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    new() question

    In Visual C++ 2005, if I were to make an unlimited memory loop like this: while(1) { new int[1000]; } I would expect to eventually run out of memory. However, the program seems to be able to recycle memory, or reuse it somehow. Is it going into virtual memory? Or does VC++ 2005 have some form of rudimentary garbage collection?
  2. marinettimania

    Missiles in Pong

    Give it a shot man. Come on, it's a Pong clone. I'm assuming you are a beginner programmer, maybe this is an exercise to get the basics of software engineering down? Go ahead, try things out. If you wanna get crazy, put a toggle key in 'Ctrl-M' maybe that would turn missiles on or off, etc. You can't know how well something will work until you try it. Personally, I say if you're going to make a Pong clone you should do SOMETHING different to it, I'm not going to download a straight-forward Pong clone, there's nothing new there. If we were talking a massive 3D RTS then you'd have to be more strict about things, but play with this! It's just as fun to program as it is to play games, so play around already! Good luck :)
  3. marinettimania

    Where are all the good storylines?

    Quote:Original post by Way Walker Here's my opinion: they didn't get good until FFIV through FFVI. FFVII and FFVIII were steps down. FFIX and FFX redeemed the series a bit, but didn't reach the level of FFVI. FFT is probably the best of the bunch story-wise. FFMQ was as bad as FFI. If we're counting the GB games, then FFLII and FFA were also decent. FFLIII was ok, but FFLI was pretty bad. I haven't played anything after FFX nor have I played FFTA. Also, for the record, I grew up playing FFI, so this isn't a "people just like the first one they played" thing. Okay, we just have a difference of tastes. I actually agree that FFVI has a better story than FFVII, I just figured FFVII has a larger audience, and it was good enough to make my point anyway. I was actually disappointed with FFIX, I liked how they were experimenting with FFVII and FFVIII, trying new things, different interpretations of fantasy, etc. I love the wizard with the pointy hat, but he's a character who's been around for about 15 years. I like it when they try new things.
  4. marinettimania

    Where are all the good storylines?

    Yeah, when exactly was this heyday of storylines in videogames? The Final Fantasy series got it spot on for a couple incantations, but I think most of the power in the greatest of video game storylines came from honest, actual involvement in the lives of the characters. Why is the story in Final Fantasy 7 so good? Try to identify the specific elements that make it so good. Find enough individual elements that you think are grabbing to an audience, put them together, and you have (at least for you) a terrific storyline. For me, I found Cloud's quest for identity to be applicable to my own life when I was a teenager, even today, at the ripe old age of 24, identity is an illusive thing. Cloud also had a severe mental problem, which is a subject that I've always found fascinating. His quest for revenge after Sephiroth killed Aeris was satisfying - I wanted to get my hands on Sephiroth myself after that. These were all plot devices that molded the story into something that I found to be incredibly involving - it's probably my favorite story of any game I've ever played. Not that I'm suggesting you just steal from Final Fantasy. I think designers in general (especially storywriters) need to expand their horizons. What is your favorite Shakespeare play, for example? Hamlet? Macbeth? All's Well That Ends Well? (actually, it's probably not, that's one of Shakespeares weaker effort.) But Shakespeare is such a cliche in literature! John Ford was writing at the same time, but why don't we remember him? (not the director John Ford, by the way) He wrote a play called 'Tis Pity She's a Whore about an incestual relationship between a sister and brother, but doesn't condemn it. The brother ends up killing the sister's suitor and tearing his heart out. Is this good literature? Read it and judge for yourself! Also, the reason Shakespeare is considered such a good writer is because he really was - his plays capture elements of humanity and the grand themes of morality so well that they're still moving 400 years after the fact. We can empathize with Hamlet, the prince of Denmark whose father was killed by his uncle so the uncle could claim the throne, because the emotions that Hamlet feels - betrayal, revenge, pride - are emotions we can relate to. True, these stories are hidden behind "thee's" and "thou's" but that in no way diminishes their power. Storywriting - even for videogames - is more literary than technical. If you want to write better stories, you need to read as much as possible. Not that I'm critiquing you in general - this is the general you. that is to say, in 1600s english 'you' was the plural second person, whereas the singular second person was 'thou.' Did thou know that?
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