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    Holy crap Gran Turismo 5...

    Polyphony Digital always takes forever with their new GT games, and usually results in years of delays. I'm still looking forward to GT5 though, GT5 Prologue was great, it was neat how they got each car to "feel" different, even when just using a sixaxis.
  2. econobeing

    how are those last 2 years of getting your degree?

    The only classes that come close are Java 1 and 2. I've already done 1, which was quite easy since I've been slowly self-teaching myself for a while now, and that gave me some extra time for my other two classes last quarter. But yeah, only 2 related classes in the first two years. I also noticed that the last quarter of the last year (and maybe part of the previous quarter) is an internship. What's that like?
  3. I'm in the middle of my second year right now. The first year was all foreign language, philosophy, writing (english 101 and technical), and all the "you have to take these no matter what degree you want" type of classes. This second year is much harder, calculus, physics, chemistry, java. Physics is the biggest problem, it's what I spend most of my time working on. When I looked at what classes I'll be taking in my 3rd/4th year they all seemed to be the type of classes you would expect to be taking for a CS degree, not math or physics, but actual computer and programming classes. So it seems like the real specialization comes in in those last two years. But what I'm wondering is: will those last two years be even harder than what I'm doing now? Because they seem like they wouldn't be as difficult. Actually I may be asking if they're more time consuming than what I'm doing now. Or a mix of both.
  4. econobeing

    AS vs BS in computer science?

    Right now I'm working towards an AS in computer science, which will be the first 2 years of a BS of the same type. However because of how many more classes I can take this year VS how many I still need, I'll need to go back for 2 more classes the year after this... not even a full quarter's worth. What I suspect is that the university I'd transfer to would be similar to the school I'm at now, where a lot of courses are sequential and only offered once per year, which means if you don't start fall quarter that whole year is screwed up and you pretty much have to add another. So that extra partial quarter in effect would turn into an extra full year. I also noticed that upon completion of that degree (AS in CS), I'll be 3 classes away from an AS in physics. And if I have to wait around for 2 of the 3 quarters of next year I may as well get it. But what I want to know is, how much do I NEED those extra two three years? Would it be possible to just take an AS in Comp Sci and an AS in Physics and get a job from there? Would making games/programs not related to what I did in school help enough to make up for only having an AS instead of a BS? I guess I'm impatient, but I'd like to be done with school and have a job (in the programming field, not necessarily games I suppose) ASAP.
  5. Yeah, homework... Apparently I have to decide what button was hit by using a switch statement. But eclipse says that switch only takes ints and enums. How would I about getting either one of those from an ActionEvent? I was going to just switch ActionEvent.getSource(), but no dice, it's not an int or enum.
  6. econobeing

    "quad root" and java?

    GAAHhhh, quadratic formula.... That threw me off because I've never heard "quad roots" before. Cool, thanks :]
  7. econobeing

    "quad root" and java?

    I got a compound problem. The first is that I need to know the math behind whatever a "quad root" is. I have an example of A=1 B=-7 and C=12. Apparently the roots are 4 and 3. What I need to know is, what's the mathematical definition (and formula) for whatever a quad root is, and is there some sort of easy way to do that in java?
  8. I'm trying to get the individual colors from a pixel in a Texture2D object. I put the data into a uint array: this.colors = Content.Load<Texture2D>("colorbars"); this.bits = new uint[this.colors.Width * this.colors.Height]; this.colors.GetData<uint>(this.bits); Then I try to grab an individual color value of a pixel in the array by the mouse position: public uint getBlue() { uint r = 0; if (this.getMousePosition().X >= 0 && this.getMousePosition().X <= this.colors.Width) { if (this.getMousePosition().Y >= 0 && this.getMousePosition().Y <= this.colors.Height) { r = this.bits[(int)this.getMousePosition().X * (int)this.getMousePosition().Y] & 0x00FF0000 >> 16; } } return r; } (The image is drawn at 0,0 so it should be fine for now) When I do that, all I get are values like 0,1,195,196,and 204. It doesn't even matter what color my cursor is over. I tried to do this a few months ago, and just picked it up again, so I'm re-using code from then. So I'm really not even fully sure what the "r = this.bits[];" line is doing, I don't even know if I fully understood it back when it was first attempted. Am I on the right track, or did I completely miss the target on how to do this? EDIT: got it: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb197084.aspx [Edited by - econobeing on January 6, 2009 12:52:05 PM]
  9. is there anything like surfaces in SDL in XNA? i've looked at google and searched here and haven't found anything.
  10. econobeing

    Screen Names

    song title(ugh terribly tacky) from my favorite album of all time (for 1/3 of my life so far...). it's short, has some sort of meaning, kinda poetic in a way i guess, no numbers/alt caps/x's on the sides/etc, and most people have never heard said song so it works out pretty well.
  11. econobeing

    How do YOU code?

    i like a dark, quiet room (the dining room is really the only place i can use my laptop comfortably), some yerba mate, and some sort of music, shpongle / wumpscut / sigur ros. i like my music to be on the electronic side. with or without snacks, though i think sunflower seeds are the perfect snack while coding. i tend to work for 5-10 minutes, refresh a few topics on some message boards, check any IRC/IM windows i have open, then work for another 5-10 minutes, repeat. if i get really horribly stuck on something i'll either go watch some tv for a while and/or have a cigarette. then sometimes i'll get back and realize the solution almost immediately, that's an awesome feeling.
  12. econobeing

    Build a digital white board: Wiimote hack

    i just thought, if you used a second ir source after the first "draw" one was going, the first one could still be the "tool" but while it's detecting two sources it could turn the "tool" into an eraser. so you could just...turn on a lighter or something when you want to erase and leave it off while you want to draw. you could kind of do the same thing with that reflective tape thing he had going. the first point(right index finger i guess) could be the mouse, then have two pieces on your left index and right middle finger. if you flash one of the other pieces to it that'd be a left click, if you flashed both of the other pieces it would be a right click. that'd be interesting to try playing an RTS by just moving your fingers around in the air.
  13. econobeing

    Build a digital white board: Wiimote hack

    how would you erase on this wiimote whiteboard?
  14. econobeing

    laptops vs desktops, a census

    re-tallied count: People: 51 Laptop: 46 Desktop: 97 Server: 8 Amiga 500: 1 Windows: 101 OS/X: 13 GNU/Linux: 41 UNIX: 1 *BSD: 15
  15. econobeing

    Dude selling entire video game collection...

    Spot Goes to Hollywood :O
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