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  1. What exactly is a "blogging" section... is that like for a devDiary or something and people can comment on (assuming they read it)... that sounds cool.
  2. dosn't that mean all the information on there is transitory.. as in not archived and stored in a searchable way? That sounds like a terrible place for a community to hang out in to me. How would information be archived for the future? Anyway it dosn't matter.... thanks for that suggestion.. I just do not think it is for me.
  3. oh I see.. like a voice chat... Thanks .. unfortunately I feel that text communication is much more my style. Plus I do not own a mic or anything. I'll as my noob questions here. I am working through two books "C# Players Guide" and "Learning C# 7 by Developing Games". I've almost gotten through the Players Guide and want to try a "learning project" text adventure in the console before moving on.. but as I am outside the scope of the books I would really like someplace to bounce ideas off and get advise.
  4. Hello. I'm new here and I'm teaching myself C# from a book. it is hard to get into it when you are on your own as there is no one to ask questions or bounce ideas off. I was wondering if there was a place for a new coder to chat, share code and ask for input form more experienced people with a focus on game development. I looked through the fourms, but I could't see a fourm for that kind of thing. Years ago I dabbled in C++ on a website called DevMasters but it apears to be gone now. Thanks!
  5. Thanks I'll check out GIMP. I knew of this app but I didn't know it supported advanced Macos / Actions / Automation... I'll give it a look see.   I did find a cool app that dose most of what I need, but it is really just a processing application. It can not for example load a sequence of images, rezise them, and then place them on a single image sprit sheet one next to the other in rows and colums like a photoshop action can.. even so it is pretty powerful for other things.   xnConvert. (freeware no ads no surprises)   while you are there get xnView it is a image viewing app I have been using for many years and really like.
  6. Hi... I'm looking for alternative to Photoshop, preferably a free one that has the ability to record and then replay actions like Photoshop dose.   In Photoshop you can press record and open files, modify it, even paste them into other files all sorts of stuff, save that recording and apply it to other sets of images in a directory. It dosn't need to be to complex, I only need to take images, cut them, resize them and save them.   I'm looking for a cheap, or better yet free app that has these kinds of recordable actions or macros to automate some of the more repetitive tasks in my project.   Dose anyone have any solutions?   Thanks!
  7. I'm just trying to find out if any adventure game engines have a existing technology for accepting text input a this stage
  8. ahh thanks mate, I'll go back and do some google!
  9. Dose anyone know any pre-existing libraries that handle text phrasing? I'm a hobby game maker and I am looking to make a Adventure Game for my next game project. I would like to make a game that feels like the late 80s graphical adventure games like Space Quest and Kings Quest. As in a graphical adventure with a player controlled character, but the player uses text commands to control the game instead of the mouse. Though I'll probably use right click to "look at" and left click to "Move". Anyway, I am looking at some of the more famous adventure game engines like "visionaire" that are specifically designed to build point and click adventure games. I have used TADS before ages go in the making of a "true" interactive fiction game and was wondering if there was a way to get the phraser part without the rest of the game development enviroment TADS uses. So what I am looking for is a library kinda like SDL or SFML is a library that handles text phrasing as this is a rather complex job and could possibly be more work than making the game itself! Thanks in advance for any help --Jynks PS - Visonware uses a form of custom scripts and LAU.. so a LAU soluti8on would be perfect.. though I am most comfortable with C++.
  10. Yes that is exactly what I want! Back in the old days graphical adventures (that came before point and click) looked and played much like the point and click ones that are common to this day, but the point and click was regulated to right clikc for look and left click to move to. All the rest of the game play was done though text input just like the old text adventure games. "get cheese", "open cage", "put cheese in cage". Well I think I would prefer to make a 2.5D game. As I have a background in 3D. There are a number of engines designed specificity for Adventure Game that can handle true 3D, 2.5D and 2D.. I am just looking for one that has some kind of function allowing the capture of keyboard commands though some kind og "get key" function. I kinda think this as well, though there is a plugin called "adventure creator" that seams to help a lot in this case.
  11. I'm looking for a Adventure Game engine, like AGS or WME or visionaire or w/e that is sorta spesilised in adventure games, but has some kind of framework in place for text input instead of point and click. Like the old Kings Quest 1 or Space Quest 1 or w/e. I am a hobbyist but have some experience making games as part of that hobby. I have already done a small console based text adventure with my own text phraser and want to add GFX. Preferably a movable charioteer (like in said kings quest) but will settle for Simon the Sorcerer type thing. Anyway, there is quite a few options but none seam to have any text input support only point and click. I have been recommended UNITY but it looks so huge and complex. I think I would spend ages just learning unity before getting into what I in fact want to do. Though if this is the best option, I suppose it is the way to go. I know there is a adventure game plugin for it. Anyway, thanks for you time and I am keen to hear any thoughts you might have. --Jynks I meant to edit my last post.. but seam to have made a new post.. I am sorry.. this is the same question as this thread http://www.gamedev.net/topic/662596-any-good-engines-for-adventure-games-that/
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