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  1.   I didn't know this, I'll check it right away.       It would be best, however I am running out of ideas. Thank you for your input.     EDIT: You were right, i quote: "Kickstarter cannot be used to fund software projects not run by the developers themselves."    So it is down to this: Follow steps: 1-7 Tom wrote, and hope that you are excessively lucky, or continue with development at all costs. Thanks you helped a lot.
  2.   This is exactly what happened, but since I haven't done anything like this before I assumed it wasn't standard procedure, so finaly I posted this tread to compare with more expirienced developers in this matter.       I wasn't going to promise anything until I was sure that I will find anyone to do the job. Acctually this was my plan: to contact some studio, elaborate in detail type of game, ask them to do some kind of financial construction, use that financial construction and add 25%(it is always something that I can't see), ask studio if it is acceptable, if answer is positive start the project. So no dishonesty here only the idea for game will decide if funding will be raised. However, I entirely agree with what you said, if I go other way around and try to start campain claiming that I will hire the studio, that will leave space for suspicion of completition the project. And that brought me to the first point that you also have mentioned, studios ask for your budget even before they saw your project.It is kind of loop.       When we started, we started  as team of volunteers with mutual agreement that even there is possibility of financial failute, game must see the light of day. However somethimes will and wisdom aren't enough. I havent decided wich course of action I will take but if game ever manage to see the light of day, I can promise you that I will write detailed manuel of how it was done.   Thank you for your thoughts, it was very encouraging to see that I wasn't wrong in everything.
  3.   How to do it (how I do it): 1. Analyze the marketplace and identify existing games that are similar in genre, platform, and scope to your project. 2. Collect information on the developers of those games. Determine which ones are not owned by a publisher or platform holder and are likely to be unconstrained from working with you. Obtain contact information (especially telephone). 3. Prepare a RFP, what I call a bid package. I described what goes into that in my chapter on Production in the book Introduction To Game Development. 4. Start telephoning.  Tell'em why you're calling (without going into detail about your game) and ask if they're available and interested. Several of the parties are likely to express unwillingness for a variety of reasons. Be polite and cross them off and keep calling others. 5. When someone expresses willingness to hear more, send him an NDA. When the NDA is signed, send the RFP. 6. When someone asks who else is bidding, I usually prefer not to divulge that information. 7. When you get the proposals back, look at not only the price but the other details as well. Are there hidden costs, is their schedule realistic, are their people right... sometimes a developer will propose using their A team, then when you get underway you have their B team.   So it's not a simple matter of "hey guys, give me some names."  You have to do the same thing I would do -- your homework.   Thanks Tom. as I said I have zero expirience so it is really nice to see such elaborated plan. I'll get right on it.
  4. Thanks Hodgman you have been most helpfull.
  5.   Thank you for your answer Hodgman, as for expirience I absolutely have none, so any answer here is very valuable to me , however one thing keeps troubling me, looking thru projects on kickstarter, many of them seems to match format of my own idea, and yet their development goal is set for apx. $50k, (I am particulalry talking about this guys: they already have one title behind them). Is it because they are complete team already, if it is so, wouldnt be possible to hire a studio for lets say +25%, $70K (or less even)?   thanks.
  6.   Thanks for replying, but I was aiming for another kind of answer. Assume that I can raise serious cash for a moment, can you recomend good game development studios  that will work on full game, provided screenplay and storyboard. Also I dont think anyone will tell his amount of money while truing to hire GD studio...right?
  7. Hi, can anyone recomend me good game development studios that will work on full game, provided screenplay and storyboard. Namely, I have PC RPG project, build up to little demo, and reached  to point where we can not continue without help. So I plan to start a kickstarter project to raise money to hire a studio.   thanks evereyone for your help
  8. mytre

    Death of Dennis Ritchie

    What is going on? First Steve Jobs now Dennis Ritchie? I guess Mayans were right, the end is coming. Rest in peace Dennis Ritchie, you were a giant..
  9. mytre

    Steve Jobs

    Great man. May he rest in peace.
  10. mytre

    Debate me about the bible

    First, I don't think that you are [color="#1C2837"]christian at all. I honestly think that you are hungry for attention, judging by the drama that emanate from every word in every sentence you've wrote. Second, and I believe that I say this in behalf on all the Christians: I don't care if you are homosexual, or heterosexual (just don't be anything deviant), and stop bring that up in hope that you will gain more follower that will agree with you opinion. [font="Arial"]Third, it is not possible that even heretic from page 1 that don't have absolutely any obligation to think about bible, to realize that "[color="#1c2837"]unless you follow him specifically, you will live eternity in hell.." is metaphor, and you as a Christian don't.[/font] [font="Arial"][color="#1c2837"]Fourth, this [/font][bquote][font="Arial"][color="#1c2837"]"[/font][color="#1C2837"]Should he goto hell? For what? For some minuscule sins? So the bible is saying, I could kill thousands of people, and ask for forgiveness with all my heart and be truly sorry, and from there be the best person I can be, then I will got[font="Arial"][color="#1C2837"]o heaven, but my friend who does nothing* wrong, tries to pleases people before him, will go to hell because he didn't believe in jesus in particular! Come on now, that does not sound like "god's words"."[/font][/bquote][font="Arial"][color="#1C2837"], looks like either, petty attempt to try to [color="#333333"]provoke members from different religions to take place in this otherwise hollow discussion, or lack of reading hours, members of are likely to have high IQ,you know?[/font] [font="Arial"][color="#333333"]Fifth, you are putting equivalence between Jesus and Bible way to easy, this is also one of the reasons for first claim.[/font] [font="Arial"][color="#333333"]Sixth you are looking for scientifically explainable religion?[/font] [font="Arial"][color="#333333"]Seventh, if you even bother to read Quran you would have surely noticed confirmation of Bible in it.[/font] [font="Arial"][color="#333333"]Eighth try to respect other religions, because you sometimes in them, can find confirmation of your own.[/font] [font="Arial"][color="#333333"]Ninth, you (and I for that matter) have much to learn from Roots's friend: see good in everything.[/font] [font="Arial"][color="#333333"]Tenth: to admins please ban religious posts. [/font]
  11. mytre

    Thousand apologies

    I've just realized what I've done, I've uploaded files without main file "FireRingDemo.cpp" . Thousand apologies to whoever have downloaded zipfile from previous entry. I am attaching "FireRingDemo.cpp" here.
  12. mytre

    Game under development.

    Screenshots from various stages of development
  13. mytre

    Proof God doesn't exist?

    Are some guns used to kill children(most disgusting thing I can think of)? Probably yes. Are some guns used to protect children? Also probably yes. Same principle of the Force can be applied with the teaching of Christianity, teaching is not bad nor good, it is how it is used. To us Christians really doesn't matter if proof of god exist, it is the faith that make us Christians. And another thing, how can you prove something beyond your comprehension?
  14. mytre

    Soft Particle Demo

  15. mytre

    Soft Particle demo

    Since I really don't know is this right place (I meant t[font="Arial"]he journal) to post this I'll just post it here. This code demonstrate soft particles in case anyone needs it, and is based on Frank Luna's "Fire Ring" demo from his book [size="2"]"[size="2"]Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct X 9.0c: A Shader Approach". In "particles.fx" there is demonstration of these calculations based on depth difference between object and particle, same shader [size="2"]also demonstrate billboard with scale matrix, "sky.fx" demonstrate projection on hemisphere to avoid "pinching" of texture on poles, and "FireRingDemo.cpp" besides usual setup contains setup for rendering targets and rendering itself. Since I'am not comfortable with distribution of someone else code, although [size="2"]I have [size="2"]permission from Frank Luna, in zip file bellow are included exe, shaders and art, and [size="2"][size="2"]"FireRingDemo.cpp" wich must be included since setup is done there. [/font][size="2"][font="Arial"]Is should work if you have code from his book and paste[/font][font="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"] these files in "Fire Ring" demo, if not you can always study code.[/font] [font="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"][size="2"]Movement is W_A_S_D + cursor.[/font] [font="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"] [/font] Link to screenshots: [font="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"] [/font][font="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"][size="2"]P.S. code (written by me) is free to whatever purpose you like.[/font]
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