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  1. Quote:I'm only using tool chain, not official SDK. My question is if you can use C++ and OpenGL in the official Apple SDK. I wouldn't like to learn ObjC in order to create games. Homers Pal has the answer for you. Once you have the code that creates a window and handles events you are good to go. That's about as much ObjC as you need. If you want to do more things with the interface (using all the cool iPhone controls) you need to dive into ObjC and Cocoa. Well, I'm working on getting a nice little game framework up and running on OS X Leopard as we speak. I just got my first Mac and unfortunately had to send it back to the store for a replacement (minor setback). So... I'll be back on track in about a week or so. I've done some OpenGL in the past, but never worked with OpenGL ES. Anybody have any experience with it? Should I be able to port my existing OpenGL code without much work and make it compatible with the iPhone?
  2. cquinones

    vc71 debugger: visualizing arrays

    To view the contents of an array you can type this in a watch window: array, N N in this case is the number of indices you want to view. With an STL vector you could do this: vector._Myfirst, N Let me know if this helps.
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