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  1. Focus on game development

    Yea for awhile I had worked with big projects but now I'm doing small ones. Many programmers usually don't do much art, even if they are bad at art a large majority ask for help from artist which is fine cause they get someone with experience in the subject, or some just use ripped art.
  2. How screwed am I?

    LockePick that really doesn't help, you can help people out being more civil and nice that calling names and being rude.
  3. How screwed am I?

    I would say its never too late to start getting something to put on there man. Try working with teams, I've been lazy with finishing projects lately too. Just try to find something you wanna work with, or a break to get your mind right might help, just try not to take a long one.
  4. Focus on game development

    Yea I agree with you. Many programmers I know have stuck to creating tech, I more like to focus on the game rather then on the tech.
  5. Focus on game development

    I am noticing that many programmers whose main skill is programming only focus on the technical assets of game development rather then both the technical and creative. I see game development as a largely creative field anyway. I started game development learning programming, with basic, gml, some C/C++, learning python (may use python instead now) Worked with a few projects and a few teams, almost have my own graveyard of failed projects, or unfinished projects (they outweigh the actual finish projects). I think the main issue with why it is I have completed few projects and 0 original serious projects is because when I was programming many of those who taught me only had me focus on the technical side of things. what I'm getting at mainly is that shouldn't game development be both about technical and creativity? Some of the students I talk with look down on engines like game maker, while other people who are good programmers (like Paul Eres, or Derek Yu(who is technically an artist))tend to use anything and aren't so prone to look down on low level anything. A question on paul eres Formspring 'Why do you use Game Maker? by telryth' "cause it simplifies unimportant aspects of game development and lets me concentrate on the game" Yet I find it hard to see many people who focus on completing a good original game. What do people focus on in game development? About 2 years ago I decided to do game development as a career (2 years ago I was 16) Not to say I haven't been working with it for longer, I just decided to pursue it as a career instead of a hobby. Mainly I want to do art, but I've been learning programming, and music as well in the hopes that I can do Indie game development and focus on everything.
  6. Fireravens Unlimited

    Fireravens Unlimited is an Independent game development of Students. We are working to bring some of the greatest indie games we can :) and are showing off our development in our site and on our youtube and facebook. pretty much we are working on being a well known group and hope that people will help us :) we are also hoping to make some friends in the indie industry.
  7. Learning C++

    OK well I plan on learning C++ I stopped while i was just getting the hang of it some years ago due to personal reasons, but I wanna get back into coding now. Anyone got any book recommendations? Sites are alright but i find books more helpful cause i can carry them around I'm thinking of getting Sam teach yourself C++ in 24hours. I'm also wondering how long would it take to get a hang of the basics.
  8. Art animation

    I'm wondering would all the art animation be the same for 2D games? like in rpg xp when i was doing characters i just did frames of them in different positions, is there any special way to do animations if your not using rpg xp? we might use photoshop with this and i've mostly worked with pixel art.
  9. [web] which forum should i use

    well zetaboard charges me to take off ads, which can be annoying and costly if i dont want ads or want my own ads to make $$ thats prob one of the thing that bothers me.
  10. ATM I am using zeraboards for my forum, but i'm wondering should i switch to SMF or phpbb? if so do these things offer anything better then zetaboards?
  11. Mobigame's Edge pulled because of the word Edge

    lol wow i missed out on alot lol, made the topic then left xD. anyway yea i've been covering this on tig source and IGDA. tim langdell actually made a post on the IGDA about them wanting to remove him. where the topic begins Where tim comes in. other links. its a very interesting thing to follow.
  12. I'm just quoting this from another forum, this is ridiculous for indie gamers. Quote: Throwing this in indie games to help support a fellow indie developer in Mobigame. A few weeks ago, Mobigame's game Edge was pulled from the App Store for unknown reasons. Well, now we know why. It looks like one Tim Langdell believes he owns a monopoly on the word EDGE and is doing his best to be a dick. Quote:Langdell, CEO of EDGE Games, GDC 2009 speaker and Lead Game Faculty at National University, contacted Mobigame and Apple in April asking that the game be pulled. Langdell claims his company owns the worldwide “trademark” EDGE. Despite this, the game remains up in other territories. This is not the first time. Simon Carless wrote a pretty scathing article on Tim Langdell and his trademark on the word EDGE before it got pulled for unknown reasons. Luckily the article's been copied and posted in other places. Quote:It looks like trademark suits based around the word 'EDGE' and anything game-related are still occurring, too, too - here's one from March 2009 against Cybernet, who are making an obscure, long-dormant game called Edge of Extinction. According to the suit, brought by Cybernet, Langdell started writing to them in January 2009, demanding that the 'Edge Of Extinction' trademark be assigned to him for free and that a license agreement be signed with Edge Games. When Cybernet refused, and asked for money for the domain transfer, Langdell said to "expect... [a] Federal Law Suit", so Cybernet sued Langdell and Edge. The case appears to be ongoing. And there's some evidence, via a Virginia-based website's PDF, of a series of similar discussions with computer manufacturer Velocity for their 'Velocity Edge' gaming PCs. In this particular document, which is based around a suit by Velocity, the Court finds Edge Interactive liable for several falsehoods related to the suit, including untrue claims that Langdell had resigned from the company and could not receive the countersuit. Overall, the Virginia District Court found a "deliberate strategy [on the part of Edge Interactive] to obfuscate and mislead this Court in order to delay the Court's determination of default." (However, the companies settled confidentially in December 2008 and Langdell now lists 'EDGE game PCs (made by Velocity Micro)' as an 'EDGE branded venture' that he has 'spawned'.) [snip snip...] But now we're seeing great indie developers like Edge creator Mobigame hobbled because Langdell is aggressively enforcing his trademark based purely on a four letter name - rather than a particular style of game or character similarities, if that is even a more justifiable reason to do so. I think that's a major shame and, at least from my personal point of view, a morally repugnant thing to do. Even if Tim Langdell and Mobigame somehow come to an agreement to get Edge back on the App Store, I hope this story can spread far enough so the negative publicity for these EDGE legal cases becomes an issue for one Mr. Tim Langdell. Note how Tim Langdell for the most part has had nothing to do with the vast majority of projected with the name EDGE in them. He's a vulture. He swoops in for his licensing fee and bullies around people who can't afford fancy lawyers. The story just broke last night so hopefully more details will be forthcoming. please continue to post this story anywhere.
  13. Business plan help (projections)

    OK then thanks, this might make me boost the loans i need to buy some extra equipment, but prob just by a couple hundred. We havent sold anything, most of the games we made were given away for free online, and they were mostly made by individuals or 1 or 2 members of the team.
  14. OK Been working on my business plan for awhile (short form) Anyway i wasnt going to ask for a loan, but space just opened up for us to build a studio, which means i wont need much (i may just ask for 1-2k) but i'm wondering how to do the revenues part. cause i'm not sure how much we would make in a year or how to add that up. Most of our games will be $10-20 with our 4 year project being either 20-40 though. in 2011 we plan to take another project to the IGF.
  15. Now or later

    yea thats what i spending time doing, Am i able to do this though. Can i register my business as a computer and electronic repair and sell for awhile cause this will allow me to build my studio and games but someone told me to register as self-employed till i have better products to register as a LTD cause it'll be more trouble as a LTD.