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  1. Spater

    Beginner question

    you don't need it, but as sure as hell helps
  2. Spater

    Is there a graphic program for this???

    I would also like to say look at Deep Paint. Zbrush also has this kind of functionality as well
  3. Spater

    game content preping

    All of the questions you're asking really depend on your engine's workflow. I couldn't give you an honest answer one way or the other.
  4. Spater

    Need help with 3DS Max 7

    Quote:Original post by dbzfanl Quote:Original post by hplus0603 3dsmax has a free 30-day trial. However, it's a really complex and powerful program, and trying to learn it in just 30 days is a little bit like trying to drink the Atlatic ocean through a straw :-) If you don't know 3D modeling at all, or how modeling programs work in general, there are probably easier and cheaper tools to start learning on (like Milkshape, say). I don't have the trial, I have a registered version. I downloaded the demo and then registered it. so you have a stand-alone license? that's a lot of money to blow for a beginner who really hasn't explored the program. Or do you have a student license for it? Max was a hell of a involved investment for me, scrimped and saved for a long time.
  5. CGtalk would bounce this thread, so don't bother there. Your girlfriend should be charging by the hour enough to cover her costs as well as put some money into her pocket. There's some math involved but generally a graphic artist will charge anywhere from 20 to even 60 buck an hour depending on the demand for their services. Your gf would be expected to give a quote to the company, this is where she estimates the time and cost of the project.
  6. Spater

    I've an artist friend...

    definitely get a BFA before going into a game design school. Education is NEVER a liability, but putting down the foundation is defintely the right way to go
  7. Spater

    I got a job at BioWare!!

    I forgot to offer my congratulations here.
  8. Spater

    I got a job at BioWare!!

    here's a tip, don't go through human resources, find a way to get yourself known to the people who actually do the work. HR in most companies are notorious for turning away talented people.
  9. Spater

    Here be some Sprites

    as far as the tanks go I must say your design is superb however one caveat I see in your work is you need to research into different outlining techniques, refrain from using black as an outline in your pixel work, just use a darker shade of your base color, near black. Also it would be wise to figure out "selective outlining" which will show a defined light source and make your works feel that much more alive and dynamic. I also have to comment that on some of your peices you seemed to use a direct gradient shade from one end of the peice to the other without any texture. You should also look at contouring your shading as well as dithering to rough it up a bit. Also, really study how light reacts with an object, and define a light source on your canvas and use it as a reference for shading. Right now what most of your work has is "pillow shading" Where you simply make the edges of the object dark and work your way to a light shade towards the middle of the object, this would suggest that a light source lie directly between yourself and the object and just feels unnatural. Also, for your current project, I see you have a lot of space crafts in there, I would suggest really adding surface detail to the objects as these crafts have to take a beating from the harsh climate of space. These ships should have some wear and tear, as well lighting in space is incredibly harsh, I would suggest having very bright highlights and very dark shadows, your spaceships need more contrast
  10. Spater

    Easy Sprites

    sadly I can't think of any software that you could use like this. You're almost SOL, you might want to hire an modeler who can set up a basic model and create various blendshapes so that you can export modified models
  11. I highly reccomend anyone interested in video authoring or converstion to take a look at videohelp.com
  12. Spater

    Old-school rpg sprites!

    Quote:Original post by Lemonaid I'm not a professional on the subject but I would recommend using inkscape or illustrator since it will give you the ability to edit the sprites using vectors. oh sweet lord no, old school rpg sprites are drawn pixel by pixel in the raster program of your choosing, vectors would be the worst way to go about it.
  13. Spater

    Art - Pixel rate

    Quote:Original post by Derakon So when it comes down to it, how does pixel art compare to moderately competant 3D modelling pre-rendered and displayed as sprites? The impression I get (as someone who has only minorly dabbled in both realms) is that models have a large initial investment (creating the model, skeleton, textures, lighting) but creating new frames is easy, while pixel art is more or less a constant cost per frame (i.e. relatively little can be re-used from one frame to another; maybe you can keep, say, the head in a walking animation, but the rest will be changing). rendering a 3d image to a small sprite can give you a lot of heartache, where an artist knows when to selectivley outline an aera, a 3D rendering will not, where an artist knows he needs to embellish a detail a 3d rendering will not.
  14. Spater

    making textures

    Quote:Original post by dpadam450 So I cant download images from the internet to use for a game model (airplane), and I obviously cant got take a picture, so what should I do. I know everyone says photoshop is sweet but I dont have drawing skills really. How would you go about making a realistic texture for an airplane (F-14)? without drawing or painting skills you're going to be very limited in making textures. I don't know what to tell you, you might want to outsource to someone else
  15. Spater

    About 2D game textures/art

    well, you're going to have to be able to use what resources you have in an incredibly limited amount of time. I highly suggest going to http://poopinmymouth.com/tutorial/tutorial.htm Ben Mathis is a texture artist and has a few tutorials to show you his methods
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