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    Dev Podcast - Flammable Penguins

    Podcast #4: Balancing Art & Code I pull in Nick Lewis and Neil Richardson to discuss balancing art and code needs. We talk about how to get the best out of both. How programmers and artists can get the most out of each other. Communication between teams, and how to manage it. We also divert onto terminology, UV scrolling, cell shading, palletisation, and Futurama. Feedback appreciated
  2. Kimau

    Dev Podcast - Flammable Penguins

    Thanks, I tend to grab my fellow co-workers from Mere-Mortals as I prefer in person recordings. I'm crazy busy but drop me an email or message and see if we can match a free timeslot for Deep Fried, if you want. Enjoyed your first cast. (^_^)
  3. Kimau

    Dev Podcast - Flammable Penguins

    Podcast #3: Aqua Attack Aqua Attack Facebook Page So into the hot box I grab Tony Carter and DT to talk about our new release, Aqua Attack. Some topics we cover Micro Production vs Traditional Console Difficulty, Challenges and High scores Finding the Fun Digital Marketing Quality and Innovation balance Unique Art style Accessiblity and Colour Blindness Creating the Advert Hope you enjoyed this week. Please provide feedback Comment on the Blog Post Poke me on Twitter (@EvilKimau) Suggest new topics on our Topics Suggestion Page.
  4. Hi Guys, The Flammable Penguins podcast, previously known as Game Programmers in Training has been relaunched. I grab fellow co-workers to discuss games development. New shows are released on weekly schedule on Sundays. Podcast Feed Blog Feed I really am looking for feedback, so please respond here, post on the site or catch me on Twitter @EvilKimau Podcast #1: Cross Platform Development I grab Tim Kelsey & Neil Richardson to discuss cross platform development. In a world with iPhones, PS3, Wii and PC how do we write code across all these systems. That question is put on the table and we hear two different approaches. Podcast #2: Life of a QA guy So I pulled in our two Testers, Andy Bell (@acidphire21) and Stephen Rowe to talk about the joys and realities of being a games tester. Again feedback please :) Thanks, Claire
  5. Just to let everyone know Game Programmers in Training is still going strong. Its a little podcast done by myself and occasional co-hosts all of whom are game programming students at Northumbria university in the UK. The last two episodes have just been creating a simple framework using PTK. Light listening by people in training. There are no Guru's here but some light hearted attempts at sharing knowledge. Flammable Penguins Site Last Three Shows So I promised to continue the game framework discussion would continue. This week we dive a bit deeper into organising things. Our big first year maths assignment. A quick talk about Headers and Objects. Creating STL compliant Objects. Using STL to manage data. Event Handlers and Message Queues So lets get started on a little project. We shall from scratch create a PTK game framework which we shall be expanding on. We talk about the how to shake and move the pixels. What your going to need is a timer with a marker pen, a needle with a thread, A sprite sheet with a palette, a collection of blank pages. No that's not right you need a keyboard and understanding of how not to drop the reference. So Come down and join us
  6. <span>23 Nov 2006</span> RSS iTunes Link Emma and I are BACK! I'm still finding where where put Hamster so in the mean time I grabbed a pet from our class. So we were cursed, its been decided. This week we talk about Wii, PS3 and Gears of Wars launch. We need FEEDBACK so we can tailor the cast to what's needed, you even get a cute little thank you image. Thanks in advance. Some Stuff we talk about Out of Order Execution AI Live Move Gears of War Commercial WII US Commercial WII UK Commercial PS3 Commercial BABY PS3 Commercial EGGS Smash my PS3 Smash my WII Hope it satisfies your hunger. On a side note I have ditched the background music and shuffled things around. Also the site has updated. Checkout the code page for tutorial links and other little surprises. - Claire Blackshaw
  7. Hi guys and girls just wanted to let you know another Game Programmers in Training is out on the wire @ our site. SSo what is #3 about? Well Hamster and Emma couldn't make it but I battle it through I even drag in Swedish workers. I Cover: * Weekend Game Dev contests. * Why you should do them. * What you should do. * How to survive the insanity. So grave a shovel and head on down, I promise the studio will be full again next week. I hope to see many of you at 72Hour Game Dev Compo. Many thanks, as always Feedback is always desired. Claire
  8. Kimau

    Game Programming PODCAST

    Thanks, I do check this thread. I know the audio levels are a problem, sadly I'm not an audio person, but I'm learning fast. ;) This weekend I'm making some Pop filters, and from now on I'm going have a more formal recording set-up. In the future there are a few other bits and bobs I'm planning to get, as funds free up, to improve the audio quality. I know Episode 2 code content is bad, originally it was going to be the main segment of the podcast. We recorded a lot of stuff for it. Ultimately I cut it down to the 6 minutes you see and left it in just so people can see our conversation. I would be very interested to hear what kind of content your interested in and whether you prefer the more easy talking approach or the slick cut and slice of a heavy edit? For Everyone else here is number 2 Game PIT #2 : Give a Penny, Take a Penny iTunes Link MP3 Download Happy Halloween! Come join us as we discuss Language, Ghost Dry Cleaning, and of course baby stacking. We've ditched the background music and thrown in a new bunch of audio treats. So strap down your favourite aquatic mammal, grab a match and get ready for it. We cover What the heck is this C++ thing? Should ghosts change their clothes? Does a player have rights? How does our first programming assignment measure up? Hope it satisfies your hunger. On a side note I have ditched the background music and shuffled things around. Also the site has updated. Checkout the code page for tutorial links and other little surprises. We need FEEDBACK so we can tailor the cast to whats needed. Thanks in advance. Here are the feeds for the cast. You can also grab them off the podcast page. <p style="text-align:right"> - Claire Blackshaw
  9. I am proud to annouce the launch of Flammable Penguins Studio as well as the Game Programmers in Training podcast. - - - - - - - - - - Welcome one and all to Game Programmers in Training. We have done it ladies and gentlemen. The site is up and the podcast feed works. Can you believe it. I know I didn't quite make my midnight launch window but hey nobodies perfect. So anyway its there. This being I first podcast is a bit of an introduction. <br /> We cover Who are we and what are we doing here? What does our Games degree entail? What your first game should be? I hope you enjoy it. On a technical note this is our first cast so I apoligise in advance for any audio glitches. I spent the better part of 3 days tweaking audio and getting used to the tools. I'm pretty confident with my new knowledge both with recording and editing I will cut that down to a under 2 hours. I'm doing everything I can that doesn't eat away at my moth ridden pockets. We need FEEDBACK so we can tailor the cast to whats needed. Thanks in advance.
  10. So then how do I manage the shader to do the alpha calcs..... is that all I do? Isn't there more to it. Cause thats my code atm... without any depth sorting and such.
  11. So can you tell me how to do alpha with shaders and no sort then... or link to url. Thanks
  12. Kimau

    Loading png

    I've just fought my way through this. The nicest one I found was libpng. Nice and simple, I had a few moments of anger where I forgot to link libaries and such but its actually pretty easy to setup and use.
  13. Okay I'm just getting to that stage of pulling my hair out. Can anyone tell me how or point me in direction of a solution. Can you use shaders to compute alpha to avoid having to do depth sorting. The reasons I ask is I have a particle engine and I want to add alpha. How do I do it? Is this a stupid method? What should I be using? thanks in advance ;)
  14. Kimau

    Global Timer

    Thanks once I removed the include gaurds it all works. Yeah it all works now.
  15. Yeah, I've looked at the IGDA chapters. The nearest one to me is Manchester. I emailed the chpater's email address twice in the last four months or so and I have recived no response either time. By break my pocket I mean, anything I can do to improve my cv without spending lts of money. I'm currently working solo on a game project I estimate will be complete in anything between 2-4 months time. I've been working on it for about 3 months, first two months were prototyping with paper and small code demos (not presentable). Thanks for the advice
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