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    Intersection of a line and a circle

    Got it working, thanks for the help!
  2. I'm trying to locate a function written in C or C++ that will give me the intersection points of a line and a circle. I've downloaded several math libraries and have been googling most of the day. The closest I've gotten to my goal is this: http://intervision.hjem.wanadoo.dk/tech1002.htm The problem is that this code is written in Lisp and I'm having a hard time translating it into C. It appears to do exactly what I want but I'm not confident that I will translate it correctly and will end up spending more hours debugging it only to never get it working at all. Does anyone know where I can find some 2D line/circle intersection code in C/C++ that will give me the point(s) of intersection? Preferably platform-independent and library independent.
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