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  1. I've been working on prototyping a game based on a popular TV series. The network that airs it does (on their website) have games (flash) for some of their shows...none have any social aspects..single player with no persistence an most are fairly simplistic. Note that they don't make any money off these games (other than driving SOME additional web traffic and keeping people interested in their shows). I While I have most of the gameplay elements mapped out, I have enough of the key features demo-able to make a pretty good pitch (and yes, I've read the preparing-a-product-pitch faq). And I will admit, what I have so far is pretty neat and original. I'm hoping the end result is really fun to play. Currently targeting web-based (for easy facebook integration). I do want to add some social elements (facebook integration at least and possible multi-player) and definately a persistent game that allows you to pick up where you left off. My real question to y'all out there is how to pitch the money aspects.... I DO intend to finish the game on my own, regardless if I can get buy-in from this network. I can easily tweak so I am not stepping on any copyright toes... I have a full-time job, so regardless of any kind of funding, things will go slow...but funding would help me buy models/assistance I would otherwise have to create/code myself. I see only a couple options for the financial pitch: 1. Flat-fee upon completeion and hand-over (possibly more palitable to them as I have little real-world game development experience except for a single completed unpublished game) 2. partial funding up front and the rest upon completion. My real question is one of much is a 'casual' game with a TV tie-in with no monitization worth? (If I go off on my own with this, I can see some monetization options for it with in-game purchases). 5K? 10K? 50K? Nothing?