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    MineSweeper Example

    Hi, I am already providing nearest mine and minesweeper to my system. Also current direction of minesweeper ... As for output, system returns two variable which are "sweepers left & right tracks" ... Any idea ? Do i have to provide all minesweeper locations ?
  2. Hello, I working on a minesweeper type project (ai-junki). It's mainly for my school presentation. But i couldn't manage to do "Evolve minesweepers that pick up the mines but avoid another type of object." step. Are there any solution or tips for this ? Article Link : http://www.ai-junkie.com/ann/evolved/nnt8.html I tried to supply closest minesweeper with closest mine to system. I incremented score when the sweeper finds a mine. I decremented score when the sweeper hits another sweeper. But it isnt working as intended ... Any suggestion ? Thanks
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