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  1. whoop1

    Page flipping and double buffering

    Quote:Original post by nickster01 Does anyone know how the setup of DirectX back buffer differs between them? does anyone know the answer to this question?
  2. whoop1


    thanks, but that hasn't taught me much, can you tell me why the answer is 2?
  3. whoop1


    This is a question on a past exam. Can anyone help me find out the answer? which of the following approaches should be used to keep a game running at 30 frames per second and why? 1/ set up a time object and trap WM_TIMER events in the applications WinProc. 2/ Use a function such as GetTickCount() to read the number of milliseconds from a hardware clock that have elapsed since the system was started.
  4. whoop1

    Genetic Algorithms - help

    maybe if you would read the post then you would realise that he's trying to revise for an exam and he's have tried to find the answer for this question but can't find it on the net. So maybe if you had something better to do than trying to be so bloody smart, then we'd all get somewhere. Sorry for that rant, but does anyone have any sensible answers. Nite Anonymous Poster x
  5. whoop1

    AI questions

    have a couple of AI questions here that I need to find answers for so I can revise for an upcoming exam. what are the main difference between the goals of the general AI research community and those of the game development community in the pursuit of AI technology? learning has recently become an important topic for research and debate in game research communities. discuss the main reasons for this and the potential problems associated with dynamic learning within games.
  6. whoop1

    2D graphics

    i have a couple of questions that I am trying to find answers for to help me revise for an upcomming exam. what are the essential game design and gameplay differences between 2D and 3D graphic games? on which gaming platforms do we currently find the majority of 2D graphic games. as 3D game hardware technology becomed more widespread in all forms of gaming device, does the 2D game still have a future, give reasons for your answer.
  7. whoop1

    ps2 parallel processing

    a basic overview of all of the above
  8. whoop1

    game tutorials - before or during?

    thanks mate, clearer now
  9. can someone tell me, in simple terms, how parallel processing is achieved on the ps2.
  10. whoop1

    game tutorials - before or during?

    i need examples of games where it would be better to have a tutorial before the game why. And examples of games where it would better for there to be tutorials throughout the game and why.
  11. I have a question here that i am trying to find the answer too. im studyin for an exam and this question is on a past paper. two ways of teaching a player how to play a game are to have tutorial before game or teach player gradually throughout game. outline game examples where one approach may be preferable above the other.
  12. whoop1

    draw shape help

    im trying to draw a sprite in a game using c++ and direct x, i want this sprite to be a square shape with a semi circle at the top to make it rounded at the top like the stop icon i have used with a flat bottom
  13. hi, dont know anything about direct x really, have the following code that draws a rect. D3DRECT Rect1 = { GridTopLeftX+8 + row*20, GridTopLeftY+2 + column*20,GridTopLeftX+5 + row*20, GridTopLeftY+14 + column*20}; Rectangle32Fast( &Rect1, D3DCOLOR_XRGB( 0, 0, 0 ), g_pDevice ); I want to be able to draw a different shape, i.e. a cylindrical shape or a square with a rounded top, do any of you guys think you know how to do this? many thanks steve
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