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  1. ChurchSkiz

    A Song of Ice and Fire, and Dark Tower 4.5

    My guess is that as time continues, the stories will be less and less linked. I'm hoping by the third season they will change enough stuff so that it will be two separate experiences instead of feeling like one spoils the other.
  2. ChurchSkiz

    How much do you make from a single indie game?

  3. ChurchSkiz

    A Song of Ice and Fire, and Dark Tower 4.5

    I'm waiting for some more of the books to be finished before I start. The last thing I need is another book I need to wait for (Kingkiller Chronicles is enough waiting for me). Show is pretty great though, I'm sure the book is amazing. If you like that style of writing, with a cliffhanger on every chapter, try Alexander Dumas (count of monte cristo, three musketeers). Most of his books were serial novels so there is like a mini-plot every chapter, makes it very interesting to read.
  4. I plan on playing through everything and posting the reviews tonight.
  5. Oh and another thing, THIS IS A COMPETITION!! If you're posting screen shots and talking about too many details you're giving away useful intel to your competitors! Don't give them a bar to shoot higher than. My 2 cents.
  6. Sorry I missed the thread, I can judge if you need another.
  7. ChurchSkiz

    Any of you suckers buy FB stock?

    The only people that make money on IPOs like this are institutional investors who got the shares at half price 6 months ago. Most tech IPOs are flops, inflated by those who remember all the people getting rich from IPOs in 1999 and still think it's a good idea.
  8. ChurchSkiz

    Gentlemen we may have our first iPad contender!

    As has already been said. There is a certain percentage of the market who will always buy Apple. There's a certain percentage of people who will never buy Apple. Then there's those in the middle who will buy either. I was impressed with the ease of use of the Apple products, but after having an Android phone for a few weeks, I could never purchase an iPad or iPhone. There is so much functionality that is missing on the iPhone/iPad that I would be pissed at feeling trapped in iOS. I think Apple will always have a solid base of customers, but I can't see them being the market leader for more than a few years. I've yet to run into a problem with the Android store. I think in terms of volume iTunes has more apps, but when I go to search for a specific app in the Google Marketplace, I always find a variety of hits. I wasn't expecting this, and I think it will only improve over time. The phrase I heard which I fully support about Android is, "If you want to change something about your Android, there's an app for it somewhere." I could talk all day about the functionality I don't get on my wife's iPhone, stuff like bitTorrent, free tethering, ftp to servers, but I would be lying if I didn't say the biggest feature that makes my toes curl about my new phone is "Kid Mode." I tap Kid Mode, hand my phone to my child, and I know they can't delete my apps, call my business contacts, screw with my settings, or buy crap on the internet. That in itself makes me a loyal Android user. Considering iPad's were the #1 requested christmas gift for kids last year, I don't understand how they could not enable that feature.
  9. ChurchSkiz

    Does anyone here have or have used OnLive?

    Before i got my new rig I bought Deus Ex solely because it had the OnLive coupon. I played it exclusively OnLive and found it to work way better than I expected. The controls are a LITTLE less responsiveness, but not enough to degrade the experience. It would be a problem for online multiplayer but not single player. The advantage to it is lightning fast save times and the spectator function is pretty cool too. I had some pretty funny moments when people decided to watch me, they can actually talk to you while you play. They can give you thumbs up if they like what you did. I remember one night I did a whole bunch of sweet take downs in a row and got 5 or 6 cheers from some spectators, it was pretty neat.
  10. ChurchSkiz

    anyone start with c++ as their first language?

    I was at the driving range the other day, and I realized that golf and programming have a striking similarity. Everyone that's somewhat decent at golf will advise a new person, "Don't learn on your own, get some lessons first so you learn how to swing right starting out. You don't want to unlearn bad habits because it takes longer." And yet, almost everyone out there ignores this advice and teaches themself how to swing a club first. Then a decade later after they spend a lot of time unlearning their initial mistakes, they advise new golfers, "Don't learn on your own, get some lessons first." C++ as a first language, same argument. You'll hear from experienced programmers, "Don't learn C++ first, learn another language like Python or C#." And yet, thousands of experienced programmers all learned low level languages first. This forum is filled with them. So the moral of the story is, whether you do or don't listen to the advice, just start programming. Don't get caught up in the hype of what you should and shouldn't be doing. Just create stuff, learn, enjoy the journey. No matter what path you take you'll make mistakes and get better.
  11. ChurchSkiz

    Google 'release date' feature

    Apparently they added the feature two weeks ago, at least for some users - but I only got in sometime in the past few days. I bet they roll out new features slowly with groups of users (segments of ip address maybe?) at a time, to help root out bugs. I don't use Facebook, but I hear they do the same thing. Nice! I was half expecting something like the old 'French Military Victories' google bomb (broken since Google removed the "I'm feeling lucky" button). Google has been converting currencies, weights, and measurements for several years, and I frequently find it easier/quicker to use google when I need to know the conversions. They do stock as well - probably been at least a year for that one. If they did intelligent time zone conversion, that'd be great. "5pm GMT-7 to local" should show the time of 5pm GMT-7 in my local time zone. It's not like they don't know my location anyway, despite me repeatedly telling them in Google and Chrome settings not to record it. [/quote] Yeah the calculate thing pwns hardcore. The other day I mesmerized some older people at work when they needed to know some really insane bullcrap calculation. I just typed, "Convert 3.20 dollars per square foot to euros per square meter" and it popped up the answer. They just sat there gaping. Oh flight status is another one! Best from my android phone, just hit the voice search button, "Flight status las vegas to new york" or "flight status us airways 1953" and out pops the info. We live in an interesting world...
  12. Let's say someone invents a machine that wipes your butt for you after the bathroom. The ButtWiper 2000 is patented. Some genius reverse engineers the BW2k and then comes out with a knock off product. If he copies the same technology, he is infringing on the patent. Now if someone is a genius and writes a piece of software to solve a problem in the world that no one else has, let's say an algorithm for indexing a song into a specific genre, and then someone reverse engineers it and copies it, this is no longer protected by a patent? So where do you draw the line that an invention is no longer an invention because it is electronic and not tangible? If someone spends time and resources on something to create it, why is it not patentable? Where is the incentive for businesses to spend time and money creating things that can then just be reverse-engineered and copied for free? I think there is a middle ground between no functionality is patentable, and today's US system where you can patent generic ideas "I'm patenting software that allows you to store data in a 'table' ."
  13. ChurchSkiz

    Google 'release date' feature

    I've been finding more and more google search results that answer directly without returning a link. One last night that rocked my world, it was something like the maximum number of primary partitions for MBR and it just popped up a table. They took a cue from wolfram Alpha I guess. Try "2012 Republican Primary" too, that one impressed me when I was looking at it.
  14. ChurchSkiz

    What ever happened to hybrid hard drives?

    Hybrid doesn't make sense to me. You can just use ReadyBoost if you want an increase in performance at startup and program load times. It works with any flash drive, at a much cheaper cost than a hybrid drive.
  15. ChurchSkiz

    Games you're excited about

    I don't get excited about games anymore until they come out, too much disappointment. That being said, I am really hoping that Planetside 2 doesn't suck, because I really liked the first one.
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