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  1. I'm working on a couple of small development projects that I think might be fun to try to sell in the app store.   What blogs or news sources (besides obv) should I be reading everyday in the morning while I drink my coffee?   I want to stay up to date with regard to what is interesting, noteworthy, or otherwise bleeding edge.
  2. In Sacramento for the day - going to check out the train museum, then the party starts at 4.
  3. One of my co-workers just pointed to at MetaGun - Fun platformer game by Mojang!
  4. Relaunching after two years.
  5. Chilling at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay - going to totally nail presentation to some of our investors
  6. Going to see Iron & Wine at the Warfield tonight in SF!
  7. Looks like the start of a *very* interesting game -
  8. Preparing presentation to the Altos limited partners tomorrow
  9. Built a beastly computer this past weekend - Surprisingly easy.
  10. Looks like Simple Machines? Is it a vanilla install? If not, which mods? I'm working on setting up a forum for a hobby site and I initially went to phpBB - but it requires mod installation just to keep spammers out, and compared to other packages I've used like WordPress, the process for installing mods for phpBB is pretty gross (I'ven't personally experienced it, but I've heard a lot of griping that updates, in particular, are brutal). I basically want something that looks like the old forums from 2001, but has the backend ease of administration like WordPress. Does such a product exist?
  11. Got a pile of computer parts that I'm trying to assemble into a video-recording BEAST by Monday. Outlook questionable.
  12. Some guy on the net thinks I suck; he should know - he's got his own blog
  13. 29185. ROBLOX Redux - please only join if you are serious about playing and know how to play - Thanks!
  14. Looking to start a serious Diplomacy game where everyone will play every turn -
  15. Send me all your ideas for version 2 of the ROBLOX iPhone App -
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