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  1. Komatsu

    April Update

    You should write a book. Seriously books work for you 24 hours a day seven days a week bringing income in. They don't care about bosses or hours and flake off on the job. That income is always coming in as long as its for sale. You seem to know a great deal about VR. VR is just getting hot now. As VR becomes more popular people will be looking for books and tutorials to find out how VR works in a programming way. You could even self publish to save money. Ahh well just an idea. Hope you find a good source of income. All my best.
  2. Komatsu

    Pastry Party J002 - Update

    looks like a plants vs zombies clone. Yeah there are some differences like view not being locked but gameplay seems very similar.
  3. Maybe its just the gif and not the way it is in game but it seems like he is looking around a lot. Like he's real paranoid or nervous. Looks good otherwise. Cheers!
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