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  1. I wrote an article on OpenGL Batch rendering here on gameDev a number of years ago. You can find it here: You will find some sample c++ code to how I've implemented it. I hope it helps!
  2. I just found out about the Notch: https://wearnotch.com/ $379 for 6 sensors seems like the best deal so far, and their software is free too unlike most of the other companies that I have been looking at.
  3. that's a good idea, I'll have to see if they have facebook accounts for any of the companies.
  4. Wow, that seems pretty expensive to rent. The suits on some of the websites listed above show that you can buy a kit for $1K to $2K. My application doesn't allow for using an optical based approach for measuring a person so that is why I need to go the other route.
  5. I'm working on a project that requires users to strap on some sensors to their bodies so that I can capture their motion while they walk around in a room and perform simple tasks. I've found the following motion capture suits and I was wondering if anyone has used any of them. Do you know of any others that use inertial measurement sensors (not optical cameras)? Can anyone comment on any of this hardware? https://www.motionshadow.com/r/motion-capture-system https://neuronmocap.com/ https://www.xsens.com/tags/motion-capture/ https://www.synertial.com/mocapsuit https://yostlabs.com/priovr/ https://inertiallabs.com/3dsuit.html https://www.rokoko.com/en/smartsuit-pro https://www.stt-systems.com/products/inertial-motion-capture/isen/ http://www.noitom.com/solutions/perception-legacy https://www.getenflux.com/pages/product
  6. I have a number of line strips that I need to draw and I was hoping I could group them all together into a single draw call in OpenGL. Is there a way to do this? With triangle strips, I can add degenerate triangles between each strip and have them all drawn together in one draw call. Is there a trick to do the same thing with line strips?
  7. mmakrzem

    Quaternion help

    Thanks all, the lookAt function seems to do what I need.
  8. mmakrzem

    Quaternion help

    I'm using a 3D rendering tool which requires objects to define their orientation as a quaternion. I have a graphical object (imagine an airplane) which has a default orientation (ie no rotation applied to it) such that it is pointing along the +ve y axis. Tail is at 0,0,0, nose is at (0, 10, 0) Users specify their desired orientation by defining 2 points in 3D space, ie P1 and P2. I need to figure out what quaternion value to apply to my graphical object, such that the one end (tail) of it will be P1, and the nose tip will be at P2. How do I calculate this quaternion given P1(x,y,z) and P2(x,y,z) ?
  9. mmakrzem

    How To Start Game Programming With C++

    Have a look at my website www.MarekKnows.com there I've posted step by step video tutorials showing how to program in c++ and OpenGL to create games.
  10. mmakrzem

    Where to go after OpenGL intro

    I post c++ Game Development Tutorials on my website every week. The first 200 Mb of downloads is free to anyone who signs up for a free membership. I cover how to develop an OpenGL Game Engine from scratch. Each video shows and explains all the code that I write. There are actually a few engines that I developed that are covered in the tutorials plus a few games and a whole bunch of tips and resources to get you going with your own projects. I also take suggestions for topics to cover, so if you get stuck creating your game, send me an email and I might make a video tutorial to address the issue.
  11. I just found this online that gives a nice explanation on how to implement exactly what I need: http://blogs.love2d.org/content/let-it-glow-dynamically-adding-outlines-characters
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll implement your first suggestion to see how it looks.
  13. I'm making a PC 2D point and click adventure and I would like to have a UI where if the user hovers their mouse cursor over an object (that can be interacted with) the object would be rendered with a highlight selection around it... Something like marching ants. I'm thinking this could be implemented like this: * start render frame * Render all objects appearing behind the selected item using the "normal" shader. * switch to selection shader and render the item * switch back to "normal" shader and render all items that appear in front of the selected object All my graphic assets are 2D hand drawn textures. Any ideas on how to implement the selection shader in GLSL?
  14. mmakrzem


    Scott Meyers "Effective" books are great http://www.aristeia.com/books.html Also have a look at Modern c++ design https://books.google.ca/books?id=GPL1r8rQU6wC&printsec=frontcover&dq=c%2B%2B+programming+book&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwii0NiH67XKAhUDu4MKHVRrCJEQ6AEIXjAJ#v=onepage&q=c%2B%2B%20programming%20book&f=false
  15. Have you looked at Marmalade? https://www.madewithmarmalade.com You can code in c++ and there tools do all the work to deploy on different platforms.
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