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  1. text based fun

    Help with text based game

    Hey is there any other noob out there that would like to help me make a text based advent game. I dont have much programming skills but am learning fast. And im working on a story line. Some body please help me!
  2. text based fun

    how do i get started

    Ok ever scince i got my nes i wanted to learn game programming but ive done nothing about it because at the time i had no inter-web and really wanted to make a game but 15 years later i have the internet and have had it for a long time. I was wondering what tools do i need to make a game nothin fancy just like a pacman rip off or something like that. I have c++ and thats it. Please recomend books programs( freeware only plz) and anything of that nature
  3. text based fun

    Online tutorials

    I went to you "website" and was having a really hard time navigating around and couldnt find links for tutorials. please help me
  4. text based fun

    Online tutorials

    If you read this please atleast try and post something so im not left out in the cold. I really need to find some good online tutorials because i wanna learn c++ so i can ake me some games.
  5. text based fun

    Online tutorials

    Hey every one i need to find some online tutorials for c++ and also for beginers please help me please!
  6. text based fun

    Need help with c++ for text adventure game

    Thank you guys for all your help I still have the problum but have learned something while doing so. what books would you recomend for a noob like me some one told me "learn c++ in 21 days" was a good one but cant remember if that was the correct book name
  7. text based fun

    Need help with c++ for text adventure game

    Yeah all I really want for it to do is ask one question after another but also have some story writen in the middle of it also one more thing so you want me to save the orriginal one then make another one for the second one then compile them together? if so how do i do that. the online tutorial i was reading was not good so i have stoped reading it and im looking for more any suggestions?
  8. text based fun

    Need help with c++ for text adventure game

    Well i dont have aim so ohwell and i should prolly mention the include <iostream> at the bottom is my signature and not part of the actual code if anybody else can help me please do
  9. text based fun

    Need help with c++ for text adventure game

    I'm so confused could you please help me more than just saying that like describe it more because i am a complete and total nOOber cake thank you please
  10. Hey everyone I'm new with c++ and ive done some online tutorials the version of c++ i have is dev-c++ from bloodshed.net. I can only get one question done and when i try to program another one in and i try and compile and run i get a whole bunch of error messages and wont compile and run. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(){ char myArray[50]; cout << "wanna play a game? "; cin.getline( myArray, 50, '\n'); if( !strcmp( myArray, "yes")){ strcat( myArray, "good thats what I thought\n"); } else { strcpy( myArray, "Oh really thats to bad!\n"); } } #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(){ cout << "It was early in the morning on a cold winters day you get out of bed and have a huge hangover\n"; system("pause"){; } This is what i have so far and i need help because i just started programming and i dont know what to do any suggestions would be gladly accepted.
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