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  1. Hi guys,   I'm interested in finding a good quality audio/music sound generator. Something that has presets which can be tweaked and modifited to create unique variations.   What's the best product available?   Thanks!
  2. Hi all   I'm currently testing out Construct 2 which is a great 2d game creator that you don't 'code'. What you actually do is select behaviours, events and actions and link them together. The logic involved in coding is the same. You create an event, which can have multiple outcomes (just like nested if statements) etc.   I'm wondering if theres anything remotely close for a good quality 3D game? I know a 3D engine/creator would be a way more comple game, so don't expect anything that requires no scripting. But mayb something that has a similar concept of already scripted blocks. I know UE4 has brought out blueprints which I believe cut down on the required coding but that won't be out in the UDK for a really long time.   Any thoughts?   Thanks!
  3. Best engine for me?

    Hi All, I'm keen to try and make a game, and am looking for a cheap/free engine that can do the following with reasonable easability. I want the ability to be able to make any type of game (large worlds like cities and landscapes, with unlimited lighting) so I can make games like Midnight Club series - not immediately, but the ability for the engine/sdk to reach that level. I want built-in physics so you can set a vehicle into the game and quickly get it to actually move. I want everything built into the engine. I've been looking at these engines that need to be compiled through a programming studio such as the Visual range from Microsoft. I'm not into programming to create the game - I would prefer the ability to use a simplified language such as that used in Torque or 3DGS. Camera - I want something where I can have multiple camera's set up such as those used to view your car in different angles. I'd like an engine that can make the whole range of games - sims, strategies, rpgs, action, adventure and puzzle. I would like it to have built-in editors especially a world editor. It needs to have plenty of docs, community involvement, tutorials, resources. I know Torque has plenty of these. I'm probably dreaming about this one - I'd like either built-in or external, a generator that can generate random scenes, not just landscapes but cities, towns, etc. Has this sort of thing been created? If the compilation of the engine is simple, and everything is done in-game, then having an engine that compiles through Visual Studio wouldn't be a problem. The engines I have been thinking about are Torque, 3DGS and TrueVision 6.5, and also kjAPI, but I can't figure how to make kjAPI actually work - would any of these suit my requirements? I am looking forward to your responses. Thanks Maggs