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  1. I'm not very certain if this is the correct forum to post this, but I do not mind having the post moved. The name is Andrew and I'm a website designer and graphic artist of a sorts. I have been making websites and graphics for a while now and I realized how much help I could be to some of the independent game development community. I don't really have much of a resume right now but I'm trying to compile one together on my portfolio website: http://m.andrewmacentee.com You can find a bunch of different various past work I have done. If you or someone you know needs a website, or even needs a redesign, I'm a very good choice. And for the month of June I'm running a special: $200 for a basic website that comes with a fancy logo and custom layout design as well as a domain (after a $50 deposit). Hosting isn't included but I charge a mere $10 a month for that. I might add that I'm pretty fast and cranking these out. You can also email me at GoodAndy@NewkindDesigns.com
  2. GoodAndy

    Deep Blue Creations

    Yeah, I was very surprised at the community. A lot nicer than I expected. I'm used to Gaming World, Gunbound, and a few other crappy communities. I wish other communities were like this. Hopefully, Legends of Naega will have a very nice and a very helpful.
  3. GoodAndy

    Deep Blue Creations

    So far the connection problems aren't there. We believe we can finish this project without many problems. We are serious gamers and very serious developers that have done many things and finished them. I can't promise that we will finish this project because of how many always say they will when they don't, but I can say that this will be one of the best efforts for a very nice indie MMORPG. I just want to say something for no reason...I love cel shading. :D
  4. GoodAndy

    Deep Blue Creations

    Yes, LAN-Con 06 should be a fun one. lol Sorry about Rockin2go's great spelling. He types faster than he thinks. Which is three words a minute. lol I'm just joking with you Rockin2go. Anyways, you won't find what you expect. We aren't even in our 20's. You'll just find that we are true gamers with a little talent. This game has to be made and it has to be completed. There isn't much right now we can show because everything that is done is temporary. If anyone has ideas or something, please email them to me. ai.goodandy@gmail.com
  5. GoodAndy

    Deep Blue Creations

    The flower is actually about the width of a car. It's huge. The bud is a cup that hold healing juice that you can drink or bottle it up and sale. Also, the logo is supposed to kinda' look painted so maybe that's why it looks washed out. Like it was painted a long time ago on an old sheet of paper.
  6. GoodAndy

    Deep Blue Creations

    About our experience... I have made a few little 2-d games in flash and a game in Multimedia Fusion. All that was pretty much small stuff compared to what's going on now. But I'm also not the programmer. I'm not that experienced in making games but I've made a few so I shouldn't have a very hard time. Plus, the members of Deep Blue Creations has already spent a few hundred dollars on books about game development, Maya, and design. We are trying our best to put this game out there. About my logos and stuff... I forgot to mention that I've been making web sites and logos for over four years. So, if the game sucks, the web site will not. lol The reason why I didn't mention this before was because I really don't have time to receive requests about me making some logos. Here is the Legends of Naega logo, for right now. Please give me feedback. http://lan-con.com/ea/junk/lon/print-3.jpg Yes, it's supposed to be a little girly because we are trying to attract girls into the game. Why? Because the guys will follow.
  7. GoodAndy

    Deep Blue Creations

    Hey, me and a few friends are a tad bit new to the scene of game development. The name of this forum is Beginners Board so I decided to post my little introduction here. Hi, I'm Andrew MacEntee but I like to be referred to as GoodAndy online. Rockin2go, a friend of mine, have been planning on making an MMORPG for a few years now... We never did anything but a little planning, like I said. Now, we are getting a little more serious because of how many MMORPGs there are. We are being extremely serious about making this game. As of now the game is titled The Legends of Naega. It's temporary, maybe. And the company name, if you can call it that, is right now being called Deep Blue Creations. We believe we have a really good concept artist ready and an okay 3-d modeler. But it's a little early. I mainly wanted to introduce myself and tell people that I'm new and to not be so harsh on me. Deep Blue Creations Web Site: http://deep.xaine.net Deep Blue Creations IRC Chat Channel Client: http://deepchat.xaine.net
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