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  1. Visit: Welcome to Future Infinity - a 2D Massively Multiplayer Online RPG, playable with absolutely no downloads and no plugins. Why? Because it's browser-based. Enough of the pitch :) I created Future Infinity mainly as a hobby, but I've started taking it seriously recently, putting a lot of thought into gameplay and how the whole thing should work. Officially, I released the game on 1st Decemeber 2005, but I'll keep updating and optimising it until it becomes unwanted. In these few weeks, I have had 330+ sign-ups to the game - indicating that at least somebody likes it ;) A little more about the game: It's got all the stereotypical features of an MMORPG - PvP & PvE Combat, Creatures to be caught & trained, Buildings to be built, Towns to manage and a leaderboard to dominate. Its free. I hope it interests a few people on here - from a developers point of view at least (ever thought of creating your game in a web-based format? It's not as restricting as you might think). So:
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