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  1. LachlanL

    Many drops make a river

    Like the first poster said, this is worth noting when aiming for 2D animations with multiple directions. Thanks for posting! IMHO, these figures suggest that a better result might be had in rendering your model in the engine instead of "pre-rendering". As a bonus, you can face the model at any angle. Obviously this is a design decision for your game though and I don't mean to step on your toes. Just something that I'd be considering if it were me.
  2. LachlanL

    Spells and Spell Effects

    Not really on topic here, but where did you get your current gfx?
  3. LachlanL

    Starfarer by Fractal Softworks

    Looks pretty sweet! I love the highly detailed style. Reminds me of the old shmups.
  4. LachlanL

    About Me and Woody3D

    Hey, First of all, very nice work! Looks really natural. Okay, I'm going to go the obvious question: how much of your scene is geometry and how much is imposters? Also, if you are using imposters, how do you animate them? P.S. Welcome to journal-land! [grin]
  5. LachlanL

    I don't know what it is but I want to do the art.

    Looking pretty cool! Any chance of some more PixelCraft entries?
  6. LachlanL

    MVP Part 2

    Hey, congrats on the award! [smile] Next year you can go for the hat-trick. Do they tell you what you won the award for? I'm always curious when I see people have won these things. Is it for your work in communities, or your work as an author, or your professional work?
  7. LachlanL

    A cautionary tale...

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for writing that up. While I'm sure it must have been painful, at least you learnt some lessons along the way. Thanks for sharing those lessons with us!
  8. LachlanL

    Top-down games

    Looks pretty good. I've had the same struggles with top-down myself. Personally, I think you may end up with the same issues as you would for isometric. Ie, it won't look quite right unless you draw all of the different perspectives. Still, it could end up being a good compromise.
  9. LachlanL

    First entry

    Looking pretty good there! I'm impressed that you've already crunched the SC2 format.
  10. LachlanL

    Pixelcraft: The Colors of Frogatto

    I always love reading "beginner level" stuff on making art (especially pixel art). Thanks!
  11. LachlanL

    Normals problem

    This is just a guess, but you could be averaging your face normals across the "cliff" divide, giving normals that look incorrect for either the face of the cliff, or the land above. You need to keep your normals separate so that there is a clear distinction between the face of the cliff and the land above it. If you are using indexed vertices, this may mean duplicating the vertices on the edge to allow for the separate normals and not averaging the face normals with faces over the boundary (Ie for vertices on the face of the cliff, you don't want faces on the top of the cliff to be involved in the normal calculation). Hope that helps. Like I said, it is just a guess.
  12. LachlanL

    The castle top

    Looking forward to seeing this demo come to life! Sounds like a good idea to break out of the coding every now and then to actually build something with it. I've gotta remember to do that myself. [grin]
  13. Hey, I am also using a texture atlas with my terrain rendering and here is what I think your problem is: Because you are using indexed (shared) vertices, you are not only sharing the position of vertices between tiles, but also the texture coordinates. This will result in the sort of artefacts you are seeing as a texture coordinate that might be correct on a vertex for one tile, may be completely wrong for the adjacent tile. Unfortunately, if you want to use a texture atlas, I think you will not be able to use indexed vertices, unless you can find some fancy way of using multiple texture coordinate sets to fix this issue. My suggestion would be to either ditch the texture atlas, or ditch index vertices. The later will probably be the best option for what you are trying to achieve. Obviously this will increase the number of vertices you create.
  14. LachlanL

    Your Idea Is Too Big

    Great post. It is so easy to give in to the feature-creep and not even think about scaling things back. Building the "biggest and best" is something I think is taught to us at a very young age. Everyone is encouraged to "shoot for the stars".
  15. LachlanL

    USB remote control receiver for PowerDVD

    Yeah, I too was pretty much just following the instructions, although I did make an effort to try and learn about the utility of the basic components. I also did some electronics at uni, but again, it was very basic. To be honest, I pretty much have my hands full with work, fatherhood and my current interests, but I might look to pick some of this stuff up in the future. Can you recommend any good sources for learning?
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