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  1. mmakrzem

    Quaternion help

    Thanks all, the lookAt function seems to do what I need.
  2. mmakrzem

    Quaternion help

    I'm using a 3D rendering tool which requires objects to define their orientation as a quaternion. I have a graphical object (imagine an airplane) which has a default orientation (ie no rotation applied to it) such that it is pointing along the +ve y axis. Tail is at 0,0,0, nose is at (0, 10, 0) Users specify their desired orientation by defining 2 points in 3D space, ie P1 and P2. I need to figure out what quaternion value to apply to my graphical object, such that the one end (tail) of it will be P1, and the nose tip will be at P2. How do I calculate this quaternion given P1(x,y,z) and P2(x,y,z) ?
  3. mmakrzem

    How To Start Game Programming With C++

    Have a look at my website www.MarekKnows.com there I've posted step by step video tutorials showing how to program in c++ and OpenGL to create games.
  4. Thank you for the step by step instructions.  Looks very easy to follow.  I'm off looking for CA now.
  5. I don't use DirectX so could you point me to how to do these checks if I am using OpenGL instead
  6. mmakrzem

    OpenGL Batch Rendering

    The hardware that I target only supports OpenGL v2 or 3, so that is why I'm not using glMultiDrawElementsIndirect
  7. mmakrzem

    OpenGL Batch Rendering

    I can't speak about what other studios do, but batching your render calls is always a good idea.  There was a good presentation from nVidia at a game developers conference a number of years ago which gave a good summary of the improvements gained by batching render calls.  Have a read here: http://www.nvidia.com/docs/IO/8228/BatchBatchBatch.pdf
  8. mmakrzem

    OpenGL Batch Rendering

    Started a discussion here:http://www.gamedev.net/topic/663061-is-it-possible-to-do-batch-rendering-with-3d-skeletal-animation-data/
  9. mmakrzem

    OpenGL Batch Rendering

    <added comment to Conclusion section of this article>
  10. mmakrzem

    How To Publish on GameDev.net

  11. mmakrzem

    OpenGL Batch Rendering

      I'm still in the development stage of the Game Engine so I haven't done any performance testing with this yet.  I've made the BatchManager general enough so that I could increase the size of a Batch and change the number of batches once I do get to the stage of performance testing to fine tune things for each game that I make.     Are you suggesting templating the Batch class to hold different types of vertices?  That's a good idea.
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