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    I was having trouble with this site and my VPN service before but its fixed now. Before it wouldn't load more than one message unless I had an ad blocker on. The only way to have ad blocker off and have it load more than the topmost message from the sub forums was if I turned my VPN off. This doesn't happen anymore and my VPN is working fine with the site now so whatever you did to fix it thank you.
  2. Just a little thing but the critiq and feedback menu option is missing from the visual arts section. The only way to really get to it is to click all forums and scroll down until you find it.
  3. I understand why you would want visitors to not use an ad blocking program but when I dont it is taking 50+ seconds to load more than the first reply of a comment but when I use a adblocker all replies load instantly. So do something about your ads is causing massive page delays otherwise I dont care how much you nag me im not waiting 5+ minutes just to read  3 threads because of massive ad delays.
  4. I am in the United States / East Coast. I did some more experimenting and tried turning off my anonymous VPN service. The page load problem stopped happening. The VPN service is Private Internet Access. It has several dozen servers mine is usually set to NY. Since its a paid service I don't have a problem with speed. The only web site it seems to affect is this one and I'm unsure why. Its like its having trouble routing the ads through the vpn and encrypting it. anyway at least I know now how to stop it from happening and have the ad blocker off at the same time.
  5. never mind safari is the same way. didnt realize the ad blocker was on so it loaded instantly. soon as I turn ad blocker off on safari I have to wait several minutes just to read past the first response of a thread just like chrome.
  6. It appears to be effecting chrome. when I use safari browser it doesn't happen. I tried clearing cache as well as removing all chrome extensions and it continues to lag really badly and only shows the first reply for over a minute. Im not entirely sure why chrome is effected and safari is not.
  7. Komatsu

    Help with creating the UI needed

    I dont have much to add other than I like how they have health bars over their head. the battle scene is in the center of the screen and the life bars there are all in my center of view. I dont have to move my gaze around just to see health and it feels more comfortable that way with everything in my view. Looking up left and up right constantly to see health is annoying.
  8. Komatsu

    Feedback: Should we keep the white borders?

    I think they both look cut out. The one with the border has more of a little big planet feel to it. I like the one without the border though. 
  9. Komatsu

    Artworks for the fantasy video game

    I like that he is not arrogant. The arrogant king has been overused imho.
  10. Komatsu

    what game was this

    thats interesting too thanks!
  11. Komatsu

    what game was this

    what game was it where it's a comic and you can run from panel to panel breaking through walls and falling through floors into panels next to or below the character. I want to investigate that a little more but I never wrote the name down when I saw it.
  12. Komatsu

    Fast Character Modeling?

    This is some cool stuff. A long time ago I looked into poser for creating my game characters and when you read the fine print it says you can't use their models in commercial software you can only use pre rendered stuff. This was many years ago I don't know if they changed it. It did make me give up on finding something already made for free.
  13. Komatsu

    what game was this

    yes thank you!
  14. Komatsu

    Pick n Choose Character/Mob Creator?

    there is this which is from LPC pixel cup free assets from opengameart. Im not sure if its what you are looking for.
  15. Komatsu

    Space ship (fighter) [looking for feedback]

    I like the design of the second ship better than the first. The first seems comical/cartoony.
  16. Komatsu

    Price for a handpainted 3d animated character

    turbosquid is not a good way to measure prices. Turbosquid's prices will be vastly lower because the artist knows beforehand he will be getting paid multiple times for the same asset. Not just once like with a client.
  17. Komatsu

    Does our icon suck? - brutal honesty required

    imho the armor looks like plastic and his face looks like it's made of wax.
  18. Komatsu

    Artworks for the fantasy video game

    is this a double attack? first he strikes with a jab motion then he swings the base of the weapon up like it's a second upper strike attempt to the face. The only problem is he moves backwards after the first strike so the second attack would miss anyway. If it's only suppose to be a single attack why is he swinging the base of the weapon upwards so aggressively after like it is in fact an second attack.
  19. Komatsu

    Artworks for the fantasy video game

    I check this thread way too often. Must see more!
  20. Komatsu

    Artworks for the fantasy video game

    I agree with Gian-Reto. The hair and beard are contradictory. I think seeing some white or white strands in his hair would better match his beard or something be done to darken his beard. My only fear is too much gray/white on him might age him more than intended.
  21. having animal freet on this character would make no sense at all. It's not a furry it's a zombie. There is no other feature on this character that would indicate part animal. The feet on the original character do not make sense to work that way for that particular character.
  22. Komatsu

    solar system

    I know Nasa has tons of images they make available however I don't think their license would allow them to be used in another application. You might have to find a few good images of what you want then have an artist do their interpretation of the reference in photoshop if you want something that will be reused in an application. 
  23. Komatsu

    Valkyria Chronicles

    Does anyone know how they did the graphics in this game. They don't say much besides that it's using a custom game engine called the canvas engine and that tells me nothing.
  24. Komatsu

    Rotoscope animation for video game

    Thank you that was an awesome amount of information. Your project looks so fun and well done.
  25. Komatsu

    Rotoscope animation for video game

    can you tell me more about the live video captured. what kind of lens and Is the camera recording at a 45 degree angle from the target subject. also does your software allow you to resize the video so you can match the video size to what you want the target animation size to be. I am interested in the rotoscope and traditional animation combination. I just dont know enough details to properly set up a video to play around with it. also for small movements it seems a bit straight forward but how do you go from a walking video to the animation walking in place. do you just reposition the frames on top of each other so it looks like she/he is walking in place..
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