you use the flag to sleep in the thread till it is necessary again?
  15. Hi, CVu and/or Overload regards, Michel Greve