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    is there a way for streching a part of texture using sprite for e.g. i have interface texture where the buttons, check boxes ... are stored and i have the cooridnates of button so i can locate it within the texture butt the button with should be customizable, so what's the way to strech a segment of a texture and render it using sprite interface
  2. mirza101

    basic shapes in dx

    well i guess that's the way to go thank you guys
  3. hi, i'm building up my interface at the time and i need to draw many simple shapes like lines, rectangles filled with color, circles ... i know do directx interface for lines ID3DXLine ~, but what is the way to draw other simple shapes
  4. mirza101


    hi, is there any function for turning all black pixels to red pixels for textures?
  5. mirza101


    hi, i am to read the binary file, the size is 512 bytes and there should be 256 numbers, so i use stdio to read file i suppose that if there are 512 bytes and there should be 256 numbers that each number is 2 bytes, so this is short type? how do i use the short type in fscanf(file, "%short", sh);
  6. mirza101

    bitmap font

    hi, i'm trying to make bitmap font so i could render faster and so... is there any tool - program to convert windows font or some other font to bitmap?
  7. mirza101

    hot keys

    thanks man
  8. mirza101

    hot keys

    hi, for handling with keyboard i use RegisterHotKey(); and for retrieveing text i catch WM_CHAR the problem is when i associate key 'b' for e.g. as a hot key and after that i go in text retrieve mode and retrieve text but when i press 'b' key it acts as hot key and i don't get any information of 'b' being pressed in WM_CHAR, also i use WM_CHAR before WM_HOTKEY how can i solve this
  9. mirza101

    SetCursor problem

    thank you guys, problem solved!!
  10. mirza101

    SetCursor problem

    i use full screen and when i move the cursor in corner i changes back to windows normal, i've tried using overleaped style but it does not help what could i do?
  11. i use windows cursor and i set it up with SetCursor() function at start; and add to my message handles WM_SETCURSOR: SetCursor(myCursor); it all looks fine except when i move the cursor to the corner, then it becomes standard windows arrow; help
  12. if you are calculating the biggest/smallest number from an array then you can use sorting algorithms in my opinion it is best to use sort() function that is in <algorithms.h> it choses for you the best algorithm to use at a time and is very simple to inplement or if you don't want to sort the whole array you can use something like this: maxNumber = array[0]; for(i=1; i<n; ++i) { maxNumber = max(array, maxNumber); };
  13. mirza101

    2d directx

    is it better-faster to draw 2d in directx by creating a surface, loading bitmap into it and then just copying the surface to backbuffer or creating sprite, texture, then loading texture and displaying it with sprite
  14. mirza101

    strange mouse

    thank you guys, i thought it was something up to the way i handeled the mouse
  15. mirza101

    strange mouse

    hi, i'm using direct input for handling mouse, i've set it up all and is working okay except that is less sensible that windows mouse?! if i move mouse slowly it moves faster that windows mouse, but when i move it faster it is a lot slower than windows mouse i use buffered input and buffer size as 50 but it doesn't matter a lot cause i've changed buffer size value up and down and no difference happened my computer is amd athlon 64 3200+ and graphics nVidia 6600 gt 128mb, i guess this is not the reason i computate position from buffer and render mouse every frame what could be the reason for this mouse lag
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