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  1. bennyW

    Thieves in the Night

    Screenshot from Thieves in the Night, a VR, FPS game being developed for PC. See more here.
  2. Screenshot from Thieves in the Night, a VR, FPS game being developed for PC. See more here.
  3. Screenshot from Thieves in the Night, a VR, FPS game being developed for PC. See more here.
  4. bennyW

    3DS Max animation bone alignment issue

    Thanks for the advice. I'm not familiar with max, so I found that exporting it out as .FBX, and reimporting fixed my problem for me.
  5. Hi all, Simple problem here (I think). I have have a character model from a friend that is all rigged and ready to animate. However, if I rotate his thigh like he's kicking, the bottom of his foot stays parallel to the floor. Here's a pic. Also, if I rotate his spine, both hands continue facing forward instead of rotating with the spine: Pic here. What is causing this? And how do I get rid of it? I'm assuming the bones are locked or something like that? Thanks, Benny edit: I'm using 3ds Max 2008 [Edited by - bennyW on October 31, 2010 8:45:56 PM]
  6. bennyW

    Meshes rendering weirdly

    Check that z-reading/writing is on. g_pd3dDevice->SetRenderState(D3DRS_ZENABLE, D3DZB_TRUE); g_pd3dDevice->SetRenderState(D3DRS_ZWRITEENABLE, TRUE);
  7. Hi, I have an unwrapped 3ds Max model and a diffuse texture. What I'd like to do is to take a second texture with 'Face Map' selected so that it is applied to each quad in my model, and then render-to-texture but using the original unwrapped uvs. Does that make sense? So if my Face-Mapped texture was a simple red cross, the final result would be a texture that has a red-cross for each quad unwrapped using the original uv coordinates. Thanks, Benny
  8. Does anyone happen to know how clipplanes peform? (Using D3DRS_CLIPPLANEENABLE and SetClipPlane()) I'll get around to testing it eventually, but was wondering what other's experience with it was. I'm assuming its probably pretty darn fast. BennyW
  9. Has anyone had any great success combining Parallel Split Shadow Maps and some form of Perspective Shadow Maps? I've got the PSSM part working pretty well, but am interested in getting a little more out of each shadow map. Any thoughts, comments, observations would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks, BennyW
  10. bennyW

    Sun rays whatever...

    To help save on performance, you can perform your radial blur/iteration step in a down-sampled render-target, similar to other post-process fx. Btw, here are some other screenshots of games that do some derivation of this effect: Call of Duty 3 Terminator 3: Redemption I've seen it in Halo for the sun, and Brothers in Arms, but couldn't find any screenshots of those.
  11. bennyW

    Sun rays whatever...

    I'm not familiar with Hoffman & Preetham, but one way those sun rays could be implemented: 1) After the scene is rendered, set your rendertarget to something other than your main color buffer. But keep your old depth buffer. 2) Clear this render target. Then render a quad with some kind of sun/flare texture behind those mountains. Your sun image will be masked out partially by the mountains. 3) Set this render-target as a texture, and change back to your color buffer. 4) Then iteratively render and scale a quad textured with the your masked flare texture. These iterations will produce the beams of light. This is just a general idea, there are several different ways to do this, and you can try various blurs and smoothening effects to avoid banding and having to perform too many iterations. BennyW
  12. In my current project, the shadowing pass takes roughly 8-9ms per frame. I'm shooting for 33ms/frame. So roughly a quarter of my frame time is spent on the shadows. My scene is a basic outdoor environment, with 15-20 characters, terrain, a few post-processing fx, particles, etc etc. I'm curious as to how much frame time anyone else spends on dynamic shadows. Obviously this can vary depending on the scene and needs of the app, but some general figures on this (and other areas) would be much appreciated. Thanks, Benny
  13. bennyW

    parallax mapping problem

    You should also double check the code that generates those values. Try mapping the texture differently onto you floor and make sure that everything is still correct.
  14. bennyW

    parallax mapping problem

    Looks like one of your TBN vectors is inverted. Maybe reverse the order of your cross product? BennyW
  15. bennyW

    Doom3 burn effect

    Another possibility for the bright edges. If the burn texture has the fire color in the diffuse channels, then calculate the difference between the current texel's alpha and the threshhole (get it? haha). Then intensify the diffuse based on the inverse difference. Playing Doom3 right now, first time through, excellent game :)
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