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  1. Squishy the Starfish is a student project made by 5 sophomore students from DigiPen Institute of Technology. 4 of us were programmers, and 1 an artist. The whole idea of Squishy the Starfish is that you are a starfish who has the ability to "shoot out" any of his 5 arms to reach walls/ceilings/objects. This allows Squishy to use his arms and swing very Spiderman-like from the ceiling, or even slingshot himself throughout the levels. This project was in development for the 8 months of the school year, and then another 1 or 2 afterwards to add finishing touches. Here are some screenshots: Here is Squishy hanging from the ceiling. This is Squishy in one of the air vents around the world which help him reach higher levels. Here is one of the several enemies in the game. Here is Squishy opening doors with some keys he found. You can download the game from DigiPen's website here: http://www.digipen.edu/main/Gallery_Games_2005#Squishy_the_Starfish Any feedback is appreciated. We are all very busy with our current year's game, but we may be able to add a few things before the IGF deadline comes around. Thanks for checking our game out! :D
  2. I am looking to be able to download any font from the internet and place it in my game folder and with a few lines of code load it up and let me use it for my text. I tried using this function with no luck. It seemed to just default to Arial: HFONT CreateFont( int nHeight, // height of font int nWidth, // average character width int nEscapement, // angle of escapement int nOrientation, // base-line orientation angle int fnWeight, // font weight DWORD fdwItalic, // italic attribute option DWORD fdwUnderline, // underline attribute option DWORD fdwStrikeOut, // strikeout attribute option DWORD fdwCharSet, // character set identifier DWORD fdwOutputPrecision, // output precision DWORD fdwClipPrecision, // clipping precision DWORD fdwQuality, // output quality DWORD fdwPitchAndFamily, // pitch and family LPCTSTR lpszFace // typeface name ); I assume I am needing a different function. This is also GDI...is that what I should be using for loading it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Thank you! This does exactly as I wanted! It makes it more like how I was originally thinking (incorrectly) about how the max distance is where it ends...more similar to that idea now. Thank you very much! edit: Also, my game is only 2D so this sounds perfectly fine/correct since objects will only be to the right or left usually. Thanks again! :)
  4. First, yeah I am using FMOD...whoops, lol. Now then, what you said about where it stops attenuated is correct. That is the first thing I was incorrect in thinking. I wish I would have found a function is fmod that is as clear as the one you list for direct3d hehe I have been searching through the API under system, channels, and sound, and have not found anything like that yet. If anyone knows a similar function in FMOD I would be super greatful! Thanks for the response!
  5. Edit: USING FMOD! Sorry, lol. I am using 3d virtual channels to play sound effects in my game. I'm using the Code: sound->set3DMinMaxDistance( min, max ) for the sounds to set exactly how far I want it to hear. It seems to be fading out perfectly with the ranges I use, EXCEPT when it reaches the maximum distance, the volume is not 0. I can still hear the sound very faintly well after the maximum distance. Is there a specific way I can force it to fade out to 0?? My current solution is to do a distance formula check between the object and the listener and if it is outside the distance I want, I force volume to 0, and when it comes back inside set it to the original volume. This works, but there is a very noticeable enabling and disabling of the sound since it doesnt get as quiet as I would want....if the listener were to go back and forth at certain spots sounds would just enable and disable. While they would be quiet, it isnt correct. I have been playing with the examples and even on those they do not go to 0... Perhaps I am misunderstanding what I need to do with the virtual channels and distances, or I am missing something basic??? Any help would be MUCH appreciated!!!!! Thanks! -JoMasta out [Edited by - JoMasta on December 2, 2005 8:29:53 PM]
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