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    Doom style maze game- help please.

    Thank you jyk and lessbread, I will look at the help you have given. If raytracing is old hat and not what is used today then I am wondering if I should try and use one of the graphics suggestions from JYK. I used to model with surfaces in the early nineties and then when solid modelling packages became the norm I only use surfaces for export to machining packages. Would I still use a map for my environment or could I draw all the walls on my surface modeller and export them in IGES to the package that applies materials. I say Package because I dont know which product I will use for this. So if I use surfaces for my scenery what would be the best software to learn for my character movement collision detection and a non standard user input device.
  2. I want to learn to program a doom style game. The playability and visual appearance does not have to be to todays standard. It will be my first programming effort in 22 years. I have access to visual studio and would like to get a grasp of c++ but i am torn in which direction to go. Do I get a basic engine and disect it and add my own stuff, or do I start from fresh. Please remember I am only looking to achieve a doom1 style finish. I am trying to keep my expectations low as I know I will still have a moutnain of stuff to learn to achieve doom1 standards. I do not want to waste the winter learning the wrong product. I have been a product designer and manufacturer for the last 20 years working in aerospace and using Catia and Pro Engineer so I am familiar with 3D construction. My interests are moving to robotics and I want to be able to drive a robot from data fed to the computer from outside sensors. Initially I would like to understand how to program a maze or corridor game to get me started. Do I start with C++ or is there an interim way in which I can be dropped in to c++. Would I be as well using Torque or Gmax or similar. Please help - I do not know which way to turn and I want to start(on the right foot) ASAP.
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